Pelianito Blog to go

Peace and all good beloved friends in Christ. I have formatted the blog posts from 2003-2014 into a printable document in three formats for those who want an electronic copy. (The book 2003-2012 is available for order here as well.)

May our Abba hold us all in his gracious heart.

Entire document: Pelianito Blog 2003-2014 (8 1/2″ x 11″)

or e-reader version  (Right click on the link and “Save Target/Link As” onto your computer. Large file may take some time to download.)



11 thoughts on “Pelianito Blog to go

  1. To those of you that knew Regina Farrell from this website, I am sorry to let you know that Regina passed away the morning of Saturday, February 14th. She thanked you for all your prayers during her illness. She is at peace with the Lord.
    Thank you-
    Regina’s sister Helene


    1. Helene thank you for letting us know! What a gift our sister Regina gave us in asking you to do that! I will have another Mass offered for her. May she intercede for us all. Regina Farrell, pray for us! God bless you Helene and all those who are mourning her loss.


  2. Dear Helene, thank you so much for letting us know. I have been thinking of Regina these past weeks and I pray that she is now with our dear Lord and interceding for all. My sincere condolences to you and all her family.


  3. Dear Helene, thank you and Regina for her thoughtful final act of love to her family here on Peli’s blog. Many of us have been thinking of Regina and praying for her for some time now. I will continue to pray for you and for the family and friends who are now mourning her. May she rest in peace, Amen.


  4. Dear Helene. Thank you for letting us know. I have been praying for Regina every day, and now will offer a Mass for the repose of her soul. She truly is with the Lord and our Blessed Mother, and will be interceding for us now. I will be asking Regina for her help for this world, and for me personally. In her postings to this blog, Regina’s courage and tremendous faith, as she carried her heavy cross, shone forth so clearly and were greatly inspiring to me, as I’m sure to everyone. Her birthday in Heaven —Valentine’s Day— is so fitting for her, who showed us all such LOVE by her strength and her trust in Jesus. She touched me, and all of us, so deeply and in a lasting way. May you find deep consolation in knowing your dear sister was loved by so many strangers, and especially in knowing that she really is now at peace, free from all pain and illness, and constantly praying for you. I will pray for you and all of Regina’s dear family as you deal with your grief and loss. God bless you Helene!


  5. I feel blessed to have witnessed the faith during the final leg of Regina’s journey into her eternal life via this site. Eternal rest grant to Regina and God shower her family with His peace and love.


  6. Thank you Helene! Regina was a good courageous friend I never physically met…may she rejoice with the Angels of GOD in Heaven Forever and ever amen!!!


    1. A reply from Helene:

      My thanks to all of you that took the time to share your thoughts. Regina fought a very brave battle with cancer, but God granted her a peaceful death. God’s blessings to all.


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