Greetings of peace to all who visit.

“I have neither silver nor gold, but what I do have I give you.”

About – the Pelianito messages

The readings you will find here are neither literature, nor theology. They are excerpts from the journal of a Roman Catholic Christian, loyal to the teachings of the church, struggling to discern and follow the will of God in her life. Perhaps God will use these words to touch you in some way, perhaps not. Either way, may you be blessed as you journey with the Lord.

About –  Pelianito, the person

I am a cradle-Catholic, a middle-aged married woman with grown children. In 1997 I had a very profound experience of the Lord in the Eucharist. Since then I have felt the Lord speaking to my heart and especially opening Scripture to me as he did to the disciples on the road to Emmaus. As you can see in the messages this poor sinner had and still has much to learn. Like St. Paul I can only boast of my weakness, for without it I would not have this treasure to share.

From the beginning I always felt that the messages in my journal were not for me alone. My heart burned to share these words with others but I had no real outlet. This caused me great anxiety until I was able in 2003 to start an online mailout, which eventually lead to a blog. Being able to share my journal was a great relief. I believe it is God’s will that I post these messages and I leave it to the Lord to lead his beloved little souls to them according to his perfect timing.

About – Pelianito, the name

At one point early on, I felt the Lord giving me a new name, Pelianito, which He revealed to me, means “Sent”. At first I thought that I would be literally “sent” as part of my mission, but as the mailout took shape I realized, it was the messages that would be “sent”. A little play on words for the electronic age.

I ask Jesus in Mary to grant a special blessing of peace to all who visit this site.

For a more detailed description on the events that led to this blog, please see the page “The Real Presence”.


To contact Pelianito email: gold_leaf2000(at)yahoo.com.

To order her book, Cling to Hope with Joy: Messages from Scripture, visit www.lulu.com.

40 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you Susan. God is so good to give us encouragement in times of trial. We must not lose hope no matter what.

    May his kingdom come and may his holy will be done now and forever. God bless you and yours.


  2. Thank you so very much for publishing your journal. Christ speaks so very clearly to you, I am sure, but also to me through your “blog”!


  3. Mary Therese, thank you for your encouragement. As I said above, I always felt that these words were not for me alone. Your comment is a confirmation of that. Thanks be to God!

    I also feel that perhaps our Lord wants to use this blog to give others a thirst for Scripture so that by meditating regularly on the Word, He may speak His words of love into their hearts as well. Certainly the Holy Father wants to encourage us in this practice.

    At any rate, I am humbled that God would use this poor sinner to speak His words of love to you and all who read the messages. May God be praised forever!


  4. I read your words and they echo what I hear and see around me. I give in to fear for my family, especially my children, who are away from the church — and one child who is on a dangerous path. Surrendering all anxiety to Jesus is such a hard thing to do. I hope one day you are led to share your experience of the Eucharist, because stories are easily absorbed and remembered. God bless.


  5. Thank you for commenting, Mary-Louise. It is so easy to be discouraged. I too have loved ones who are on dangerous paths. I find it helps to place these people in the Immaculate Heart whenever I feel anxious, or to pray “Jesus I trust in you to grant the grace of conversion to this person.” If you have not read St. Faustina’s diary, “Divine Mercy in My Soul,” please consider doing so. The depths of our Lord’s mercy are unimaginable. He wants us to trust Him. Believe that your prayers will be the rain that softens the ground for God’s message to be planted in the hearts of those far from Him. Confidence in God’s mercy is a very powerful prayer. I will add my prayers to yours. Peace be with you dear sister.

    I will consider your suggestion and will pray about it.


  6. comments about those far away have helped me too. i also am sad about children and others. yes, Mercy and Trust is what we must lean on. thank you so much. anne


  7. I am glad that I have been led to your blog, and how you have reached out to all who are searching.

    I hear the words ‘do not be afraid’… His Will be done. But worry creeps back in – especially for those in my own family.

    Thank you for sharing this gift.


