Those who dare to mock God write the script of their own demise…

Daniel 5:26-28 This is the interpretation of the matter: MENE, God has numbered the days of your kingdom and brought it to an end; TEKEL, you have been weighed on the scales and found wanting; PERES, your kingdom is divided and given to the Medes and Persians.’

“My beloved, no earthly kingdom that tramples on God’s Laws will stand. How many earthly kingdoms in your day revile the laws of God and blaspheme his holy Name? The legacy of these corrupt rulers is death—and division and death to their kingdoms. God will not be mocked. Those who dare to mock God write the script of their own demise. And corrupt rulers who act on behalf of those they are meant to serve, bring division and death to many. You, however, must not despair, but continue to pray in the Divine Will for the coming of the Kingdom of the Divine Will. Then, my laws will be written on the hearts of all and no one will disdain them, for all will love their beauty and wisdom. The people of this age are blind to Truth and Beauty. Pray for the scales to fall from their eyes. I will pray with you.”

O my beloved Jesus, I pray with you in the Divine Will that the scales will fall from the eyes of all who are blind to Truth and Beauty. I thank you for this call to prayer and I beseech you fervently in the Divine Will for the coming of the Kingdom of the Divine Will. O Jesus, come and do not delay. Maranatha! Come, Holy Spirit with your Fiat of Sanctification. I beg you, come!


14 thoughts on “Those who dare to mock God write the script of their own demise…

  1. I am concerned about 20th November. I notice more signs are getting very noticeable than before. Let us focus on Eternal Father on 7th day of each month. Eternal Father deserves our special attention and praise him. Offer Holy Communion in reparation for many who is afraid of Eternal Father or forget to thank him for all blessings that suits our souls.


  2. Be a simple, little child to our FATHER…we have to work on becoming less…less dependent on ourselves, less focused on ourselves, less ego, less pride. Then we become so much more to our FATHER.

    Think of a dad trying to pick up his two year old who is just so fascinated with being able to run…that’s us! Busy focussing, many times, on so many thing but surrendering to the arms of our DADDY who wants to lift us up and throw us up in the air and catch us…yes, easier said than done. Let us ask our Heavenly Mother to teach how to surrender to the Loving Arms of our Heavenly FATHER.

    The more we surrender and become less, the easier the times ahead become. Let us pray this for each other.

    GOD Bless you family!
    JESUS I Trust in You.

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  3. Powerful message. My mother used to say with great somberness sometimes “God will not be mocked.” He is patience and He is mercy, but He will not be mocked. I know a fine and very holy elderly lady who has suffered much in her life, some of it at the hands of the Soviet Union and she would tell us, “pray for these who mock God and persecute his people–it is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of the Living God.” A good reminder that the road they are on is wide and leads to destruction. We wouldn’t wish that on anyone. May God’s grace penetrate these faithless and hardened hearts. I know I have to kick into gear again and begin praying and fasting with great fidelity. Sort of fell off the wagon this past few weeks since my surgery. And on that subject THANKYOU Janet and all here for your prayers. I so appreciated them. It was an ordeal I have to admit. But I had the grace to offer it up and still am offering it even as I begin to regain strength. And the best news was a good pathology report (which I had been dreading), so God blessed me for sure. And then there was Tuesday. I actually forced myself out the door to the polling place even though I did not feel up to the challenge. Voted and came home and prayed and then went to bed Tuesday night without listening to any reports at all. Woke up at three and saw the headlines. And all I could say/pray was the psalm opening “If God had not been on our side, Let Israel say/If God had not been on our side/ then the breakers would have rolled over us/the flood would have drowned us….” I felt I had witnessed a miracle and my heart was so full of gratitude for all the fasting and prayers that went up not just in the US but everywhere. I had my mind and prayers focused with laser focus on the one thought “Supreme Court.” At least now we have a fighting chance. Deo gratias! Now begins the hard work/prayer.
    God bless you all and thanks again for the prayer support. What a joy to have this fellowship. Be assured you all in my prayers too.

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    1. Thank you for the update Ann! Praise God you are on the mend with a good report. Yes, the prayers need to be continued. May God’s will be done in America and in the whole world. Father, may your kingdom come and your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

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  4. Janet, in one of your earlier messages the Lord said “Be smaller still…”. This message has been pressed on my heart quite a bit lately. I’ve been saying the Surrender Novena every day for many months as I find it very helpful and peaceful. But this message to Be Smaller Still has kept me pondering. I’m almost afraid to ask Jesus “Well, how small do you want me?” because I’m afraid of His answer. I shouldn’t be afraid…so, this is my prayer, that I’ll desire to Be Smaller Still.


    1. “I must decrease and He must increase!” The more we let him be who he wants to be in us, the more we will fulfill our true destiny–complete union with him. Ask our Mother to help you. She lived this perfectly. Be not afraid! 🙂

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