Regarding Charlie…

Blessings all. As most of you know I have been a reader of Charlie Johnston’s blog for a few years now, and perhaps some of you came to know about him through me. This past week, Charlie bowed out of the prophetic spotlight. Here is a quote from his latest post:

“By my own standard, I was wrong about the peaceful transfer of power in the U.S. yesterday. My favorite note came from a friend who said, “You got close on it, but this isn’t horseshoes.” That encapsulated my own thoughts quite nicely. I rarely speak of specific events. Having done so, it was my duty to get it right.

“Some have demanded an explanation from me. I was wrong. I could be a crackpot, but that seems unlikely, given that I so accurately described the sudden cultural and spiritual degeneration of our society. I was deceived on this – and God allowed the deception to persist without correction. I have been deceived before – and counted on my angel to correct me on those occasions. This time the deception was allowed to persist, either to chasten me or for other reasons yet unknown.”

Though painful, I thought it was a gracious exit, and an honest one. It reminded me in a way of the experience of Jonah, whom God sent to proclaim death and destruction to Nineveh if they did not repent. They did repent, and the death and destruction did not happen. Jonah was angry to the point of wanting to die. He felt utterly humiliated. God explained that it was his love for the people of Nineveh and even the animals, that made him relent after they repented.

My point is that we don’t see the big picture. We don’t readily see it from God’s perspective. The prophetic gift is very much alive in our age, but it is like a gigantic puzzle where the pieces keep moving and changing. In any case, we leave the final approval or disapproval to the Church and in the meantime do our best to discern.

What I always liked about Charlie was his focus on the basic, core message of his mission, that for the duration of the “storm” that is certainly upon us, we should do our best to remain grounded: “Acknowledge God, take the next right step, and be a sign of hope for others.” A message so simple it could have come from the Little Flower herself. What kept me coming back was his reluctance to focus on the prophetic, his simple, honest core message, his forthrightness, his determination to take responsibility for all he said and did, his sincere desire to be faithful to his call, and above all his faithfulness to Holy Mother Church. Prophecies and timelines aside, there was down-home wisdom in his blog posts. That, even more than the prophecies, gave me great hope, and that is a very sweet fruit indeed.

Since Friday’s painful lesson, something I have wondered is this: In Charlie’s failure, is God highlighting for us his desire that we rely solely on Him? Have we put too much emphasis on visionaries, prophets, and prophecies to the extent that it leads us away from dependence on God, and wastes precious time? What is the lesson for you and me? That is certainly worth pondering. Sunday’s Gospel reading from 1 Corinthians was very apt I thought: “What I mean is that each of you says, ‘I belong to Paul’, or ‘I belong to Apollos’, or ‘I belong to Cephas’, or ‘I belong to Christ.’ Has Christ been divided? Was Paul crucified for you? Or were you baptized in the name of Paul?” Whether or not any modern-day prophecies are fulfilled, we always have Christ and if we have Christ, we have everything.

Now, one prophecy I still hope will be fulfilled, for all our sakes, is of the miraculous “Rescue” Charlie said would come near the end of 2017. I can only say, may our merciful God grant it! I have prayed and continue to pray that this will come about sooner rather than later, that our merciful Lord will put an end to this evil age–as God wills of course. There have been many similar prophecies (minus the specific timeline, although signs are given) from approved apparitions under titles such as “The Triumph of the Immaculate Heart,” “The Kingdom of the Divine Will,” “The Eucharistic Reign of Christ,” “The Era of Peace,” etc.—many different titles speaking of the same glorious future. I, and probably most of you, have been praying fervently that this would happen very soon, and even that it will coincide with the 100th anniversary of Fatima. In the Divine Will, I long with God’s longing for the day when we shall be his people and he will be our God*. I am not banking on it, however, placing all my trust in God’s perfect timing, so that the most souls can be saved. If it does not happen, or if it takes longer than I hope, I will continue to acknowledge God, take the next right step, and be a sign of hope for others. For that simple grace I owe a debt of gratitude to Charlie, whom God used as his instrument to bestow it.

Charlie also said this in his last blog post (my emphasis):

“I had said that the failure of a peaceful (election) transition would be a sign to you that I had told you true about the Rescue. Now you have to rely less on my word and more on the fidelity of God throughout the ages, the God who has rescued His people countless times and who has always been near at hand to those who call on Him in humility and trust. For whatever sting there is for me, that is not a bad result.”

What is left for us and what has always been our duty, is to continue to pray and offer sacrifices for souls, to pray for the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart, to pray for the grace to endure whatever God allows with humility and fidelity.

Jesus I trust in YOU. Save souls!

(*This phrase occurs a number of times in Scripture, a testament to God’s longing. Here are 11 of them: Gen 17:8; Ez 11:20, 14:11, 37:23, 37:27; Zech 8:8; Jer 24:7, 31:33, 32:38; Heb 8:10; 2 Cor 6:16)

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