  8. I too must fight the temptation to worry. It is just that–a temptation. If we dissect worry, we can see that it serves no purpose except to instill fear. Worry denies trust in God. Worry lives in the future; God dwell in his eternal present. If we worry we step out of the presence of God. Then fear can attack us. Just say “NO” to worry. If you get these feelings, say, “Jesus I trust in YOU!” That is why he gave us this prayer through St. Faustina. It was to get us through this time. What a beautiful Lord he is! Ponder his beauty and you will be free from worry.

    I too am concerned for those in my family. God has given you the gift of faith not just for yourself but for all those he has placed on your heart. Fast and pray for them. God has given them the gift of your faith. Place them in the Immaculate Heart and pray for all souls. Our Lord longs to save them through you. Ask our Lord how to pray for them. He wants to save them more than you do! He will use you if you are willing. Be an instrument of his love for them. And be at peace.

    God bless you Dee Marie.


  9. Dear Pelianito,
    Thank you for starting this blog, and thank the Lord that Mark Mallet led me here. Such beautiful thoughts & inspirations. I especially love “Live in His Love II” – that the Lord condescends to speak to each of us so lovingly and personally… touches me profoundly.
    Your postings are a great comfort in these troubled times.
    God bless you.


  10. All thanks and praise to God dear sister. He wants to comfort us in these troubled times. That he will use worthless sinners as his instruments is a testament to his unlimited grace and mercy. Thank you for your comment.

    God bless.


  11. Dear Pelianito,

    Thank you for your labors of love. Like Agnes above, I also was led to your blog through the Mark Mallett Meditations. The Holy Spirit is making powerful use of the web to reach His people, and to prepare us for the troubled times ahead.

    I, too, have a daily prayer burden for my adult children, as well as our beautiful grandchildren. Thank you for the prayer image of placing them in the Immaculate Heart. I find comfort and strength in your words that God has given me the gift of faith, not for myself alone, but also for them… that God has given THEM the gift of MY faith. I have always treasured the gift of faith; now I have all the more reason to treasure it.

    Grace and blessings to you. PAX CHRISTI


  12. Thank you for your comment David. Our Lord knows how much we need encouragement in this age more than any other. I praise God for what he is able to do through broken instruments.

    I have found that placing all those God has given me to pray for in the Immaculate Heart is a very powerful way to pray. More and more I offer my prayers to our Lady for her purposes while entrusing my needs and all the people on my prayer list to her. It is a very simple way to accomplish much spiritually. I look after her business and she looks after mine.

    God be with you and yours through Jesus in Mary.


  13. what an ecouraging group of comments.i particualaly like the words them the gift of your faith. sp supportive. also placing others in Immaculate Heart and offering prayers to Mary for her purposes. we need to be constantly reminded . thank you all.


  14. Our Lord is so merciful! He has given us many, many shortcuts in the spiritual life–ours and those we are praying for, the most beautiful of which is our Blessed Mother. Let us continue to build up the kingdom, no matter what we see around us.


  15. Have just come over here via Mark’s site. Am ever so glad that he put up links to you.
    I am curious on your experience with the Eucharist that led you to your mission in life.
    I was brought to the RC via the receiving of our Lord in this holy form and will never cease or hesitate to tell others of the power of the Eucharist.
    Thank you for your blog.


    1. God bless you both, Gloria and Heather. Welcome to my blog. Heather, there is a chapter in my book that details my experiences with the Eucharist and my call to this mission. I will consider adding part of that chapter to this blog as a new page as you are not the first to request it.



  16. I have a large prayer list. It continues to grow. I am grateful that the Lord sends me people to pray for and grants me the grace to pray, the desire to pray. I realize the Lord God knows my heart, my worries, my concerns, so then (I feel silly for asking this) may I simply present my prayer list to Our Lady and her Immaculate Heart and not have to mention each individual by name?

    May the peace of the Holy Spirit fill each of us.

    God Bless, LauraLee


  17. St. Pio used to pray one prayer to the Sacred Heart each day for all those who had asked for his prayers.

    Our Lord knows our limitations. Whenever someone asks me for prayers I immediately place that person in the Immaculate Heart. Our Lady keeps track of them for me. I give all my prayers to her (since my consecration) and ask her to dispense them as she sees fit. It is a very efficient way to pray, and must be pleasing to the Lord as it is all through Mary. It also removes all limits as Mary has no limits. God is so good! Alleluia!


