Live in His Love…

Dear Readers,

Grace and peace to you in our Lord Jesus Christ.

When I first began to send these messages out as a weekly mailout, I ended each mailout with a short excerpt that could more easily be pondered through the day. I have decided to post a collection of these short messages of love so that you may be encouraged in love, and trust ever more in his nearness. Believe that you are the “beloved little one” he is speaking to and your faith, hope, love, and joy will grow.

Prayers our Lord taught me…

Jesus, unravel my weakness and have Your Mother weave for me a seamless garment that is You, that I might wear You for the world.

That you exist fills me with wonder; that you are all-good fills me with joy; that you are all-powerful fills me with comfort; that I am yours fills me with contrition.

Lord, I accept everything that comes from you and reject everything that comes from the defeated enemy.

My Jesus, I love you, I trust you, I surrender myself joyfully to your loving, perfect will for me and mine.

After Communion:

Your Body in my body; Your Blood in my veins; Your Love in my heart.

I am yours, You are mine, we are one.

My heart IN Your tabernacle; my heart IS Your tabernacle.

Messages to Ponder:

“My side was pierced to allow easier access to my heart.”

“When in doubt, be generous.”

“Cling to hope with joy.”

“Suffering is the currency of love.  Joy is its reward.”

“I am still here.  As you know I never left you.  Even when you turned away, I stayed with you.”

“Pray always.  That is how we communicate.  And I want our communication to be eternal and constant.”

“Inhale my sweet fragrance.  Let it fill you with perfume.  Let it permeate your every pore.  Immerse yourself in me.”

“My child, trust me.  This will be a struggle for you, but I am with you in all your struggles.”

“My servant, your faith pleases me and comforts me.  I am with you.  I love you more than you can imagine.”

“I am going to strengthen you in the fire of the Holy Spirit.  Take courage.  I will never leave you.”

“When I was on earth I leaned on the Father.  You have me to lean on.  Let my Mother, OUR Mother show you how.”

“My love for you has no end.  I am with you, guiding, protecting, loving.”

“Be my slave and I will look after the rest.”

“Your prayers have all been heard.”

“Be happy in your daily life.” (I have come to understand that happiness, true joy, is a conscious decision, an act of the will.)

“I wish to be born anew in hearts.  There are some who will resist.  But in those willing hearts, my love will take root and they will be renewed.”

“Give your worries to me.  I will take care of them for you.” I said, “Lord, I bundle up my worries like weeds from the garden and lay them at your feet.”  “My Precious Blood will render them harmless.  I am with you, my child.  Trust me.”

I love you Jesus! “You can never love me as much as I love you.”

My sweet little child, let me comfort you.  I am wrapping my loving arms around you to enfold you in my love.”

“I want us to always grow closer until there is nothing at all between us.”

“Pray for souls so that all may all believe in my love, even if it takes until the end of their lives.”
“My love hungers for all.”

“Do not worry about the future.  Leave everything to me.  I love to look after all the little details of your lives.  Give me this pleasure.”

“Be mine, fully and completely.  You are all so dear to me!  I long for our union!”

“There is nothing to fear.  I am your Shepherd, leading you, protecting you, guiding you to all that is good and true.”

“I wish to be your everything.  I am so much in love with my people!  When they turn to me, I melt.  I want to belong to you totally.  Give me that…give me that…”

“I’m waiting for you with open arms, with gifts untold, unimagined.  So hold nothing back.  I want ALL of you, every fibre, every singing molecule and atom.”

“Praise me with your entire self, physical, spiritual, intellectual.”

“Follow me, follow me in love, and our hearts will sing—together!”

“It is when you disappear that I will be best able to work in you.”

“Love my people, especially those most in need.”

“Act with love and you will never be wrong.”

“Your prayers have been heard.  I can’t wait to answer them.”

“My love for you knows no bounds.  You must ask me for all things for all people.  I am so anxious to answer your prayers.”

