My child, am I so different now?

Nehemiah 9:15 For their hunger you gave them bread from heaven, and for their thirst you brought water for them out of the rock, and you told them to go in to possess the land that you swore to give them.

“My child, am I so different now? Am I not the same, yesterday, today, and forever? Then do not fear! Why do you fear? Why do you refuse to trust me? Have not all your efforts outside of grace been futile? I AM. Trust in me. If my works fail to satisfy your expectations, it is not my works that are lacking, but your faulty expectations. Surrender to me in all things. Remain docile to the Holy Spirit who longs to work great works in you and through you. Be an instrument for the kingdom. Trust and do not fear. Remain in my grace through the sacraments and pray to be delivered from fear and temptation. Remain in me and be at peace. Shalom.”

O beloved Father of my heart, help me always to be abandoned in your arms like an infant at rest. Help me to trust you more. In your mercy, deliver me from fear and temptation. Come Holy Spirit! Fill me with courage, strength, and peace. Jesus I trust in you. Jesus I trust in you. Jesus I trust in you. Jesus I trust in you. Jesus I trust in you.

11 thoughts on “My child, am I so different now?

  1. Amazing how often we must be reminded to surrender to the Lord. Even though I’m almost always in the middle of the Surrender Novena, it still takes my little boat to be tossed around on the waves a bit before I remember to surrender. It really should be instinctual now but it isn’t. Thank you Peli for your faithful service!

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    1. Yes Pam. If I didn’t have so many lessons to learn and re-learn, these messages would not be so rich! I can only be grateful for my weakness, but pray that I am more willing than ever to be abandoned to Jesus.

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      1. Pam and Janet, yes. I feel the same. Fr. Robert Spitzer has his own version of the Surrender prayer. He gave a very heartfelt explanation to what he does when things go bad, he just says: “Jesus I can’t do this. You fix it.” Thanks for this message Janet. We can’t ever hear it too many times. God is so patient with us.

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  2. Once again Peli, a beautiful message that can be read and re-read a hundred times. These messages are so simple and pure, thank you. He knows exactly how we’re feeling during these strange times. The need to surrender and remain docile to the Holy Spirt is a daily battle, like eating right and exercising. My “little boat” feels like its going in circles sometimes- am I getting anywhere? Well, this is where I can practice my surrender I suppose. Again, thank you for these lovely and encouraging messages.

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  3. My whole life circumstance has changed radically and I have no recourse but to trust in Jesus. I am afraid to look too far forward – it’s too overwhelming. I am filled with fear and anxiety about the future for me and my two sons. I read these words – I believe that I will not be abandoned , yet anxiety is my constant state. I write this to place it at the foot of the cross. Jesus I trust in you.

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    1. Jesus we place Marie and her sons in the Flame of Love and commend them to your constant care. We know that you are near and we thank you for caring for them. Give them peace, O merciful Lord and see to their every need. Amen.

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