Dear friends, once as I was meditating on the Assumption of Mary into Heaven, I felt I could see Jesus taking her hand to lead her into the Light. They were both smiling and absolutely radiant. She asked, “What are you going to do about all those who do not believe in you yet?” He smiled as he replied, “I am going to send them YOU, Mother.”

Thank you Most Pure Mother for soiling your feet on the earth again and again to bring us Jesus and to lead us to Jesus. I praise your love and mercy that flows to us through your Flame of Love directly from the Source of Divine Mercy. I thank you for never giving up on us. Lead all souls to heaven, Beloved Mother, especially those God has given us to pray for, and especially those most in need of God’s mercy. Amen.


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  1. Beautiful dearest Janet! Glory to God in heightest for our most amazing Blessed Mother, Queen of the Holy Divine Will! Happy Assumption, the Divine Will Feastday!!! How loved, blessed, anointed as Our Lady’s children are we! Come, Holy Spirit, renew the face of the earth!

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  2. After Holy Mass today 15th August, 6 of us said Holy Rosary. Praise God.

    I was able to ask the group if we could unite with Cardinal Burke in his intentions for this Feast day of the Assumption of our Blessed Mother into Heaven.

    I have tried to take on board the initiative to seek how to live in the Divine Will. To be honest I am not very good at taking it on board in the ever present moment. However from what I have read, I try to make the rounds in the morning. A simplified version, as it is so beautiful to attend Holy Mass afterward, and contemplate how every bit of creation is blessed by God in the Consecration at Holy Mass, or so I feel.

    I have also been blown away by the novena of surrendering everything to Jesus.
    ‘Oh Jesus, I surrender myself to You, take care of everything.’ This is my understanding of living in the Divine Will.

    Also from what I read it has become more real to thank Jesus for all He has done and suffered for all of us, from Adam to the last man. Praise You, bless You, thank You Lord.

    Maybe we all grow at our own speed, so I am a very early beginner.

    God bless you Janet. And thank you for your faithful service to Our dear Lord.

    Merciful Jesus, I trust in You.

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    1. Julia the more I learn about the Divine Will, the more I feel like a beginner. I have learned to trust God even for my progress, just giving him what I can and learning as I can how to live in the Divine Volition. Fiat!

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    2. Julia, I think you’re more disposed and corresponding than you may realize… A beautiful place to be. Our Jesus says many times throughout Luisa’s writings that He’ll ‘take care of everything,’ that we only need to trust in Him, to give Him our good intentions (of doing everything in His Holy Will), and even that the desire alone of wanting to live of His Will means that it’s as good as done! He guards our acts very jealously, and knows that we are weak and blind, more than newborns of His Holy Volition. I even came across Him saying another version of this again tonight (Volume 34, page 18), that “I place Myself at the disposal of those who want to Live of My Will; they will find My Life that will make up for everything that is needed in order to have them Live in the Sea of My Divine Volition.” So we needn’t fear ourselves or our incapacities, our slowness at getting things right. Our sweetest and most magnanimous Lord has factored that all into the plan 🙂

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  3. Hello Janet, I have not written for a while but would like to ask for prayers for my son, John, who is still in jail. I have sent about 10 books to him about true stories. Such as Heaven is for real and 23 minutes in hell, No turning back by Father Calloway etc., and I know others will read these books too. I am praying that the court hearing at the end of this month, when his son is to testify, will go well for him. I am so very grateful for all the prayers, they have sustained me through this storm. I don’t know what my son’s future is but I just know God has willed this for a reason and good will come out of it. Thank you for all your prayers and God Bless every one You, Cathy Miller


      1. Thank You Janet and Marie for the prayers. My sons court date has been moved up to tomorrow at 2 o’ clock Oklahoma time, I am praying the Judge sees the truth and my son will be released from jail. I offer this up to Our Lord for his will to be done. Thank you so much for your prayers, Cathy


      2. Dear Cathy
        It is early morning here in Denmark. I have just prayed the Prayer of Miraculous Trust for John, asking for the intercession of St Maximilian Kolbe. God’s will be done.


