Your prayers and sacrifices have already shortened the days of sorrow and woe. Will you do more?

I know that many of us are suffering a great deal at this time. I pray that this message from 2010 will give you hope, peace, courage, and joy.


Lamentations 5:21-22 Lead us back to you, O LORD, that we may be restored: give us anew such days as we had of old. For now you have indeed rejected us, and in full measure turned your wrath against us.

“My child, do I not have every reason to turn my back on this insolent generation? In all of history, when my people have stubbornly refused to repent–even though I have been generous in giving them signs and warnings–I have held back the fullness of my wrath out of a Father’s love for the faithful remnant. This generation, because of their abject rejection of me, will be given the greatest trial the world has ever known. In this age, I am asking my faithful remnant–whom I love unalterably–to enter into my passion and suffer with me for the lost. If you do this, my children, my beloved ones, I promise…

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