Offer prayers and sacrifices in the Divine Will, and the duration and intensity may yet be lessened…

Hosea 9:2 Threshing-floor and wine vat shall not feed them, and the new wine shall fail them.

“My beloved, see I make all things new. The old ways of sin are passing away. The new ways of righteousness have been conceived and await the hour of birth. The labor will be fierce but do not despair. In due time, joy will make the days of sin a faded memory, a dream that one awakes from and is overjoyed that it is over. Be patient. Pray for strength and KNOW that the labor is finite. Offer prayers and sacrifices in the Divine Will, and the duration and intensity may yet be lessened. Children I am near and I eagerly await our new life together.”

Blessed Trinity of Love, I praise and thank you in the Divine Will in the name of everyone for all you are doing to bring about the kingdom of the Divine Will. In the Divine Will, through the Flame of Love I offer all my prayers and sufferings, as well as every shard of suffering ever endured so that your kingdom may come quickly and that the labor will be of short duration and less intense than we deserve. Jesus, give us strength and hope. We place all our trust in you. Save souls! Amen.


5 thoughts on “Offer prayers and sacrifices in the Divine Will, and the duration and intensity may yet be lessened…

  1. if ever there was a time to pray, it is now. this shooting at the baseball field is showing what I believe could be the start of a very intense cleansing. I don’t know how but the feeling I have is not a good one. I pray Lord let the fire fall but please let it be swift and with as little loss of life as possible.
    also the feeling this week that I have internally is to remember that God is in control. I am having quite a bit more anxiety for some reason right now. I keep getting the words in my head to give these issues to God and he will take care of them. Faith, finance, and future are in Jesus’ hands because I can’t take it anymore.

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  2. Thank you dear Jesus for this message through Pelianito.
    So consoling.
    How we all long for our new lives together with You too!
    All we have to offer you Lord is our weakness please return it to us as Your strength, that we may all work in Your vine yards, offering our all for the souls Uou love!
    Maranatha dear Lord Jesus, Maranatha!
    Thank you Peli so much for another spiritual drink, just what we need to keep our spirits from wilting. It is always music to my ears to read Jesus saying that He is near! ❤️
    I took your petitions to our novena to Our Lady on Monday. I hope you and all your loved ones are feeling Our mothers blessed intercession and are receiving much grace and assistance from her Immaculate heart.
    God bless you Janet, abundantly for all your labours , prayers and sacrifice!

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  3. Thank you Peli, I make your prayer to the Blessed Trinity my own. So many great Feast Days in the Church calendar at this time – yet the noise in the world right now appears to be drowning them out. It is a futile effort because the faithful remnant trust and persevere, with expectant joy.


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