Like the woman, keep breathing, keep praying, and concentrate on the work at hand…

Joel 1:15 Alas for the day! For the day of the Lord is near, and as destruction from the Almighty it comes.

“Beloved, the labor pains are in full blossom, yet the labor is not over. For just as for a woman nearing the time of giving birth the pains intensify, so too you will see much more in the coming days. Just as a woman has to keep in mind what she is laboring for, so you too should keep in your mind the promised Era of Peace. Crucifixion must come before resurrection. Like the woman, keep breathing, keep praying, and concentrate on the work at hand. All shall be well dear children. I am near.”

Beloved Father of my heart, I love you! In your mercy, keep us from despair as we labor to give birth to your gift of peace. What joy that will bring to us. May your kingdom come and come quickly. Amen.



12 thoughts on “Like the woman, keep breathing, keep praying, and concentrate on the work at hand…

  1. How aware I am of the fast approaching end of the Year of Mercy, who knows what may happen after that! Yes indeed we must look towards the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart and the Era of Peace. Come Lord Jesus.

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  2. Peli, thanks for these beautiful words. In the midst of the turmoil and our bizarre election cycle here in the US, the words “all shall be well” are comfort and strength.

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  3. I haven’t commented in a while but I read all the messages. They are very consoling in these troubled times! Yes, if we keep the goal in sight we can get through whatever trials might come, with God’s grace.

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  4. Janet–I just read your post on “detachment, surrender and humility” at your other site. Really helpful and challenging in a good way. I loved the quote from Bishop Sheen. How true it is that the things of this world lose their attraction—or rather we invest less in their ability to deliver true happiness. I like your practice of the Surrender novena as a permanent prayer morning and evening. I think I’ll imitate you. Right now I do it sporadically. Many things to surrender these days from the macro to the micro. (speaking of macro– this election here in the states seems like a strange little movie seen through the wrong end of a telescope…so much ‘sturm and drang.’ I simply refuse to watch the daily line up of “news pundits”–I’m fasting from the empty diet of the world’s failed wisdom and trying to read more of “God’s news”.)
    Thanks again for a great post.

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  5. Like Sr Lorraine, I have not commented in quite a while, although I have kept up with the posts. Am I wrong to note a greater immediacy here? I was struck by the words “in the coming days”, as opposed to “soon” or other language denoting an indefinite time frame. I have noted in my own life a ratcheting up of the speed and intensity of events and situations, whether in my own head, in my family, at work, or in the world in general. Time seems to be at a premium, and all things seem to conspire to rob me of the peace, quiet, and solitude to pray, or even reflect on what is going on around and inside of me. “Now” seems to be the time frame, or so I feel, and yet I have an overall sense of being less fit for the times due to the aforementioned busyness. Did I misconstrue, or project my own sensibilities onto the message?

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    1. Sue, things will happen as they happen. I too sense an intensification, but “days” can be any number of days. The important thing is to, as Charlie says, “Acknowledge God, take the next right step, and be a sign of hope for others.” It is good to focus on today and what God has given us to do. God is in the now and so the now is blessed. I need to remember that myself. 🙂

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