Please pray for Fort McMurray…

Fort McMurray, a town of 70,000 people in my province of Alberta is under a mandatory evacuation order due to a raging forest fire that has already destroyed a good portion of the town. Please pray for the safety of all those affected, including the emergency personnel. The only road south has been closed due to the fire. People are being routed north, the only other road out of this isolated community. The full scope of this disaster remains to be seen. If you can pray a Divine Mercy chaplet for this intention I would appreciate it, or any heartfelt prayer at all. May Our Lady’s Flame of Love devour the flames of destruction! Blessed Mother  pray for us!


25 thoughts on “Please pray for Fort McMurray…

  1. Dear Mother Mary,
    Please ask your Son, our Dear Lord Jesus, to rain down His mercy on little Fort McMurray.
    Ask Him to burn away the brush and dead things that surround the town so that they are protected from future fires and new life can grow, but to please spare the people, their pets and their homes. Thank you for your love and care, Amen

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  2. Count on it!

    Dear Janet, Just got Chaplet done for all of you. I saw article on Brown Scapular to be worn; and you can even place on door to home for protection from fire and all danger. Also, found Mother Teresa’s Emergency prayer. Say the Memorare 9 times. Laudate App…..lots of good stuff. May Jesus and Mary bless all of you most powerfully this day and keep you safe always. Love and prayers, Jodie Barnett

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    1. Hmm…scapulars wear out. Maybe a worn out scapular could be put on the door or around the property. Thank you for the prayers and for the ideas.

      I am over 500 km (300 mi) away from that blaze so no danger to me, but the images are very unsettling. The beautiful thing is we are hearing stories of people helping people, taking the next right step. It is very heartening. A tough road ahead though. So far no reported loss of life, praise God!

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  3. Peli, I will pray for Ft. McMurray, its inhabitants, and the emergency personnel when I pray the Chaplet later today.


  4. Just read this, this morning and just prayed Divine Mercy Chaplet in union with all of you praying. Will keep the people of Fort MacMurray and Alberta in my prayers all through the day. O Blood and Water which gushed forth from the Heart of Jesus as a fountain of mercy for all of us, I trust in You for the people of Fort MacMurray and Alberta. Amen.


  5. Thank you Janet, especially for your perfect prayer to our Lady. I have and will continue to pray…

    God bless you and yours, Edel


  6. Wow, Peli! Such devastation! I prayed the Chaplet and will continue to pray for everyone involved and particularly for the firefighters, that they are kept safe as they put themselves in harm’s way to help.


  7. Since we have been told in a number of places how important St. Joseph is to this time period, I try to always include him in any prayer that I say… I could not find a Memorare with he and Our Lady in it, so I created one. Thought you might appreciate it; and that it might be especially good for emergency intentions, when said 10 times, as Blessed Mother Therese taught.
    Remember , Oh most gracious Blessed Mother and St. Joseph, that never was it known that anyone who fled to your protection, implored your help, or sought your intercession was left unaided. Inspired by this confidence, I fly unto you, dear heavenly parents! To you I come , before you I kneel, sinful and sorrowful… Oh, parents of The Word Incarnate, despise not my petitions but in your clemency, hear and answer them. Amen.
    Will pray for those from the Fort McMurray area…


  8. My husband and I just prayed a rosary and included the intention for the people of Fort McMurray, their homes and community. May the Lord send his gentle rain upon that area to put out the fires and begin the restoration of their lives. God bless you and all here.


  9. Janet,

    I just saw the picture of your town on the news. Are you all okay and safe? I am praying and I can just feel love pouring down …. “drenched in love”.

    Mary Ellen Ohio


  10. I just saw a news report that the fire is spreading; praying for all the people in its path. May God keep them safe. I thought of what Charlie said on his blog, that at Easter the Lord said, “Now the world enters the fullness of its passion.”


    1. The fire is spreading, but thanks be to God it is moving away from populated areas. They have nicknamed the fire “the beast” and have said it can’t be fought with human means. The fire is just to big and too fierce. The only thing for us to do now is to pray for a sustained period of rain. The FM fire chief also said it seemed to have evil intent, coming back more than once to take another run at the town. The miracle is that there was so little loss of life and injury. When you look at the videos of people driving alongside walls of flame, through falling embers and thick smoke, it is just a miracle! And while everyone was frightened to death, the stories of calmness, kindness, and community are very edifying. It is a real-life example of taking the next right step and being a sign of hope. Now, however, the reality of the situation is sinking in with the evacuees, many of whom have lost homes and jobs. Don’t let up on your prayers!

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  11. In reading more about it, the headline below caught my eye. Also a caption that said the city had to be evacuated in a hurry. It reminds me of some of your messages, about always being ready. It seems symbolic of what has to happen in the Storm to set things aright in the whole world.
    Headline is about “perfect storm”


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