Prayer request update…

My family is ever-more in need of prayers. I feel blessed to be able to reach out to such a great cloud of witnesses in my need. In the Divine Will through the Flame of Love, may God multiply and apply all your prayers to the needs of each one who reads this.

And please add another prayer request to your ever-expanding lists. Our Lady of America needs us.


21 thoughts on “Prayer request update…

  1. Adding you and yours to my prayer list. Seems like our world is in dire need as never before; Lord, help is to stay strong in the face of growing adversity.


  2. Dear Janet, am going to Our parish novena to Our Lady of Perpetual Succour tonight. I will place your family’s intentions in the box. I hope the storm passes quickly! God bless.


    1. The recent storm HAS passed quickly MG thanks be to God! My husband is out of immediate danger and has rebounded astoundingly well. As far as I know the underlying condition is still a bit precarious but the prayers have certainly had heir effect. Praise God! In the Divine Will I apply them all to all who have responded so graciously to my need.

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      1. Hi Peli…I too have been battling a health issue with my 10 year old son for the last 4 wks plus…it has been tough and heart wrenching seeing him in excruciating pain but his heroic embrace of it has been heart warming and beautiful. He may possibly be out of the woods…further tests to be done…but I wanted to say that in all this, GOD our FATHER, our DADDY wants to draw us deeper into His Holiness…He wants to teach us Trust in Him!!!

        Pray for me and my family as I surely will pray for yours…that we embrace the cross, Trust in JESUS and become Saints…

        With God’s Love,

        “The shadow of death” is human life. Therefore if a man is with God and God is with him, clearly he is able to say, “Though I walk through the midst of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for Thou art with me.”
        – St. Maximos the Confessor

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      2. So pleased to hear your husband has had some improvement to his health Janet. So hard to see a loved one suffer.
        Will keep the prayers going regardless, can’t have too much prayer!
        Thank you for your continued ‘yes’ to Our Lord, you are bringing a life line of hope to us in the trenches!
        Each message so needed and appreciated : )
        God bless you and Your family always.


  3. Dear Janet, three things…over the last several months, I have felt moved to say the Lord’s Prayer with more conviction and to end it the way Jesus taught….and “deliver us from the evil one.” This was recently confirmed to me by Fr. Gabriel Amorth from an interview he had given… I also have been moved to gaze at the Holy Face of Jesus…again recently confirmed by Fr. R. Heilman of Roman Catholic Man blog…this is where I got the prayer to the Holy Face of Jesus and the St. Patrick Lorica… He recently recommended us to pray these to things for the President. Why? There has been an uptake of witches that are praying against our President and his well as anyone who supports him.

    There was a writing on it in the Los Angeles times here in California, with links to show how to do it and when! The writer talks about doing the ritual and prayer herself. I will include that writing as well so you can read it. I have started to put my family’s name into these prayers for extra protection and I have noticed a huge improvement amongs my kids in particular. We are all under attack and we must use all that the good Lord gives us to rebuke and remain strong.

    God Bless you and yours…Melanie

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  4. I am absolutely praying for your family Janet. Fiat Voluntas Tua!!!

    I have been wearing the medal of our Lady of America for two years or so. Last week (!) I experienced a very strong desire to reread the event and her messages. This desire caused me to display the image on a easel near my Image of Divine Mercy on my mantel. Our Lady needs us so greatly right now. She needs us in a very big way. I will never ever underestimate her power through me. Through all of us who give her our Yes. “Behold the daughter of the Handmaid of the Lord! Let it be done unto me according to your Will!!”

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  5. I remembered you and your family in my 3 o’clock prayers, Peli. May God Bless you and fulfill every need of you and yours! Peace to you and to all 🙂

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  6. Hi Janet, Count on our prayers.

    Holy Spirit, gather all your gifts and fruits from the beginning of time until its end, and rain them down on our world. We all NEED and WANT Your Kingdom to come on our earth as it always is in Heaven. AND also we ask the ridiculously gracious and unmerited Mercy of Your forgiveness and healing for every one in Janet’s entire family line, for all of this online community, and for every soul You have every imagined into existence, such that, for the sake of Your Holy Name, and in Honor of Your Divine Son’s Sacred Heart, may it come to pass, in the fullness of time that Your Divine Will may come to be, so that NOT ONE SOUL be lost to the Heart of the Father. May all souls so damaged by our culture of death be brought back into the Heart of the Father, for the sake of His Sacred Wounds, so grievous and yet salvific for our troubled souls. Oh Father, look upon our prayers and make haste to come to us for we are sorely tried. Blessed Mother, we need you now. Please spread the effects of grace of your Flame of Love over Janet, those she loves, and all whom You love, which are all of us your children in this world presently full to the brim with your tears and ours. Thank you Loving God and Father for hearing and answering this cry for Your Kingdom to come in the Name of Your Holy of Holies, Son, Jesus Christ. Amen
    Julie from AZ

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      1. You wrote the best definition of Christlike living. I am saving it to reflect deeply on this succinct summary of the Christian Life. Will also give to my kids and to whomever God directs. God Bless you and Mary hide you, and all about you, in her Flame of Love.

        Christians , you wrote “are filled with joy, because a life lived for God gives meaning to everything—the good and the bad. In all circumstances we believe that God is, that He loves us, that He redeemed us, that when this life is over He will take us to himself.”



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  7. Just read this this morning so a little late in starting prayer but interesting thing last night while praying my Rosary Janet your husband came strongly to mind so I put him right in front of the second sorrowful mystery begging the wounds of Jesus to heal him. And prayed that decade for that intention. Will continue prayers today!!

    Julie that is a magnificent prayer.

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  8. I am just now catching up on email and will be praying for you and your family in my daily rosary. I am so sorry for whatever you are suffering and praying now for God to lift it. Hang in there dear sister.

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  9. Janet, you and your family remain on my regular prayer list. May God be Glorified in your recent trials, and bring great graces and blessings for all, from your faithfulness to His Will, in all things.

    God bless you Janet now and always. Jesus, I trust in Thee.


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