Prayer request…

I have not posted for some time. My husband had a serious medical episode recently. Please keep him in your prayers. Bless you all!


28 thoughts on “Prayer request…

  1. Janet,

    Praying to Our Lord that He provide your husband with strength, support, and hope, and that He comfort you when you feel stressed or worried.

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  2. Will pray Janet…I think of you so often…..God Bless him…and you for patience and perserverance…I so understand…believe me…love and prayers nita young in Kenai, Alaska…

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  3. Oh dearest Janet, I am keeping you, your husband and family, and your intentions in my prayers. Good Lord, keep them in your Heart, guide them, give them strength and courage in these times of their own trials, heal their infirmities. Thank you, Lord, for Janet, and her family, who love you, adore you, and worship you. Amen.


    1. Dear Janet, I will definitely keep you and your husband in my prayers. Lord Jesus, receive Janet, her husband and her family into your loving hands…and may Your Will be done in all of their lives…Amen
      Peace be with you Janet,

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