Book: Pelianito Blog 2003-2012

Friends by the grace of God I have been able to publish the messages of this blog from 2003-2014 into a book. It is available here in two formats, regular (one book, 9 font) and large print (two volumes, 14 font).  If you are ordering the large print, be aware that you have to place both volumes in your basket. They do not come as a set.

If you have an e-reader the entire text, including the Addendum 2012-2014 is available here as a free pdf download (Right click the link and “Save Target/Link As” onto your computer. Large file may take some time to download.) Or you can download a printable pdf version (small print) here.

One apology, that there are some typos and formatting errors in this book. I was eager to get the book out and did not have time to give it a full read-through. I pray they will not be too distracting. I suppose that’s what GK Chesterton meant when he said, “If a thing is worth doing, it’s worth doing badly.”

May God continue to bless all who visit this blog and all who seek to know and love the Lord. Amen.

0 thoughts on “Book: Pelianito Blog 2003-2012

  1. dear Friend,
    thanks for share on line the pdf version of all the messages. It is a grace. It is a gift from the Father for us, His children. Thank my brother….from Italy.
    Please…put each other in our hearts…deep and stay in prayer’s unity,


    1. Roberto, I thank God that he speaks his words of love and encouragement to us in these dangerous times. I place you and yours in the Immaculate Heart, the Flame of Love. Thank you for your prayers. 🙂


  2. Thanks a lot dear friend and brother! Tomorrow I’ll be in Assisi and I’ll put all our prayers in the hearts of S. Chiara and S. Francis. Will God give us His Peace, Joy and Love. In deep communion, Roberto


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