Live in His Love II…

More messages to ponder…

“I am coming to rescue my people, my Bride. She will not be lost and the gates of hell shall not prevail against her.”

“I am coming to restore my Bride, to purify and cleanse her, to make her holy and fruitful.”

About His sacred Blood: “I am the Universal Donor.”

“So many graces are let go because people don’t realize the power contained in every morsel of the Host.”

About the faithful older women in the Church: “People have no idea what they owe to just a few devout women.

Prayer at night: This night, with each breath I desire to inhale Spirit and exhale self.

“I always wait for you to notice me. Don’t make me wait.”

“When someone recognizes my real presence in their life, it gives me such joy.”

“I want to hold you, to press you to my heart.”

“Hear my heart beating for love of you.”

“Just think of my love, and be freed!”

“You have given (your children) to me and I have accepted this gift of motherly love–a gift that has no earthly equal. Even in heaven this gift is highly treasured–so much so that I desired it for myself and bestowed it freely on earth.”

“Trust me with your children. Give them to me.”

About grown children: “Intercession, not interference.”

“I am taking care of the details of your life.”

“Pray and offer sacrifices for all of (those you are concerned about).”

“Do not be afraid, but trust–always trust.”

“Ask my Mother, our Mother to help you.”

“Join hands with our Mother.”

“I am sending you out as sheep among wolves.”

“Do not stray from the path I will show you. You will never see further ahead than the next step.”

“Forget your ‘self’.”

“Disappear. Then I will work in you.”

“Our work together will sometimes seem pointless, hopeless, fruitless.”

“Even when nothing happens or seems to happen, I am active.”

“I came for sinners. I love them and I love to save them.”

“My people are so lost! “

“Just empty yourself and I will do the rest.”

“There are no coincidences in a life lived totally for me.”

“My dearest one, show your love and gratitude to me by daily acts of penance.”

“Child I am blessing your prayers this day of fasting. Your small sacrifice is glorified in me.”

“The key to humility is my presence.”

“I am calling the world to conversion.”

“The new Jerusalem is near.”

“My child, do not think that I will ever abandon you.”

“Do everything from the safety of my embrace.”

“Be the one to spread my love, to release it over the whole world through prayer and good works.”

“Today be my love to the two who have offended you.”

“Be my willing little servant.”

“Take heart and live joyful lives, even in time of trial, so that all will know you have come from me.”

Cling to hope with joy.”

I am as near to you as your own breath.”

“Link your suffering to mine.”

“Sweet child you are so precious to me!”

“All I require is a willing soul, someone to release my love in the world.”

“I ask you to immerse yourself in my Word. You cannot spread what you do not know.”

“Do not judge your neighbor but open you arms to saint and sinner alike as I do.”

“Use my arms and my heart and forgive each one.”

“I so long for the joy of their gratitude! “

“Oh how I long for an endless cycle of giving and gratitude with each of my little ones.”

“The secret of a life of happiness and joy is found in surrender to me.”

I am grateful to repentant sinners because their sorrow is balm to the wounds I bore for their sake.”

“I would rather endure grief than step on their freedom.”

“I long for each soul, especially the most sinful ones.”

“My children are my heart. What sorrow when they do not even look at me!”

“Do not be afraid to suffer for my sake. It will be as nothing when I carry you through it.”

“Do you see what a difference one person, one prayer can make?”

“My name IS. I AM. All of me is contained in it.”

“Do not be afraid to speak my name. It is your power, your argument, it is the only tool you have.”

“Let our ‘time’ together on earth be but a foreshadowing of eternity.”

“There are many ways to love, of which to suffer willingly for others is the greatest.”

“Let this be your prayer: that my children will be reconciled with one another; that they will approach one another with trust and humility; that they will praise my name with one voice, one heart; that my love will be visible in them as a sign to the world.”

4 thoughts on “Live in His Love II…

  1. Thank you so much for these quotes from Our Lord. Holy is His name! I have printed out each one and my husband and I will read them all! This one especially is a great help in a matter we are discerning:

    “Do not stray from the path I will show you. You will never see further ahead than the next step.”

    Thank you so much.


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