I am the shield that surrounds you, your glory, and the one who lifts up your head…

Psalm 3:3 But you, O Lord, are a shield around me, my glory and the one who lifts up my head.

“Child! Why are you downcast? I am the shield that surrounds you, your glory, and the one who lifts up your head. Do not fear! Do not fear! I AM. ‘I have come so you may have life and have it abundantly.’ Then do not dwell in the shadow of death. Do not cling to the darkness. No matter the circumstances, contemplate your loving Abba. Feel his love, his protection, his infinite, unconquerable strength. Nestle yourself into the crook of his arm. Smell his sweet fragrance. Bask in the warmth of his loving gaze. This is your home, little one, more real than what you see around you. Dwell there, my child, and be at peace. Shalom.”

O beloved Father, Abba, how can such a miserable creature presume to do such a thing? Your love and mercy alone make it possible. Then, fiat! Let it be done to me, and to all those you have given me to pray for, as you have said. Abba, I love you! I love you! Amen.


16 thoughts on “I am the shield that surrounds you, your glory, and the one who lifts up your head…

  1. Perfect timing on this message; I agree. Just what I needed to hear 🙂 Peli, or others, do you know where we can obtain Luisa’s Letters and Prayers, and her other writing, The Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will (I think this is also entitled Life of the Blessed Virgin)? I’ve seen them mentioned on EWTN’s site, and can only find them on Frank Alba’s page… I’ve ordered from him before but I’m hesitant to do so again after reading that permission of her writings has not been granted for publication (though it seems the translations we’ve been reading online haven’t been approved either — there are no official English translations yet approved). Anyway, if anyone knows of where to access these two other sets of writings [they must be somewhere if Frank is publishing them…], please share — Fiat! 😉


  2. Monday and Tuesday were major battle days for me. I faltered, I fell, I got up, I fell, I rose, and it went on…. At church on Wed., we have Adoration from early morn to night. I arrived for my “time”, and said to Jesus, “I needed this so much today.” And felt the love I had longed for. Weary, yes, battle hardened, yes, but ready, indeed, to have the love of the Father around us.
    Thank you for your Fiat to God; it helps my feeble tries, but then I get home, ban the demons from my home w/ Holy water, pray, and for a moment, just a moment, peace is within my heart.

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  3. Thank you Abba, Papa for this most tender love of yours.
    Prayer request for my Brother, Chris Gerein who has a skin disease and has been to Dr’s and different
    hospitals-they don’t know what is wrong with him.
    Thankyou all dear Peli family. You are in my daily prayers.


  4. Thank you Janet. Faith and Trust when our physical sense says all is Not well IS the battleground. So much Fear and anxiety and doubt. Dear Father if you don’t come as a shield to protect us we will be lost. Maranatha, please.

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    1. I am having to live my own advice: Pray “Jesus I trust in you.” Pray it till you MEAN it! That’s why I love the surrender novena. Thank you Jesus. I don’t have to carry this at all. You carry it for me. THANK YOU JESUS!

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      1. Jesus told Luisa that if we wanted to obtain everything, and to truly love Him, that we would live the continuous echo ‘Into your hands I abandon myself completely.’ He said that doing this, He would carry us in His arms as the dearest of His children. Needless to say, it has become one of my favorite little prayers 🙂

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      2. Put me on the list with the rest of you who have had a big struggle over the last few weeks. I too love the Surrender Novena by Fr. Ruotolo. Last night I was listening to a talk by Marino Restrepo and he talked of praying the Isaac prayer–meaning you come before Our Lord and give him all of it, all of your everything, holding nothing–nothing– back. Surrendering everything. Your whole self. (like Luisa’s prayer !) as Abraham did by being willing to give up Isaac. And then He will fill your emptiness. Confirmation of “Jesus I surrender everything to you. You take over!”
        Janet you are so quick and generous to pray for others. May God swiftly come to your assistance and make haste to help you.

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  5. Thank you, Peli, for this beautiful reminder to us. Some days I have just been downcast. Jesus is our Hope and our Refuge in these times. Jesus, I trust in you. God bless and keep everyone here.

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    1. Lorri I see that you are signed up, but nothing new has been sent since you signed up. You will only receive the new posts by email and I usually only post a few times per month. Patience! 🙂 Remember to check your spam/junk folder if you are not receiving new posts.


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