“Be my presence to those I send you.”

“Compassion is my word for you today.  Be filled with it as I am.  Be one with me in love and service.”

“Immerse yourself in my Word.  Let it be the food that strengthens you.”

“Never be afraid to ask me for anything, especially graces and gifts of love for my poor.”

“Make love of me your only motivation to act.  Then act.  For love is action as I have told you.”

“I am always there, my sweet, looking at you, waiting for you to notice me.”

“How can I refuse you anything when you place all your trust in me.  Just think of my love, and be freed!”

“My child, your desire for humility pleases me.  Pray for it.  You are right to do so.”

“Know that if you experience humiliation that I am beside you.”

“Keep me in your sights even when you do not feel my presence.”

Your work for my kingdom pleases me greatly.  Do everything from the safety of my embrace.  I am your protection.  Lean on me.  My heart is waiting to enfold you.”

“You and I are one my child.  I have made my home in you according to your desire.”

“Let me tell you something about the Holy Spirit.  He wants to give things to those who ask.” (The word “wants” held the connotation of longing.)

“My precious child, your eagerness to do my will pleases me greatly.”

“My child come nearer.  Immerse yourself in my Word.  I long for this.  Give me this joy.  I love you so much!”

“Remember too that I hear all your prayers and answer each one to the benefit of the recipient.”

“Yes, my child, release my peace over these my beloved children.  I long to give them rest, to shoulder their burdens for them.”

“Use my wisdom and strength as your own.”

“Do not be strong.  Say, ‘He is my strength.  I lean on Him.”

“Let me be your prayer and I will accomplish things you cannot know or imagine.”

“My kingdom will come to your heart according to your desire.”

“The gift of your repentance tonight honoured me.  I will not forget it.”

“Do not be discouraged.  I am accomplishing much more through you than you will ever see.  Trust in me.  We are one.”

“Little one your gratitude is such a balm to me for the ingratitude of sinners.”

“Do nothing more than what I put in front of you.  Resist the temptation to take the ball and run.  I am in control.  Pray, trust and surrender—always surrender.  This is all that I ask.”

“Always find new ways of telling me you love me.”

“Serve me with great love and joy in all humility, for in serving me, you allow me to serve you.”

“My love finds a home when it can serve others through you.”

“Radiate peace wherever you go.”

“There is no sin so deep that my mercy is not deeper still.”

“Do you love me?  I often ask those who love me to do difficult things.”

“Oh my little one, how I love you!  If you  could only see what I see when I look at you, you would be amazed!” Lord I accept your love and cling to it, knowing how unworthy I am.

6 thoughts on “Live in His Love…

  1. thank you so much. i can feel His love pouring out through these little sayings. after a difficult day they have given me such peace. Anne


  2. Peace be with you Anne. All thanks and praise to God who desires to use this miserable sinner as an instrument of his love. I am humbled by what he is accomplishing through this blog.


  3. Thank you for posting . These two have a special meaning for me, I feel like if there were written especially for me.

    “Give your worries to me. I will take care of them for you.” I said, “Lord, I bundle up my worries like weeds from the garden and lay them at your feet.” “My Precious Blood will render them harmless. I am with you, my child. Trust me.”

    ““Do not worry about the future. Leave everything to me. I love to look after all the little details of your lives. Give me this pleasure.”


  4. At the time these were written, I was undergoing a great trial. Looking back I can see that despite all my worrying, my needs were always met, and our Lord brought me through the other side not just intact, but stronger in many ways. He has since showered me with many consolations. I would not undo that trial for anything! Trust in Him, my friend. He is with you always, to the end of the age.


  5. Thank you for your comment, Sanctus Belle. What a blessing to be able to share faith with your spouse! May the Lord grant this to all couples!

    How wonderful our Lord is! He feeds us in every way! Jesus we trust in you to feed us in every way as we endure the coming trial–already here for many. Lord have mercy!


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