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Dear Friends, beloved of the Lord,

As I continue to discern the will of God for these messages, I feel called to take the next step and  have been working on selecting some excerpts from my journal to be published into a book. All the proceeds will go to a retreat house in my area that has a perpetual adoration chapel. The book will contain a chapter on the origins of the Pelianito Journal, the work of God in the life of this unworthy sinner.

More details to follow. I hope to have the book available for sale before summer, sooner if it be the will of God.

Please keep this project in your prayers. You are all in mine.


Ordering information:

Peace and blessings all. My book is now available for purchase! Thanks be to Jesus in Mary. Our Blessed Mother has had a hand in this project from the beginning. In fact it is dedicated to Mary, Help of  Christians.

The book is titled, Cling to Hope with Joy: Messages from Scripture and is available here.  For orders in Canadian dollars to be shipped within Canada the order form may be found here.

All pricing on Lulu is in USD. (Other currencies availabe: euros or pounds sterling.) There is a twelve-page preview on the site. You do not have to purchase a book to preview it.

The Lulu site also has an e-book version available for purchase for $5.00 US.

Please pray for me and for this project. May God’s will alone be done.

God bless you all.

Of further interest…

Psalm 111:1 I will give thanks to the LORD with my whole heart, in the company of the upright, in the congregation.

Peace and blessings dear friends in Christ. On Monday I received word that my book, Cling to Hope with Joy: Messages from Scripture, has been given the Seal of Approval from the Catholic Writers Guild. While not the same as an imprimatur, the CWG SOlogo color CWG SOAA guarantees that nothing in the content of the books violates Catholic doctrine. I am most grateful to the CWG and to Jesus in Mary for this affirmation and confirmation. Thanks be to God! Alleluia!

For more information about the book see the page on the left titled “Book Released”. Ordering information may be found here

This book has been featured in a “virtual book tour” at

A friend of mine has started a facebook page for my book. It may be accessed here. You do not have to be a facebook member to access it. I am also on Twitter.



12 thoughts on “BOOK RELEASED…

  1. this is a wonderful inspiration. lets pray that as many souls as possible are reached through this book. The Lord does not waste time. anne


  2. I just received your book and am in love with the Novena to the Holy Feet of Jesus. Would you please post this novena on your web site so others can benefit from the graces that flow from it? It is the perfect novena to pray for the grace of humility. Thanks, Margaret


  3. What a beautiful, and I believe, Divinely inspired book. I just read a passage a day or so for contemplation and meditation. It is amazing how the messages can grow to deeper Truth when contemplated after the initial reading.
    May God Bless you and keep you.


    1. Praise God, my brother! Thank you for your beautiful words. Those who have given me feedback say it isn’t a book that can be read quickly. And certainly it was “one a day” with me when I was recording the messages. May Our Lord bless all who read it. Amen.


  4. This book helps me to better understand the journey that we are taking on The Pelianito Journal Blog. I too enjoy reading just a small amount, so that I can absorb all that is written, and then adjust personally!

    Blessings to you, dear Pelianito, and the Adoration Chapel that this book supports!


  5. Interesting that you put it that way, Mary Therese. I wanted to arrange the book to take the reader on the same journey that our Lord in his mercy took me on. The chapter headings are like a road map for the journey of discipleship, a journey we are all called to make. God be praised that he is touching hearts through this book and blog as he touched mine, unworthy sinner though I am! What mercy! What love! How can we thank him enough! Our Lady will have to do it–she alone can!

    Thank you for your prayers for me and for Ephphatha House. They need many prayers as there are many attacks against adoration chapels.


  6. Thank you again for helping us by providing us with Our Lord’s and Our Lady’s messages. I am just learning about them. Please tell me an easy way to get a copy of your book. I am having difficulty in finding it on Lulu. Please recommend us and our families to Jesus too. What is a mailing address for Ephphatha House. Thank you. With love,


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