I issue a decree: The temple of the human heart shall be rebuilt…

Ezra 6:3 King Cyrus issued a decree: Concerning the house of God at Jerusalem, let the house be rebuilt.”

“My beloved, can there be any doubt that my house must be rebuilt? Yet, I do not speak of a temple made of stones, but the temple of the Holy Spirit, which is the human heart. Humanity has pulverized the temple within their own breasts. Now the exile begins, when each one feels the absence of God. Woe to you! There is much to suffer. Yet, I issue a decree: The temple of the human heart shall be rebuilt. What you labour for will come to birth, not stillborn, but robust, healthy, and strong. You will rejoice at the new life of the temple and will think on the sufferings no more. Once the temple of the human heart has been put in right order, all else will naturally follow. Then do not fear the sufferings of the present moment, but let your panting and pushing usher in a new era of peace and abundant joy.”

O Father, thank you! Give us strength in the Divine Will to bring to birth the Era of Peace. Take all our panting and pushing and use it all for your glorious purposes. Help us to remain faithful, even in time of dire darkness and abandonment. Let our wills be one with yours so that in every moment we may say with Jesus and Mary, “Fiat! Here I am Lord, I come to live in your holy and adorable Will.” Amen.


11 thoughts on “I issue a decree: The temple of the human heart shall be rebuilt…

  1. Thank you Lord, thank you Janet. And a prayer for those who may be the only believer at the table today (like me), my we be kind, loving, faithful, no matter what.

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  2. Those words, ” Now the exile begins, when each one feels the absence of God. Woe to you!” seem very worrying. What must it be like to feel the absence of God, when what we want is to be close to His Heart.


    1. Remember, Paula, it is when you feel his absence the most that he is most near. It is then that our faith means the most, because it is easy to believe in the midst of consolations, but not so easy in the dry times. The great saints had dry periods and they were the most fruitful periods of their lives. I read in the writings of Luisa that the Blessed Mother’s “martyrdom of solitude” lasted from the Ascension until her own dormition, around 25 years! We can link our sufferings to hers in the Divine Will to give Jesus the consolation once again of our Mother’s martyrdom of solitude.

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      1. Janet – I thought you comment was excellent. Not only did many of the great saints go through this “dark night of the soul” and so did the Blessed Virgin Mary, as you say for 25 years after the Ascension. But also, I was amazed to read in the Mystical City of God by Blessed Mary of Agreda that shortly after Mary entered the Temple (age 3 or 4)she began to experience the absence of God (the Trinity). As I read on I thought it would only last a short while. It lasted almost until she left the Temple ( about 14) – So about 10 years!!! Together then she endured this solitude for about 35 years. Wow!!


      2. Luisa Piccarreta suffered dryness every time the Lord left her. It was unimaginable ecstasy to be with Him for a few brief moments and unimaginable agony to be without Him for days after. Jesus speaks to Luisa of this, that it increases her longing. Perhaps that is why Mary suffered in the Temple, so that her longing for the Messiah might increase and call Him to leave the glory of Paradise to enter into the prison of her most pure womb.

        I watched the movie, Apparition Hill, recently. In an interview with Mirjana, she speaks of her yearly apparitions and how being in the presence of Mary, she forgets everything, even her own beloved children! Then after Mary leaves her she suffers greatly and can find no consolation. It is a martyrdom, like losing a favoured child every day. What grief! We must pray for visionaries, for all they suffer so that we may be consoled.

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  3. I feel Paula’s worry. Is God going to withdrawal the feeling of His presence from all of us? Or from just those who have already been living away from Him?
    It has already been tough to stay close to Him during this time of confusion and lawlessness. How can we possibly hope to endure worse if He withdraws from us?

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    1. Colleen, simply BELIEVE! God is there whether we feel him or not. EVERYONE’S faith will be tested. Pray with the Psalmist (116): “I trusted, even when I said, “I am sorely afflicted.” How do we know we even have faith if it is not tested? That is why the saints, and even Mary suffered dryness. Would you rather have your reward–the reward of his felt presence–here or in eternity? Trust in God always, in season and out of season. Do not worry, but in every moment, in every circumstance say, “FIAT! Here I am Lord, I come to live in your holy will.” Then take the next right step, and be a sign of hope for others who will also be suffering.

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    1. Barbara what a wonderful pious practice. I don’t know if you’re aware that Jesus told St Margaret Mary to lift her heart or murmur a prayer every Friday–33 times. It didn’t necessarily have to be an actual formal prayer. Just an act of love. And He gave her a prayer to say too–I’m putting it somewhat into my own words for I don’t remember it exactly but I still pray it–in its somewhat truncated form from what I can recall. “At the foot of the cross with Mother Mary and in union with her I offer you Eternal Father Your Son Jesus and I lift up to You my most profound act of adoration, love and gratitude and I beg pardon for all faithless and hardened hearts who resist the impulse of Your grace.” there were lots of wonderful promises that went with this devotion, but alas–can’t remember. It’s in a little book of prayer from TAN books.

      Also, in reference to the discussion here and Janet’s excellent spiritual insight, I recall I think St Faustina (or maybe another saint…I lose track sometimes…)being told by Jesus: “when you feel My Presence close to you, I am consoling you. When you feel the pain of My absence from you, you are consoling Me.”

      I love the image of the Holy Spirit rebuilding each heart, one at a time. How kind God is. Veni Creator Spiritus!

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