The hour of mercy is slipping away while you daydream and slumber…

Hosea 11:2-3 The more I called them, the more they went from me; they kept sacrificing to the Baals, and offering incense to idols. Yet it was I who taught Ephraim to walk, I took them up in my arms; but they did not know that I healed them.

“My children! Why have you abandoned me? Why have you gone chasing after idols? Why have you rejected me? Do you not know that I formed you in your mother’s womb with the tenderest care? That I placed within you the seed of eternal life, your immortal soul? Return to me. The hour of mercy is slipping away while you daydream and slumber. Awake! Return to me and I will heal your wounds. I will bandage you and tend to your needs. My children, come to me. My mercy waits for you, longs for each of you as an only child. Come…”

O beloved Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, blessed Trinity of Love, how fickle and frail we are! Draw us near. In the Divine Will, do for us what we are too weak to do for ourselves. Implant in us a desire to know, love, and serve you. Grant us greater faith, hope, and love. May your merciful heart enfold us, O Lord, especially those most in need of your mercy. May the Flame of Love cover us and all those you have given us to pray for. Jesus, Mary, Joseph, I love you! Save souls! Amen.



18 thoughts on “The hour of mercy is slipping away while you daydream and slumber…

  1. This message is just how I have been feeling about the year of Mercy lately.

    Having made over 90 little pilgrimages so far, and God knows it should have been twice as many. I am now thinking how soon this wonderful chance will end, and will there be enough time to bring as many souls as possible to the Throne of Mercy made available this year.

    Dear Jesus, I trust in Thee. Help me keep going so we can carry as many souls as possible to the safety of Your Divine Mercy. Amen.

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    1. Beautiful Julia! I hope you are invoking the Divine Will in all your pilgrimages. And everyone here, please invoke it in all your actions and prayers, from the greatest to the least. This is the sure way to draw the most souls into the Divine Mercy. After I posted this message, I listened to Episode 132 of Fr. Robert Young’s reflections on the writings of Luisa, found on Radio Maria. Around the 14 minute mark he touches on this. In another section of the talk Jesus talks about how lonely and abandoned he feels in his sacramental presence, again echoed in this message. I felt it was a strong confirmation and encourage you to listen to it and any of Fr. Robert’s talks, especially on Volume 12. If you are new to the Divine Will, please click on Divine Will Resources on the right sidebar of this blog.

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  2. Our diocese has not encouraged us to gain the indulgences for ourselves and souls in Purgatory, by speaking about the Year of Mercy. Today I read in our bulletin that our Cathedral will be closed for repairs from await 16 to Oct 31, leaving only 20 days to go through the Holy Doors in the Cathedral. There was no mention of the Holy Doors. Please pray that our bishop will Make the Holy Doors available to us..perhaps by making the Doors in another church in our city.

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      1. A priest in our diocese arranged for the Holy Doors to be moved to our only Eucharist Chapel in St. Theresa’s Church, here in our city. I am so happy !


  3. Please pray for me. I’ve been diagnosed with cancer in the lymphatic system. It is mostly in my chest and around my neck. One tumor has been found in the brain, which they will operate on to remove next week.
    Thankyou for the info on Fr Youngs talks….I listen to them before going to sleep.


    1. Oh Rickie, I’m so sorry! In the Divine Will I place you and yours in the Flame of Love. May St. Joseph and St. Brother André, and soon-to-be St. Mother Teresa intercede for you. I pray that God will heal you completely, but in the Divine Will nothing is wasted, so I thank God for what he is doing with all you are offering to him. May God give you healing, strength and peace according to his holy and adorable will dear sister. Will keep you in prayer.

      So many crosses! I am being continually reminded of the article I wrote for my other blog. It was called Crosses in the Year of Mercy. So many crosses! I love the quote from Archbishop Sheen in that article.

      “Never ask what did I do to deserve this? Because Jesus may say to you what did I do to deserve the Cross? If God the Father permitted His Divine Son to feel the agonies of Calvary, it must be that Crosses fit into the Divine Plan. If your cross is mental, change your behavior, confess your sins, and make peace with God. If your cross is physical, offer it up in union with Our Lord on the Cross for the conversion of souls. There is a price tag on every soul. Every soul costs something. Some souls are bought by prayers; others are bought through the kindness of alms; but most of them are bought the way Our Lord bought us, through pain and suffering.”

      Bless you Rickie!

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  4. Blessings, Janet!
    Just a little note to let you know how very blessed I continue to be by your blog, your messages and just who you are. Your prayers are always so beautiful after the message. Thank you, my dear sister! please continue & know that you touching hearts and mine is just one of them. One day we will meet & I will hug you & thank you again for your fiat in His Holy Will. Fr. Robert is very special to us here in south Texas! He’ll be here in late November for 3 weeks!! How blessed we are! Love & prayers- Carol

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  5. How sad that we have to be told to ‘wake up’, as the Hour of Mercy slips away. All these opportunities given to us and we squander the time. I feel I have been shaken awake. I must do more.


  6. Today when I went to make a Holy Doors pilgrimage, I met a youngish man there with his 8 year old son. He asked me how to make the Holy Doors pilgrimage and I told him. We had a chat and he told me he has a grown up family; but got divorced and has another family now. I saw 4 children the eldest is 8 years old.

    Anyway, in times past we would have been shocked at hearing of a divorced person with another family; but today I felt so tranquil, and said to Jesus here comes one of Your most precious souls; one of those for whom You came to earth and suffered and died.

    This young man said he was very worried about his children; and that is from both his families. I recommended Our Lady of Guadalupe as the best person/mother to help him bring his family together and keep them safe. Please God this family will be restored in the grace of God. For who are we to judge.

    Jesus You said the greater the sinner, the greater entitlement to Your Mercy. Show Your awesome Mercy to this young man and his family, especially his young son who would have liked to ask for a bicycle but we persuaded him to ask for a gift of love for someone of his choosing. Because he did not understand what Mercy was.

    Merciful Jesus, I trust in Thee.

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