What is it that keeps you from a complete self-giving?

Matthew 4:22 Immediately [James and John] left the boat and their father, and followed [Jesus].

“Oh my child, the cost of discipleship is very dear! It s the same with anything of great value. If it can be gotten cheaply, can it really be so great a prize? I do not say this to frighten you but to give you an idea of what it means to attain this pearl of great price. Do you want to follow me? Then hold nothing back. Search out your heart. What is it that keeps you from a complete self-giving? Discern carefully. Each call is unique. Some are called to follow me in the mundane chores of daily life, dying to self every day, giving up their own dreams in an act of continual sacrifice. This is following me. Some are asked to radically give up everything earthly and live a life of contemplation. The important thing is to discern your call. Do not covet another’s call. Do not denigrate your call by thinking it is too small a thing to offer God. The important thing, the essence of a call, is faithfulness and total self-giving in whatever station you have in life. Wherever you are, act with love for God and other, and you will accomplish more than you can imagine. Offer all you can to me. Believe me when I say that I can use it all. Link your gifts to the cross, your daily joys and pains—everything. This is how you leave everything behind to follow me, by bringing me into each moment and living only for me. The Divine Will makes this possible. Love, be faithful, and be at peace. I am with you, my beloved.”

O my Jesus, help me to know and discern correctly your perfect plan for my life. Help me to let go of my dreams, that I might live the life of your dreams for me. In the Divine Will, O Lord, redo everything I have done in my life that was not part of your plan. Jesus I repent of my self-will and ask for the grace to always be faithful to your glorious plan for me. Here I am Lord, I come to live in your most holy will. Amen.


23 thoughts on “What is it that keeps you from a complete self-giving?

  1. Thank you, Janet, for your fiat & for being such a gentle & beautiful light!!
    I love the Stations of the Cross & shared them with our Divine Will Cenacle here in south Texas! They love them, too!! What a special gift! Have a most blessed Holy Week & Easter!
    Peace, dear sister, in His Holy Will.

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  2. I think this message is God’s answer to my rather desperate prayer for help and guidance. This lent has been so hard for me. Full of failures and fraught with uncertainty about where I stand spiritually. I have given up nothing! Well I give things up and it lasts a day maybe. I keep praying but there have been health issues and that seems to stymie me. Surgery right before Ash Wednesday and another one after Divine Mercy Sunday. And worst of all I seem to “medicate” with chocolate or any dessert i can find. I am at the point where I am asking for the grace to accept the grace to sacrifice my will. So this message is like balm in Gilead. Some family troubles weighing on my mind too so all in all…grateful for God’s mercy in this message

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      1. Janet thankyou! I have tears in my eyes reading your reply. I have had some real peace today so God is truly answering and this message was the catalyst. I honestly don’t mind the physical difficulties. Maybe this sounds a little nuts but I am grateful because I can unite it to the Lord’s sufferings. But I hoped Lent would be a chance to really practice penance. But nothing turned out the way I expected😔 so I conclude God had other plans and with that comes real peace. Whew! Took me a long time to figure out the obvious. 😉

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    1. Ann – I could have written your message this morning entering Holy Week. I had such great intentions but they fell waaaay short. This morning I found this meditation written by Bl. John Henry Newman that blessed my heart with forgiveness and understanding…”We have done very little for you, O Lord. We recollect well our listlessness and weariness; our indisposition to mortify ourselves when we had no plea of health to stand in the way; our indisposition to pray and to meditate, our disorder of mind, our discontent, our peevishness. Yet some of us, perhaps, have done something for you. Look on us as a whole, O Lord, look on us as a community, and let what some have done well plead for us all.
      O Lord, the end is come. We are conscious of our languor and lukewarmness; we do not deserve to rejoice in Easter, yet we cannot help doing so. We feel more of pleasure, we rejoice in you more than our past humiliation warrants us in doing; yet may that very joy be its own warrant. Oh, be indulgent to us, for the merits of your own all-powerful Passion, and for the merits of your saints. Accept us in your little flock, in the day of small things, in a fallen country, in an age when faith and love are scarce. Pity us and spare us and give us peace.
      O my own Savior, now in the tomb but soon to rise, you have paid the price; it is done–consummatum est–it is secured. Oh, fulfill your Resurrection in us, and as you have purchased us, claim us, take possession of us, make us yours.”
      God is so wondrously good. Be blessed as I was. When we receive Him on Holy Thursday, our “Oh Lord I am not worthy that You should come under My roof, say but the Word and my soul shall be healed.” He will receive our joy, adoration, and thanksgiving as we receive His Living Body and Blood.

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      1. What a stunning prayer! Thank you Shirley for sharing that with us. Really, even on our best day all we can offer him is cheap trinkets. But the heavenly treasury is ours to plunder if we only are humble enough to admit that the only merits we have are borrowed from holier souls than ours. God is so good and merciful. I know it pleases him when we do this. How can we even comprehend such mercy? Jesus, Mary, & Joseph, we trust in you! Save souls!

