Imitate the first disciples and pray for boldness…

Acts 4:29-31 And now, Lord, look at their threats, and grant to your servants to speak your word with all boldness, while you stretch out your hand to heal, and signs and wonders are performed through the name of your holy servant Jesus.’ When they had prayed, the place in which they were gathered together was shaken; and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke the word of God with boldness.

“My children, imitate the first disciples and pray for boldness. Pray also for courage and fortitude. The Holy Spirit waits to be asked for a new infilling of these gifts, which you received in a measure at your Confirmation. Do not be afraid. I mean to work new wonders in this age, that all may believe. Yet happy are you who have not seen, and yet believe. Your faithfulness will be counted in your favor. Children, in your boldness do not forget kindness and humility. Imitate our Mother who always spoke the truth with kindness, gentleness, and abject humility, pointing always toward God and never to herself. That is why there is so little about her in Scripture. Yet I am making her more well-known to this generation because her merits, virtues, and perfections deserve to be emulated. Be bold like your Mother, who did not let fear keep her from the foot of the cross.”

My beloved Jesus, I praise you for the glorious gift and example our Mother is to us. May her prayers on our behalf win for us new boldness, humility, fortitude, courage, kindness, gentleness, and a new infilling of all the gifts of the Holy Spirit, her glorious and most generous Spouse. We ask all these prayers in the Divine Will. Amen.


13 thoughts on “Imitate the first disciples and pray for boldness…

  1. I’ve been praying for and discerning for a while to start street evangelizing. Praying to receive a great outpouring of these gifts so that my fears will be rebuked and I will be completely open and receptive to the Holy Spirit, going wherever He leads me to go and speaking the words of life to whoever He wants me to speak to.
    Please pray for my fears to be rebuked and for a great outpouring of these gifts / graces to come upon me so that I will be completely possesed by His love and it will be “impossible for me not to speak about what I have seen and heard.” (Acts 4:20)
    Jesus I trust in you!!!
    May the Lord’s peace be with you always!!!!

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    1. Blessings Tom! May God’s will alone be done in you and through you. May the Holy Spirit give you a firm purpose to do what He wills and shower you with the graces you need in abundance. May He open the doors that need to be opened and close the doors that need to be closed. In the beginning of my ministry I thought I was supposed to go out and spread the messages in person, but the Lord made it impossible through my life circumstances. Once I started a blog, way back in 2003, I felt more peaceful. However, it took a long time for it to grow into the little blossom we see today. Blessings and discernment for you dear brother!

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    2. Dear Tom,
      I too am being called to go and evangelize…door to door. I am a active member of the Legion of Mary, which is known for this. But our Praesidium is elderly and I’ve never done it. I called the Seminary and am meeting with someone this Thursday to get me started on the directions. I will definitely pray for you…please pray for me too!
      Jesus I Trust In You!

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      1. Thank you for Brother Andre Marie’s website! The comment “Stories like this are legion” caught my eye!
        Yesterday as I was praying the Joyful Mysteries and in the midst of contemplating The Visitation, I heard in my heart…”The Legion (of Mary) is enfolded within this Mystery. Contemplate this. The birth of Christ happened after the Visitation. Same for The Legion”.


  2. These posts are amazing. Some years ago while I was still working, sometimes when saying Rosary on the way to work; I would ask the Lord of the harvest to send labourers to the harvest. On one or more occasions I felt clearly a reply in my imagination ‘I am sending you.’ And I thought that is not possible it surely is my imagination.

    I would of course defend holy faith if the subject came up at work.

    Once retired, I then felt I should do something, and thought of just knocking on doors in the neighbourhood and saying, “I am enquiring to find if there are Catholics in the area who might like to return to the Faith.” “We can have a chat about it if you have time,” or some such opener. I thought this may open the door to even non believers if they were interested.

    In reality, I retired early through ill health on total bed rest, so thought the Lord has other ideas.

    But it is so interesting to see others post that they had the same idea.

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  3. Thank you for continuing to share your heartbeat all these years as you listen to, contemplate and share The Heartbeat. Oh, looking forward to and praying for the day we ALL beat as one in Him!

    I enjoyed this meditation together with your piece “The Word Made Flesh…” on the Joy of Penance blog. That seemed like a good companion piece.

    Our Mother continues to lovingly, patiently… humbly get us all there by degrees.

    God Bless,

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      1. I’m always here quietly. I check-in like clockwork, in fact. I just had to comment today because I really found your two blog posts (this, and the one I referenced) most helpful this morning. Oh, all the posts are graceful, but finding the perfect (though simple) opportunity to really apply the wisdom was… special.

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