I am scourged anew by the disinterest, the half-hearted prayers of those I long for…

Song of Songs 3:2 ‘I will rise now and go about the city, in the streets and in the squares; I will seek him whom my soul loves.’

“Beloved, how strong is your desire? How great is your longing? Does a Lover come to a half-hearted call? No. It would pain the Lover to see any form of disinterest on the face of His cherished one. It would break His heart. It is better not to respond a half-hearted call. But when the call is genuine, when the love is restless until it finds its Object, when it no longer wishes to live without its Beloved, then the Lover flies to her heart, lets her drink from the bottomless cup of His love until she is satisfied. But she is never satisfied, for the love of her Beloved is the sweetest nectar. Her heart cannot be joyful without it. My child, you must long for your Beloved with your whole heart. I am scourged anew by the disinterest, the half-hearted prayers of those I long for. Give me comfort, my child. Offer me your longing in the Divine Will in the name of everyone, so that I may not be wounded so much by their disinterest. Child, long for me as I long for you.”

O Jesus, what a great sorrow this is! I ask pardon for all the times I and others have been half-hearted in our prayers. In the Divine Will make our longing for you more ardent. In the Divine Will, in the name of everyone, I offer you the perfect longing of our Mother, she whose longing drew you to imprison yourself in her most pure womb. Maranatha! Come Lord Jesus! I long for your sweet presence, for the reign of your Triumphant Heart over the earth! May your kingdom come and come quickly! Amen.



9 thoughts on “I am scourged anew by the disinterest, the half-hearted prayers of those I long for…

  1. I don’t necessarily feel disinterested, but I’m feeling worn down. I know I could do more. I used to do more. With the acceptance of the Divine Will by choosing it with my free will, I’m almost like: It is what it is. Is this a defeatest attitude? I’m like: Get it over already. Lord, help me to overcome myself. I love You. I’m tired. I used to be (more) at peace.

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    1. Disinterest and weariness are two distinctly separate things. It is the will that counts. “Lord, help me to overcome myself. I love You. I’m tired.` This is not a prayer of disinterest, but of weariness and surrender. Jesus you take care of it! Keep trying. Keep desiring to do better. God knows everything about your life. He understands. Hang in there.

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  2. Thank you Janet, this is something I need to be reminded of quite often. I’m going to print this out and stick it in with my daily devotional readings so I am reminded everyday how much my lukewarmness and praying half-heartedly tears and scourges our Lord’s Most Sacred Heart.

    Lord, You thirst for me, let me thirst for you and You alone. Lord, You are the fulfillment of all my desires, why do I seek and desire the things of this world over you, things that are passing away? Have mercy on my lukewarmness and my half-hearted prayers. The time that I set aside for You Lord should be for You alone. Have mercy on me for letting my thoughts wander off to ponder and pursue the things of this world when I need to fix my gaze on You Lord, You alone. Come Holy Spirit and fan into flame this lukewarm spark that’s in my heart.

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    1. Tom, distraction in prayer is pretty common. We keep trying to do better and ask for the grace. It is all Him anyway! What is important is our desire. Is our desire for God? Then he is pleased with our efforts. Give Him even your failures and you are doing well. Disinterest means people who just go through the motions without really thinking about God in between. That is what is hurtful to Him. Lukewarmness. Missing Mass without good reason. Never praying. Never reading the Bible or reading holy readings. Sometimes we are legitimately busy but even then we can turn to him a moment here and there, bringing him into our busyness. There is an important difference.

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