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      2. Oh Shirley, how beautiful!!! Cardinal Newman is such a favorite of mine. He could be describing me…languor, lukewarmness, indisposition to pray and to meditate…etc. But as you say, God is so wondrously good. Just in time for Holy Week He seems to have poured His grace and mercy over me. (when I finally surrendered and said “I’ve wrecked it. I can’t do it. You take over.” He did.) And I do feel joyous about Easter, in spite of my “no good, very bad, horrible, terrible, Lent ( a riff on a children’s story title). Thanks so much for sharing the quote. I’m going to print it off and stick it in my Bible. God bless!!

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      3. Ann I have loved that book since I first read it in the ’80s! My kids loved it too, and I suspect my grandkids will as well.

        I was talking to someone today about how Lent is really a time of crucifixion for us all. Even our will to do good is nailed down and powerless. But as Cardinal Newman shows us, all is grace! God is strong even in our weakness. Jesus we trust in you and most definitely not in our pitiful selves.

        I have been starting my noon meditation prayer in this way. I picture myself as a weak infant, discarded at the feet of Mary. I beg her to take pity on me, filthy as I am with my own sin, and stinking of my self-will. I ask her to pick me up, wash me in the blood of Christ, kiss away my tears, wrap me in the swaddling bands of Christ and tie me to the Divine Will. Once I am there I try to make some rounds in the Divine Will, praising and thanking the Father, Son, and/or Spirit for their fiats of Creation, Redemption and Sanctification. Just 10 minutes. I have found it to be very fruitful interiorly.

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  3. Thank you for this post. I need this constant reminder that the mundane chores/work and self sacrificing that I’m called to every day as a father and husband is the narrow path the Lord has called me to walk.
    A scripture that came to mind while reading this post, and it has helped me in the past many times to persevere through the mundane, is 1 Cor 15:58 – ” Be firm, steadfast, always fully devoted to the work of the Lord, knowing that in the Lord your labor is not in vain.”
    When we are fully devoted to the work the Lord has called us to, no matter what it is, nothing is done in vain. May the Lord’s peace be with you always!!!

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  4. How the Lord speaks to you in many different ways. I am reading the book “Trustful Surrender to Divine Providence” again (at chapter III “The Practice of Conformity to the Will of God”). Also reading Mark Mallets 40 days of Lent Retreat readings and then this. The last two days I say this to myself. Conform to God’s Will. It is in all God’s will that I stumble throughout the day and it for not me to be angry with myself when this happens. I need to turn and offer it up to Jesus. I have kept praying to ask God to tell the Oncologist to say Quinn (daughter diagnosed with Lymphoma (2 1/2 year treatment)) doesn’t need any more Chemo treatment. I still pray for Quinn but now its for God’s Will be done. Do not know if this make sense but now I know God has the power not me even over spilled milk or cleaning the bathrooms. I have to let my heart speak not my emotions. Let Go Let God!

    Thank you for another great examination Peli!

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    1. Yes, our emotions can get in the way of our peace that’s for sure. One of the first things I ever “heard” the Lord speak to my heart was “trust, always trust”. Still it is a very hard lesson to learn, which is why I say to myself and others, pray “Jesus I trust in you”–pray it till you mean it!

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  5. Dear All,
    The ‘Mystics of the Church’ website is promoting a little book that I would highly recommend, with the most beautiful meditations on the Holy Wounds of Our Lord, which were written down from the revelations given to Sr. Maria of the Crucified Love, a 20th century German Carmelite mystic. It’s called: ‘By His Wounds, You Are Healed’, A real little treasure! And quite inexpensive, it can be ordered from: http://stores.jmjrelbooks.com/by-his-wounds-you-are-healed/
    A Blessed and Holy Easter to all here!

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  6. Janet, what a beautiful way to start your prayers. I am going claim it and use it. That just about covers how I’ve felt, helpless, dirty, small…just love the way you describe your prayer to the Blessed Mother to wash you in the Blood of Christ, and kiss away your tears and bind you with swaddling bands to the Divine Will. Wow!!! Powerful.
    The amazing thing is how immediately God “came to my assistance and made haste to help me” when I surrendered. Yes, it is all grace. All of it. Even our helplessness and continuous failures if we just turn them over. I keep relearning this lesson, deeper each time but I never front load it, only do I see it afterward, that it is the same old problem of control.

    I love that book too! Children loved it and I’m about to introduce it to my grandchildren. That title is so useful to describe so many things isn’t it? 😉
    Should add, God bless you and all here. A very blessed grace filled Easter, and a fruitful Good Friday as we try to console Jesus. The world is suffering the Way of the Cross whether they know or not.

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