See also Mark Mallett

I feel Mark Mallet is an important prophetic voice for our times. Through his blog, his webcast and his book, Mark interprets the signs of the times with clarity and thoroughness. He draws on solid, approved teachings, pulling them together into a message that speaks strongly to this age.

His webcast is now available free of charge, although donations are encouraged. Mark is one of the few full-time Catholic evangelists around. He relies on the providence of God and the generosity others to support his family of eight children. He and his family are also gifted musicians. To learn more about Mark, his ministry, or his music, please visit  his website. Please keep Mark and his family in your prayers.

(Click on bolded words to be taken to Mark’s website.)

7 thoughts on “See also Mark Mallett

  1. Have you heard of another prophet called Eliza Garcia from California? She reportedly has been hearing from the Lord for over 25 years and has six books with messages from the Lord. Thanks. Gene


  2. Gene, If you are referring to Rev. Amy Elizabeth Garcia, she is a New Age Reiki master who channels messages from the “Christ Force energy”. She is not gifted by the Holy Spirit, but rather the power of deception so prevalent in these days. This is a false prophet, not a faithful servant of Christ and His church. We must stand on the Rock of Peter. Pax Christi


  3. Update from Gene:
    No, I am not referring to Rev. Amy; the Eliza Garcia I am referring to is a mother, wife, grandmother also known as Alice Miller (maried name). She lives in northern California.


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