Pray for mercy for those who will perish without having prepared their souls…

I was reading through the dreams category of my blog and came across this dream from 2010 that is also on the theme of praying for those who will die suddenly.


Dream: Last night I dreamed about a strange cloud of fire and ash that was coming towards us from the south. We locked the windows and when it hit, there was ash piled to within a foot of the top of the windows on that side of the house. There was a smell of smoke even in the house with the windows closed . This is the second time I have dreamed about large dumps of ash. Lord Jesus have mercy on us and on the whole world.

Habakkuk 3:9 Bared and ready is your bow, filled with arrows is your quiver. Into streams you split the earth; 10 at sight of you the mountains tremble. A torrent of rain descends; the ocean gives forth its roar.

“My child, pray for mercy for those who will perish without having prepared their souls. There is much that will befall the earth…

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6 thoughts on “Pray for mercy for those who will perish without having prepared their souls…

  1. interesting that in the last few days I have had a sudden urge to seal doors and windows. It might not be anything but being from Michigan, this is what I normally do in early spring and late fall. I might touch up in the winter. I have never changed out the threshold of the front door. Not something to take on because of the age of the home and the uniqueness of the home its hard to find exact pieces. its done and the door is very tight.
    I believe in 2017 we will see a change in direction for the human race. it will be for the better but it will hurt getting there.
    just had a panic attack, satan is attacking again… satan’s time is very short.
    Help each other. Give your prayers to the Blessed Mother to help those who have no one to pray for them. That was me in 1995. thank you for your prayers whoever you were.
    God Bless!!!!

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  2. Jesus asks us to be a friend of the dying souls. Offer the chaplets of Divine Mercy for them. Offer our prayers for them. Jesus had promised to bring them to meet us at our deathbed. It should be a joy to see those saved ones due to our prayers.

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  3. Today is The First Saturday of Our Lady, The Sorrowful Immaculate Heart, but it also falls on 7th day of this month. Please offer the Rosary of the Reparation to the Eternal Father. Eternal Father deserves our special attention and praise, also thanksgiving today.

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