      3. Hello Marie, How nice to have a friend in Denmark, Thank you soooo much for your precious prayers to Our Lord. We are really under attack when it comes to families , BUT OUR GOD reigns and His will be done now and forever. Thank you for your intercession for my son. God Bless you, Cathy

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  4. keep the prayers coming. having faith issues still. I am not being a strong father as I believed I would in seeing the storm coming. it seems as though I am scared about everything. Roof that leaks, cars don’t work, can I keep working at 32 years of work already under my belt.


    1. God is trying to build trust in you brother! Keep praying “Jesus I trust in you.” Pray it till you meant it! I am undergoing a severe trial myself and my trust is being tested. Well, we have a lot to offer Jesus. Let us not forget that! We can even offer him our doubts and weakness. Just cling to him. I recently told a friend that I often picture myself throwing my arms around Jesus’ chest and clinging to him. She said, “Well, when you do that, don’t you think he’s got your back?” Wow! What an image. Yes, He does! He’s got my back! I have my face pressed to his chest and he’s got my back! Jesus I trust in you!

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      1. with this struggle going into the 6th year, I never thought of offering up my doubt or weakness. I always offered up sickness, stress, work environment. I just thought my faults were my faults. this really hit home. thank you and God Bless!!!

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  5. Janet, I read an amazing little article about Jesus from a person who had been praying and praying to Him, for the conversion of a member of their family.

    I think it was during Adoration, this person said to Jesus. Why don’t You answer my prayer, what am I doing wrong. And Jesus literally replied in the hearing of this person. Don’t you know each time you ask Me, I respond. Don’t give up. Each time you ask Me, I knock on the door of that persons heart, and as long as you keep asking we are knocking and knocking, and eventually they will have to open the door of their heart and let Me in.

    How beautiful is that for all of us who have loved ones resisting the love of God in their hearts.

    Le us not give up. Merciful Jesus, I trust in Thee. Don’t give up on us dear Jesus.

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      1. Hello Janet, I wanted to Thank you and everyone that prayed for my son, John. We had two of the charges against him dismissed on Friday So Praise Our Blessed Lord for his care. He still has a way to go but at least we have a little light. Thank you all for your prayers and God Bless all of you, You are all in my daily rosary, Cathy Miller

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      2. Dear Cathy, this is wonderful news. Thanks be to God and His Holy Mother! I will keep John on my beads and pray for this cross either to be lifted from him, or for him to be given the strength to endure it for however much longer God wills.
        Bless you both


      3. Thank you so much Marie for your prayers, they mean so much to us right now they are really making a difference. I know our Lord has a reason and is in the mist of all of this and everyone’s prayers are giving us strengh to get thru it all. God Bless you, Cathy

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    1. Thanks for this, Julia. I have really taken it to heart since I first read it in August. It is a great consolation, especially after all these years of praying for someone’s conversion, and never seeing any change … 😦 I will not give up.


  6. A very very major tuning point in my spiritual life was when I consecrated myself to Jesus thru Mary according to the way of St. Louis de Montfort. That was about 15 years ago. Every year that I have renewed it: it has been much more powerful when I did it along with another person or persons.
    Just my experience.

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  7. He’s got my back! Janet it was good to see that in print.
    Many times I have used that expression when I am about to do something others feel is risky. Especially, when I am about to step out in faith. When their eyebrows go up, I wonder if I am being irreverent. I do trust that God has us in His palm, and He wants us to trust Him.


  8. Bob, I am so happy to hear that. My life also ” took off” due to the consecration. I have since felt the desire to share with others, and with Gods grace managed a small group parish consecration also, using Fr Michael Gaitelys talks. We consecrated our entire parish to Our Lady .. Our Lady will do the rest.


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