Celebrate that you are a miserable beggar before your gracious Lord…

Matthew 5:3 “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

“Beloved child, be always littler. Recognize your abject lack, your total need. Not only are your pockets empty but you come into the world without pockets and you leave the same way. All is gift. All. You have no virtue, nothing to sustain you in any way outside of grace. Recognize your utter dependence on Providence. But go beyond this recognition and celebrate that you are a miserable beggar before your gracious Lord. My child, the beggars are the ones who receive the most because of their utter reliance on their beloved Lord. They never stop looking at him with a gaze of love and gratitude, for they cannot believe their good fortune in serving such a generous, kind Lord. Children, my heart cannot resist a beggar with love and gratitude in their eyes. The heavenly treasure is theirs!”

O sweet Jesus, what miserable beggars we are! Help us to always remember that and to gaze on you with love and gratitude and the sure hope that you will see to our every need. This is a great reason for celebration! Keep us little. Jesus we trust in you! Amen.



34 thoughts on “Celebrate that you are a miserable beggar before your gracious Lord…

  1. How close this is to St. John of the Cross: “In order to come to be all, desire in all things to be nothing.” And our beloved Ven. Luis Martinez: “To arrive at the summit, the soul must never weary of going down.” And “Our miserableness, when it is acknowledged and accepted by us, exerts an irresistible attraction on Him. What, save misery alone, can attract mercy? What, save emptiness, can appeal to plenitude? Whither shall the infinite ocean of Goodness pour itself except into the immense abyss of our nothingness?” St. Theresa the Little Flower gloried only in her littleness–that is the secret of great holiness–the Father will scoop us up in His loving arms!

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  2. I came across this passage a while back, and I have been contemplating, too, being only a humble beggar and never a proud one, because I can only be a beggar. Blessed be the Lord!


    [1] My soul takes pleasure in three things,
    and they are beautiful in the sight of the Lord and of men;
    agreement between brothers, friendship between neighbors,
    and a wife and a husband who live in harmony.
    [2] My soul hates three kinds of men,
    and I am greatly offended at their life:
    a beggar who is proud, a rich man who is a liar,
    and an adulterous old man who lacks good sense.


  3. I’ve been asking God to make me little after completing the consecration to the Divine Mercy (Fr Gaitley) which spoke about St Therese and her little way. How beautiful to see this! And the other comments too that help me in this walk. Finally, I may be getting it……!


    1. Yes, Theresa. You are exactly right. the whole theme of the Divine Mercy consecration is here in this message–to be as little and humble as we can be for Our Lord cannot resist our littleness. Marino Restrepo speaks of this too in some of his talks. To be very very little and very very simple.
      It seems every wonderful book I’ve read of mystics who have encountered Jesus bring us this same message from Him in one form or another–St. Faustina, Sr. Josepha, Gabrielle Bossis…and in our times right now when it is the mantra of our age to “get what we want, do it our way, etc etc.” the rage over being “disrespected”…I could go on and on…this is the wonderful antidote!
      As always, thanks to Janet for bringing us the message and for the beautiful prayer that accompanies it.


  4. Forgot to add yesterday…….just after the sense of being taught about similar, I awoke and a couple of hours read first chapter and second chapter of John. In 2 :1. He mentions little ones but the words that really hit me were 2:12…….my little ones I address you.
    Then a couple of hours later I read Pel’s message.
    Talk about Him trying to get my and our attention.
    Please Lord give us the ears to hear You and the gift of understanding.

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  5. Dear Janet, I am sooooo grateful for this message, My son John is in Jail due to his temper he has the alcohol gene and his long time girlfriend has been cheating on him and he found out and after 8 months of sobriety he got drunk and they got in a fight and he is in jail with really bad charges. I needed this message more than you know. she set him up and now is living in his trailer in Oklahoma with her boyfriend and since it is in both of their names we can’t even get them out of the trailer and all of my sons tools and clothes wallet etc. are in the trailer. She and the boyfreind moved in 6hrs. after my son was put in jail. Please pray for my son John to Our Lord and ask him to help him please. I feel like I am in a nightmare and can’t find the door.
    He is my only son and his two sisters are really worried about him. He could have been killed by the police when he was arrested because he had a gun and was drunk but I know by the grace of God he was spared. I spoke to a man that has been a good freind to John he is in his 60’s and is a prominent man in his church and community out there and he ended our conversation by saying John is a good man and a good freind . Please pray that he gets a really good lawyer, We are poor people and can’t afford to hire a lawyer for him, i really need a miracle because charges are very serious. He pointed a gun at the policeman and they talked him into giving up but the charges are very serious. I was quoted a price of 25000 to defend him by a lawyer out there. It might as well be a million. I am on disablity and my daughter and son in law live here with me but we owe just about what the house is worth so to refinance is not an option. I know you deal with alcohol in the family so you know how disruptive it can be. He has been separated from her since last year and just went back together under the guise that since he stopped drinking they would try again but it was all a lie just to get the property and trailer away form him and revenge cause he started dating her best freind. he was really doing good not drinking for 8 months, all thru the holidays and he was starting to get his life back together again since she took everything out of the trailer a year ago but his clothes when he was not home. It is a real mess and if it was not so serious I would not ask for your prayers but I need our Lords special protection and help with this, the people in jail told my son the public defender won’t do much for him so the only one that can save him is Our Lord with a miracle. Thank you Janet and God Bless you, Cathy


