Be tireless workers in the sweet harvest of souls….

Psalm 9:15 The nations have sunk in the pit that they made; in the net that they hid has their own foot been caught.

“Beloved, there is indeed much more to come. For those people and nations that do not repent of their evil ways, sorrow and woe will fall upon them. They will reap a bitter harvest, exactly what they have sown. But do not despair, my little ones, for unless the sinner feels the pain of his own sin, his chance for repentance lessens. A good parent does not shield his child from consequences, but certainly his vigilance and care for that child increases. When the child returns contrite in spirit, the parent is waiting with arms outstretched. So it is with the great and many sinners of this age. Their bitter harvest will sour their own stomachs. But when they return to me contrite in spirit, I will be waiting with outstretched arms. Pray for their conversion, dear children. Be tireless workers in the sweet harvest of souls.”

Merciful Father, in the Divine Will I offer you all the sufferings of all the saints throughout history, linked to the pure suffering of the Cross, for the conversion of all sinners—individuals and nations. In the Divine Will use all these sufferings, as well as my poor offerings, to fill your crown with the jewels of converted sinners. May our Mother intercede on our behalf. Amen


12 thoughts on “Be tireless workers in the sweet harvest of souls….

  1. Yes, for the conversion of the whole world! Frances Hogan (EWTN) said in one of her talks–you don’t need to pray in greater numbers to intensify your prayer, but to pray wider. In other words, include as many souls as you can in your regular prayers. That really struck a chord with me.
    However, I know what Bob means. I am watching the unfolding of these months with a sickness in my heart over my poor country. And for the whole world. (like the Divine Mercy Chaplet–“have mercy on us and on the whole world.”)
    We are witnessing a world where God is disinvited, where His law is thrown down, despised, ignored, banned. Chilling effect on the fabric of our culture. I feel like asking people, “is this really the world you wanted?” Are they/we so in love with our sin, our so called “freedom” that we are willing to see this fabric torn from top to bottom and shredded into a million threads? This message you posted this week is absolutely right on. We have to see what this kind of sin brings on us and on the world. Hard but necessary medicine. How good God is to wait for us with open arms when we “come to ourselves.”
    The prayer you composed afterward is beautiful and powerful Janet. May God hear it!!

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  2. There are so many of us who are agonizing over what is happening to America, especially in light of the horrible options we have this election. We know that sin has gotten us to this place, but don’t know what to do. Is there any way to start a forum for this discussion? I’m not looking for a political back and forth, rather, a way to discuss how to know what God requires us to do this election day. How is a good Catholic to vote this time around – lesser of two evils? walk away all together? I go back and forth from minute to minute and would love to know if anyone here is struggling as well.

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    1. M, while I’m not a citizen of the US I feel your pain and am relieved not to have to vote in this election. There is a forum that has been set up here: I have not been on that forum and cannot vet what is on it, but it has been started by faithful
      Catholics, so it is as good a place as any to find out what others are thinking. Remember to take what speaks to your prayerful spirit and leave the rest. It is all opinion. I will pray for you all–and for the whole world!

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  3. M–I know what you mean. I have wrestled with this decision myself. Bishop Gracida who is as sound as they come has said he will vote for neither candidate but perhaps write one in. I have gone back and forth on this. It seems to me that there are hierarchies of evil. What we must determine is who brings the gravest evil to our country. Someone in another posting said we basically have to choose between a fascist totalitarian who hates the Catholic Church and a narcissistic immoral billionaire. (I had to smile and said to myself “ok so tell me how you really feel!”) but in a nutshell I guess that’s it. I probably won’t know what I’m doing until the day I fill out my ballot. “O God come to our assistance, O Lord make haste to help us”


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