My Son has given me the special privilege of comforting those who mourn…

Matthew 5:4 “Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.”

Blessed Mother: “Dearest children, have I not counted every tear that falls from your eyes? Am I not your Mother? Who would comfort you if not your Mother? My Son has given me the special privilege of comforting those who mourn. He desired that you, my children, would receive from me the same comforts he received in his time on earth. You do not know what transpired between us in our earthly time together. Even our sorrow was an unending exchange of love and joy. My children, in your sorrow, enter into that holy exchange of love and joy. This is a tremendous grace my Son desires for you. Embrace it and have no fear. We are with you, dear children, with our love and joy. Be at peace.”

O beloved Mother, what comfort! What Joy! What grace! Thank you Jesus for this amazing gift. In the Divine Will I enter into the never-ending exchange of love and joy between you and our Mother, so that my joy may be complete, even in times of sorrow. Thank you, Jesus! Thank you Mother! I love you!

(Note: As I finished recording this message, it occurred to me that I did receive this very grace when my son died of a chronic illness in 1985, one week before his 9th birthday. At that time, I remember feeling profound sorrow, but along with it profound, holy joy. The sorrow and grief were still there, but the overriding joy was just as palpable. One year before my son died, I felt called to begin praying the rosary daily. This was undoubtedly what got me through that time of deep sorrow. Our Mother is so near! Let us continue to cling to her, dear friends. We are unimaginably blessed in the gift of our Mother. Thank you Jesus!)



15 thoughts on “My Son has given me the special privilege of comforting those who mourn…

  1. Our Lady is truly our mother. My 8 year old son died suddenly in 2011. Before he died I had fallen away from praying the rosary. I felt Our Lady’s great comfort when he died. I also knew I was being called back to a deeper devotion to her when my husband had a rosary made for me from died roses from our sons funeral spray that was on his casket. She desires what is best for us and to lead us to her son. We owe Our Lord a great deal of gratitude for giving us his mother.

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  2. I can say that she means every word. There is comfort and joy in the sorrow, truly. Like you Janet, I felt her presence and her consolation when our son died suddenly. I remember turning to her minutes after the news, saying “please stand with me at the foot of this cross or I won’t get through it.” And she did. All the way through right up to now and I’m sure to the end of my life. As difficult as it was and is, she is always there to receive our tears and give them to her Son. I think this is a profound message as we enter into these times of sorrow–well I say enter in–many of us have already entered–but the whole world seems to be heading in that direction. I keep thinking of her words to St Juan Diego–“Am I not your mother? Are you not here with me under my mantle, in the crossing of my arms?” So similar to this message. A reminder that we already have everything we need.

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  3. So beautiful and reassuring to hear : )
    Thank you beloved Blessed Virgin Mary!
    Dear Peli family, I am off to Medjugorje next week. I will place a prayer request with all the petitions to go before Our Lady for all your intentions, for yourselves and all your territory of souls. Please keep me in prayer, thank you!

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  4. Thank you Holy Mother for such a beautiful message and I am so grateful to have your love. I would not be able to make it if it was not for your love. Please hold my son John in your arms tight I give him to you and Jesus with both my hands and my heart. I love you and Thank you for this Hug. Cathy


  5. Thank you Lord for such a beautiful conformation. The comment about a good parent lets his child deal with his consequences is what I have been praying about and asking the Lord how to help my son. Thank you Janet for being a blessing to all of us and letting us hear Our Lord’s words through you. . May our Lord be praised now and forever

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  6. Janet, thank you for your prayers. My sister and myself are now reunited after 14 years last weekend. It was a great day and three generations of hers came to see me. Praised be to God


  7. Hi Janet, Thank you for all your prayers by the grace of God I was able to get my son a lawyer to defend him and now I am at peace. Nothing short of a miracle. Thank all of the prayer warriors for your prayers for this situation, I really appreciate them. God bless all of you, Cathy


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