    1. Cathy this is so tragic! Lord we are all miserable beggars and we look to your merciful heart for assistance for Cathy and her family. Jesus we trust in you. If any of you have the prayer of Miraculous Trust, please pray it now for Cathy and her family.


    2. Cathy, I will say the Prayer of Miraculous Trust for you, John and everyone involved as soon as I send this comment. God bless you. I’ll keep this intention on my Rosary Beads.


      1. Thank you so much Marie I do appreciate your prayers, it is the only thing holding me up right now. God Bless all the prayer warriors for your prayers I so need them.

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    1. Thank you for your comments and prayers I really appreciate them. My faith is all I have and I love our Lord so much so his will be done. Please pray for help for him. The Lord knows the situation and how unfair this was so I know he is holding us up in this trail but as a Mom I need all the prayers for help for him. Thank you all soooo much and God Bless you all, Cathy


      1. I am praying for your son and for your family Cathy. Just remember that throughout scripture Our Lord tells us “no one who ever hoped in Me was disappointed.” God bless.


  6. Novena for Luisa’s Birthday (April 23), to implore for her beatification, starts tomorrow! Thought I’d pass it on for you and/or others who may have missed it… Fiat!


    P.S. Your last 3-4 posts have about knocked me off my chair, this last one especially detailing precisely the celebration I was having (in the midst of opening the email/message), after curling up in complete resignation the night before (apparently minutes after you’d made the post) at a loss for what to do with some intense health symptoms that had been escalating for almost a week. I curled up like a beggar into the lap of my Jesus and Mama, and they spoke to me almost immediately, telling me what to take, and it worked! I fell asleep giddy and with such a smile on my face, and woke up with my spirit dancing, and then to find this message… Incredible… My heart overflows with love and joy for My Beloved and our sweet Mama of the Divine Fiat… 🙂


  7. And I was just meditating on psalm 69 the first verse or 2
    Paraphrased “Save me Oh God for the waters are up to my neck. I am sunk in the abysmal swamp where there is no foothold” and I plan to share this with some in a Catholic 12 step recovery group as I have had to learn so many times in dealing with some addictions that the only hope is in God and as “there is no foothold”, that is, no way we can get ourselves out of our own messes, sometimes our own efforts, apart from reaching out to God, as miserable beggars, for help are useless.

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    1. Hi M., Thank You for your prayers, God is answering everyone’s prayers and I will know more tomorrow, Please keep praying for this situation and we get the help we need. I went to my christian friends house last night to say the rosary and it really helped give me some peace. Thank you Jesus for loving us and Thank you Holy Mother for holding me tight in your arms, God Bless all the prayer warriors on this site, You are in my prayers too. God Bless, Cathy


  8. Thanks for this. I was able to use the theme in some ministering tonight… begging the whole time.

    Only Our Lord can tell us such things and leave us the better for it. The world says the opposite, and look where that gets us.

    Oh, happy beggars! Still keeping everyone here in my prayers.


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      1. Dear Prayer warriors, THANK YOU ALL for all the prayers for my son John. Today the two oldest boys had to go to court for restraining orders that the girl put on them , she asked for 5years restraining. Long story short, the girl was proven several times to be lieing and the end result was the judge asked the boys if THEY wanted to put a restraining order on her and they got 1 year and SHE got 5 years. The truth prevailed PRAISE ALMIGHTY GOD , THANK YOU LORD for your love. Monday is the day my son goes to hear the charges on him so if I can ask to keep the prayers going for him I would so appreciate them. Praise God and May God Bless all of you, Cathy


      2. Hello Prayer warriors, I have to apologize for the last post about my son John, My grandson Sean did not totally understand the court proceeding and I was misinformed it did not go the way I told all of you and in the future I will make real sure I get my facts straight before posting anything. Thank you again for your prayers, John and I really need them as I am all he has and I am trying to hold up under all that is needed.


      3. Hi Janet, Thank you for your prayers, it is really hard when your son is in the middle of the country and you are on the east coast, I have to rely on my 18 yr. old grandson to let me know what is going on and he doesn’t understand court proceeding. I was so excited that it went well and I could not wait to let everyone know the good news that all the prayers were being answered but only to find out the information was wrong. When I was in church this morning I Thanked our Lord for all the people that pray for those they don’t even know and the love of friends in time of our own personal trails. It comforts me to know people are praying for us and I am so grateful. God bless all of you, Cathy


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