Rather than excusing the sinner, the merciful one reaches out to the sinner and draws that one into the ocean of mercy…

Matthew 5:7 “Blessed are the merciful, for they will receive mercy.”

“O my child, if you knew the true power of mercy, you would never stop learning about it; you would not cease to practise it. Yet, what is mercy? Does it excuse the sinner? No, there is no excuse for sin. Rather than excusing the sinner, the merciful one reaches out to the sinner and draws that one into the ocean of mercy. For you, the perfect practice of mercy is impossible. Then, do not rely on your own limited capacity, but dive deep into the ocean of my mercy and bring with you all those whose hearts are far from me. Believe me, to drown in the ocean of my mercy is to find yourself in heaven, for my mercy dissolves all that is not pure. Can you fathom this, child? It is too much for the human mind and even angels are in awe. You will never comprehend it in this life, but it will give me great joy in the next life to show you how much your merciful heart was able to accomplish through your great and ever-growing trust in me. Do not despair, dear ones, but be as those who have drowned in mercy, and in that drowning have been reborn as agents of mercy. Give me souls, my children! My merciful heart longs for souls. What price will you pay? Ah, but I have already paid the price. Still you must offer me all you can in the Divine Will. I can use it all. Dissolve yourself in my mercy and we will accomplish much for the kingdom.”

O my Jesus, what words of comfort! Help me to throw myself into the ocean of your mercy until I am completely dissolved in it. Help me to bring poor sinners to you and drown them in your merciful heart. Help me to trust in your mercy, even when I am tempted to doubt. Jesus, Merciful One, I trust in you. Save souls! I give you all my joys and sorrows, my pains and sufferings, my sacrifices and prayers, my every breath and heartbeat, in the Divine Will, for the sake of the souls you died to save. Praise to you, O Merciful One! Amen.



22 thoughts on “Rather than excusing the sinner, the merciful one reaches out to the sinner and draws that one into the ocean of mercy…

  1. Janet, thank you for your Holy Spirit inspired message tonight. The movie “Rita” was on EWTN last weekend and it was such an example of your message. Yes, we need to be immersed in the mercy of Jesus’ blood and water that gushed forth after He died as if He desired to give us even more grace and mercy to come to Him and the Father. I am in the midst of a deep financial test at this time ; I pray I will wait on the Lord’s will and direction. Keep me in your prayers. I desire to dive deep into His mercy. I particularly love the Flame of Love addition to the rosary and the Chaplet. God bless your precious, sensitive spirit. Shirley B

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  2. For my heart is deeply hurt. This is perfect for the situation. I had surgery for thyroid cancer which embedded in the muscle of my neck and been so sick and up and downs to find out that it has moved to a couple of lymph nodes. My boyfriend of three years who hoes to church faithfully dumped me and I found him with someone else. Just what I needed when everything in my life feels like it’s falling apart .


    1. Oh dear TA! You have much to offer up! I am hearing so much of this right now. Dive in. I have started praying 3 chaplets per day. God has given us this chaplet specifically for these times. God be with you dear friend.

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  3. This is a wonderful message for the Year of Mercy and I am inspired by you Peli when you tell us you pray 3 D.M. chaplets a day. I can try that too, there are so many to pray for, it will be a good aim.


  4. Jesus, I trust in You.
    We are being called to trust in Your Mercy for the whole world.
    The objective Truth has been drowned out by opinion….. Subjective truth everywhere. People can no longer see.
    So …. Jesus we trust in Your Mercy … come Holy Spirit come and open all eyes.


  5. TA, our GOD is a jealous GOD! At this time HE is trying to get our total attention! As much as it pains us now, if we would only embrace HIS call to totally immerse ourselves in HIS tender Mercy we will receive the Peace and Consolation that we so desire in our hearts…

    In this last year the Lord has been calling me to enter in…enter into HIS merciful Heart. He wants to bring poor souls, poor sinners into HIS Mercy through us. I think very soon the times will change and the Mercy we bring to others will be the saving net (Peli had a dream about a net a couple yrs ago).

    I will pray for you tonight my sister. I will ask our Mum to give your Angel more graces and more light so that “he” will help you in this tough time you’re in.

    May our Daddy FATHER in Heaven enfold you with HIS Love TA.

    Love and a big internet hug 🙂

    YESHUA I Trust in YOU!

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    1. Thank you and big hugs back ! 😀 Your the forth person that has told me God has something else for me. Something huge in the works. I had a total stranger over the customer service phone line start talking to me about God n blessing me. I cried n told him of my cancer n he said God had plans and being he out of state n knew nothing of me… God sends angels anyway he can!


  6. Peli, thank you for this beautiful message. The Chaplet of Divine Mercy is powerful, I love it. I try and pray it every day : )

    Dear everyone can I beg a few prayers for my dearest mum.
    She is very ill, and in a fast decline. Milly is 91 and I have been dreading this moment all my life, I love her so much.
    She is in the end stage of vascular dementia and drifting in and out of sleep having not eaten or really drunk in over a week, after battling an infection. Mum has had all the Sacraments and has been fairly peaceful, but she was sick today so I fear that she might not be able to keep anything down and might come to the end of her journey in the next couple of days. Knowing that she has my powerful prayer warrior ‘Peli family’ praying for her comfort and peace will give me much consolation. Thank you so much, praying for all here, especially all those who have recently shared their struggles. God bless you all.


    1. MG I place dear Milly in the Flame of Love and the Fount of Mercy. Jesus I trust in you to give her peace and a safe passage into your waiting arms. Peace to the family as well.


      1. Thank you Peli!
        I love The Flame of Love devotion, such wonderful graces we have been given.
        Whilst I was in Medjugorje, I was able to be present at Ivan’s night prayer group on Apparition hill.
        I prayed again for mum to be released from her suffering and to be granted the grace of a happy and holy death.
        Mum has been anointed, received Holy Communion, and has been peaceful and even smiling.
        Our Lady’s final words that she prayed over us that evening were,
        “Be at peace dear children”
        We have a wonderful mother, in Mary…. She has obtained the answer to all my prayers!
        Ave Maria!


  7. Hi MG…just prayed for your mum and offered her up as the Priest elevated the Eucharist on EWTN Mass via cable TV.

    See the Merciful JESUS’ words to St. Faustina:

    “My daughter, encourage souls to say the chaplet which I have given to you. It pleases Me to grant everything they ask of Me by saying the chaplet. … Write that when they say this chaplet in the presence of the dying, I will stand between My Father and the dying person, not as the just Judge but as the merciful Savior (Diary, 1541).
    Earlier, Our Lord said to her, “At the hour of their death, I defend as My own glory every soul that will say this chaplet; or when others say it for a dying person, the indulgence is the same” (Diary, 811).

    Always: JESUS I Trust in You! !!!!


  8. I was recently reading the Book of Heaven, which came to my mind while reading this message. Jesus said to pray this often, “Desolve my will in your will Lord, and give me yours to live.” We know the will of God is HEAVEN, but we learn to be drowned in mercy is heaven too. FIAT


  9. I found this quote by Archbishop Sheen that really confirms this message in a beautiful way:

    “He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone. The implication is clear: innocence alone has the right to condemn. But innocence will always wish to take on the guilt of the other, to atone for his failings as if they were his own. Love recognizes the sin, but love also dies for it.” Archbishop Fulton Sheen (On Being Human)

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