Dream: We had a small piece of the Eucharistic Host that had turned to flesh. It was dried out, but suddenly began to “live” again. It became flesh and started to bleed profusely, a true miracle! I tried to show it to someone who belonged to a non-Catholic but Christian sect. She wanted nothing to do with it. I began to look for a suitable container for the Precious Blood that was now dripping out of the container. End of dream.

I always take dreams first of all as calls to prayer, this one a call perhaps to pray for those who refuse to believe in God’s glorious and miraculous presence in the Holy Eucharist. Miracle of miracles!

Lord Jesus, have mercy on those who do not recognize your miraculous presence in the Eucharist. In your mercy, lead all souls to know you, to love you, and to crave your intimate nearness in Holy Communion. I place each one in the Flame of Love of Mary Immaculate. Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us! Amen.

13 thoughts on “Dream…

  1. A beautiful dream! 🙂 .. I have always wondered, being Jesus really IS Present in the Eucharist, if the real miracle isn’t that the Host begins to bleed, but that It remains as an ordinary host. The extreme grandeur and magnificence of our Lord being contained and ‘hidden’ in a little Host amazes me! 🙂

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  2. Its an interesting coincidence, but I had two very unpleasant online encounters with two Christians yesterday. One was a pro-Nazi Catholic (if you can believe it) and the other was a rude, vociferously anti-Marian Christian. It was really upsetting to encounter Christians who were so open and proud of their faith and yet so very awful. It really shook me and left me with quite un-Christian thoughts of my own.

    Make us one Lord, soon, in hearts as well as in name.


    1. “un-Christian thoughts of my own” That reminded me of my own explosion of anger yesterday. We have to be on our guard. The devil knows how to push our buttons. As a wise person once said–wryly, “What are you doing with buttons?” Let us work on our serenity, and try harder to eliminate the “buttons” in our lives. If we have no buttons, no one can push them. 🙂

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  3. St Joseph, as we are told in our beautiful book about his life, never thought of the person as having abused or attacked him. He looked straight through the incident and realized it was the serpent behind the whole scenario… He would pray very hard for that poor person and their soul. God loves and always honors his prayers — both here, and of course, in the afterlife 🌟

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  4. This is a negative interpretation of your dream, but what if it means that Catholics will not find help from Protestants when persecution comes. They will reject the Eucharist and not want to protect it or our faithful. I pray with Protestants at a Planned Parenthood. Just last week I approached the idea of the 3 days of darkness with one woman who I have had very friendly conversation with. She wanted nothing to do with it and said that I could join her Bible study, which she has been a leader of for 38 years. She said that Protestants believe in the Rapture. I left it there because it was time for group prayer.


    1. Quite likely lisag. But both interpretations are calls to pray for those who refuse to believe in the true Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. Still, it is better for us to work with protestants than to fight with them. We have enough enemies without making more! Pray, hope, and don’t worry!


  5. Hi Peli and family, “We had a small piece of the Eucharistic Host that had turned to flesh. It was dried out, but suddenly began to “live” again. It became flesh and started to bleed profusely…” As I read this. the first thing came to me is this was a representation of The Church now…dried out with unbelief, sin and lukewarmness from laity and clergy alike. But God has something in store for His Bride. He will cause Her to Live again…He will cause Her to get Flesh and Blood again but she must do this through martyrdom and suffering, The Cross, causing Her to bleed profusely.

    Let us all pray for the Grace and Strength to keep our eyes fixed on JESUS through the Calvary of His bride, The Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. We will have to suffer as some are already….Mummy MARY, help Your children!!!

    As always, JESUS we Trust in You!!!!!!!!

    Peace & Love


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