If you do this, it will be evident to all whose child you are…

Matthew 5:9 “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.”

“My beloved, what is a peacemaker? It is one who has died to self so that Gods’ will alone reigns in him. It is one who seeks out the lost and guides them to the merciful heart of God. It is one who trusts so implicitly in God’s goodness that he exudes peace, and others are attracted by it. Whatever your station in life, my beloved, you can die to self, guide the lost into my merciful heart, and place all your trust firmly in your loving, gracious Father. If you do this, it will be evident to all whose child you are. Draw near, my beloved, your Father waits.”

O beloved Father of my heart, here I am. Let our Mama teach me how to be a peacemaker so that I may die to self, lead souls into your merciful heart, and learn to trust you more. Father, I place all my trust in you through Jesus in the love of the Holy Spirit. Blessed Mother—teach me! Amen.


11 thoughts on “If you do this, it will be evident to all whose child you are…

  1. After reading this post, I wanted to share what we have just done. We have made a trifold brochure having Mary reach out to the lost. If you are interested and Mary wants you to proceed, you could develop your own, with the messages you have received and make it available on your site for download so people could print and distribute it (I want around with stick pins and scotch tape and put the brochure on trees along sidewalks, on light poles, on cars etc). I can’t send the word doc or PDF here so I will give you the site which we just put up so Mary could lead people to read what she wants to tell them. The brochures can be made a couple of different ways so if you decide to proceed but need help then let me know – the body of the brochure is here – http://mary-calls.org

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    1. Lovely idea for evangelization Charles. I would have to run that past my spiritual director. So far I feel called to be a web presence and to make the writings known to those God sends here. I have not found they resonate with people who are away from the church. It is mainly a ministry of encouragement to the remnant faithful.

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  2. How poignant–especially following the mass slayings in Orlando. How many will be lost because they follow their own will instead of God’s will. This truth is constantly on my mind these days. The Fatima children were told: “So many are lost because they have no one to pray for them.” Who will pray for them if we don’t?

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  3. Just want to say a big THANK YOU to Janet and all who prayed for my son and his wife on their journey here from Asia. They had a remarkably smooth trip, the toddler slept, all went well and they were quite amazed at how different it was to what they expected and feared…so your prayers were answered! Thanks be to God and thanks be to you for asking His help on our behalf. I had told my daughter in law that I was praying hard for this a few days before they actually left. (she’s a Buddhist but gave me heart felt thanks) So again, many thanks and God bless!!

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  4. An update from me on mum as well. Mum was really poorly with a chest infection and a skin infection called cellulitis. They expected her to die in a few days as she was not eating or drinking.
    Well she recovered from the skin infection, and is now taking in small amounts of fluids a few teaspoons of soup or ice cream, but is sleeping 90% of the time.
    The end is near, as she is not taking in enough to sustain her.
    Please keep us in prayer the next few days, for mums peaceful passing and for me that I can remain at the foot of the cross.
    It is remarkable how peaceful she had been, always with a smile when she comes to.
    Your prayers have really helped, and I think have bought us some extra precious time for us to tell and show her how much we love her. A precious gift from Our Father.
    Thank you, God bless you, praying for all here.


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