  18. I also recently found your wonderful website via Mark’s site. I have printed several of the blogs and will read them to my recently blinded daughter. Her offered-up sacrifices will bring many souls to Jesus I am sure. Miracles continue to happen for our family and we never cease to thank God for his mercy, love and the great gift of faith. Thank you and God bless,


    1. I thank God for the beautiful faith he has given you and your daughter. Please ask your daughter to pray for those in my family that need conversion–there are many!

      May you feel the Lord’s love today and always.


  19. I, too experienced a miraculous conversion. I was a cradle Catholic who left the church for fifteen years. One day, I sat on the bed and cried out “Lord, I am fed up with my life!” Instantly I was in the presence of the Heart of Jesus and pierced by the rays of His Mercy. A life changing event. I have written about it on my blogs. The Lord has been giving me “words” and dreams since then. Lately they have been really strong. The world needs to turn to the Lord. Soon.


    1. Praise the God of mercy! What a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing it. I will have a look at your blog later.

      How good our Lord is to give these strong messages to so many different people! I know my own courage would fail me if I did not have so many confirmations of these messages. May Our Lord and Our Lady strengthen us for the times just ahead. I too sense and urgency and have felt called to increase my prayers yet again.

      For the sake of his sorrowful passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world.


  20. What a blessing that God speaks to us through His other children. What a family we have! I find it beautiful that He uses this way not only to teach us about Himself but also to strengthen our bond within the communion of saints.

    You are the second blog that I’ve come across where your messages seem to reflect “coincidentally” the ones that I receive through prayer. I first one was Mark Mallett’s. I asked for confirmation after confirmation from God that what Mark was writing on his blog came from our Lord. Each answer, no matter how specific my request was always a very strong yes. God is so merciful with us. I found your site through Spirit Daily’s link but I also found it interesting that you have a connection with Mark Mallett.

    Thank you for your courage to share your gifts with others. I am hoping to learn more about my own gifts and how I am to use them from your faith journey. He is so faithful to us and never leaves our side. He reveals the picture to us in little puzzle pieces, but when we can start to make out the little pictures within the big picture it only causes us to praise Him even more!

    Thanks again for your charitable faithfulness to Him.


  21. I want to thank you and Our Lord for leading me to your blog. I began my own conversion last year and I feel the Holy Spirit has been leading me toward every increasing closer to the Lord every day and at every moment. I know that I am not alone and I know that I am merely an instrument of the Lord yet it is comforting to know that there are others who are experriencing the hand of God in their life all for his Glory. I recently had a dream wherein I can remember only one thing, a word James 4. It seems to affirm my sense that I must do all I can to help others come to the Lord through my own conduct and by sharing God’s Love for us all. Thank you for sharing you experience. God continue to Bless You! Praise be the our Lord Jesus Christ! KIng of endless Glory!


  22. I am praying for a friend, Barb, who is very sick and depressed. She recently had her gallbladder out, but is in terrible pain in her stomach and can’t eat much. She has a lot of nausea and vomiting. She has been in the rehab for the last 60 days. Her family in not helping her much at all. She would rather go to the emergency room than be in a rehab. Nothing is really being done for her, and she has not followed up with her doctors appointmnets since her surgery. Please pray she is pain free. She has also been having chest pains and wanted to go to the hospital, but the hospital ignors her plee. May the Lord have Mercy upon her and grant her peace and healing. She wants to go home. Please pray that she can go home. Hope to here your reply, soon!!

    God Bless,



  23. Just found your blog.
    Seriously looking forward to reading what you share.
    It caught my eye, that in 1977 you had a powerful experience and you are a cradle Catholic, just as I am.
    It was in the summer of the same year, maybe 1978, that I also had a most profound supernatural experience. It saved my life from a most horrible accident, and literally shook my foundations and saved my soul, as some years later I struggled with atheism.


    1. Blessings Antonio! Welcome to the blog! My experience was in 1997, not 1977. Praise God that he saved you! Praise God that he will use whatever means necessary to save souls. He loves each on so dearly!


  24. Janet, thank you….
    have been praying for you….I lived so many yrs with alcoholism…
    please be sure I am on your email list…
    God Bless and keep you safe…nita

    expect some miracles….Jesus and Mary have many to give us…


  25. Dear Pelianito ,
    I read your blog for over a year now and love it!
    I read your comments on Charlie’s Johnson site

    I am writing to you because lately there is this incredible heaviness in me and I cannot shake it off …
    Feeling the sickness of this word …

    I look for word or guidance from God and trust in him!

    Somehow it is very quiet and empty inside of me…

    What would you advice me to do ??

    Anything that comes to your heart … I will take it as a will of God…


    1. Dorothy I have a couple of thoughts… This could be a gift from God and a call to prayer. God may be letting you feel his own emptiness at the rejection of others. It could be a call to help him carry his cross, a great honor! Read this blog post from a few years ago: http://pelianito.stblogs.com/2013/12/04/you-are-simon-of-cyrene-and-i-am-asking-you-to-carry-my-cross/

      Also, many souls as they grow in the Spirit experience a dark night. I am no expert on this, but it is essentially a complete lack of the feeling God’s presence. God withdraws for many reasons, to increase our desire for him, to show us how he sustains us in every moment whether we feel him or not, and to test us. I had a similar experience some years ago. You can read about it here on my other blog: https://joyofpenance.wordpress.com/2014/11/12/mountains-laid-low/ At that time the only prayer I could pray, and even that was without feeling, was from Psalm 116, “I trusted, even when I said, ‘I am sorely afflicted.'” It is at those times that we feel God the least that he is most active in us, and that our faith means the most. Be comforted in that. God is with you. Stick to the prayers. Love him and others with an act of the will and you will be pleasing to him. God bless you sister!


  26. Hi Pelianito,

    Somehow I just found your blog and I intend to follow it closely in the future. I, just as one of your posters feel a heaviness but I may better describe it as an sense of urgency (anxiety?) to leave south Florida where I live with my wife and daughter. Unfortunately my family does not agree and now I am torn between these feelings and my family that is so important to me.

    I have no idea as to how or why these feelings started but I know I am also being called to a simpler living if that makes sense. I wake each morning and some/most days they will continue throughout the rest of the day. It is at least 6-months or more and the intensity now demands some sort of action. The question is what action? Where to go and why? I have prayed for God’s guidance but so far I am only hearing silence.

    Thank you for listening and any prayers or wisdom would be so appreciated.

    God Bless!


    1. Welcome BD! I can’t advise you in your specific circumstance, but if you tell God, “Lord if you want me to do this, let’s do it together. But please remove the obstacles that are standing in my way. If they are removed I will know that you desire what I feel in my heart to be your call. In all circumstances pray, “Jesus I trust in you.” And as I often say, pray it till you mean it!


  27. Hello PELIANITO. I have followed this blog for about 5 years, but commented only once. About 15 years ago I had , what one could call dreams, but they were much more than that. I have had flying dreams since I was a child (65 years ago). And a dozen or so dreams from 15 to 5 years ago. I have shared the dreams with two spiritual advisors and two lay Carmelite friends. The dreams to me are like secrets. I would not want to post them or share them. Yet in some way I don’t understand; they tug at me to reveal them. In your writings about yourself YOU FELT THE DESIRE TO SHARE????. Please comment. Thank you Bob


    1. Blessings Robert. I have no reluctance to share the dreams I have that I feel contain a message. I have a lot of dreams that are ordinary dreams that everyone gets. But sometimes there is a dream that I feel has a prophetic element to it. A long time ago, I realized that these dreams are first of all, calls to prayer. It takes some discernment to uncover the meaning, but one can never go wrong with prayer. I guess you have to ask yourself why God would give you significant dreams. Are the messages they contain for you alone as a call to prayer? Or are they meant to build up the Body of Christ? When you answer that question, then you will know whether or not they are meant to be shared. Mine are certainly a part of my ministry, so I share them.


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