By your fruits shall you be judged…

Matthew 3:10 Even now the axe is lying at the root of the trees; every tree therefore that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.

“Beloved children, by your fruits shall you be judged. Therefore, be especially careful to examine the fruits of all your actions. If what you do does not build up the kingdom and glorify God, then be ruthless in rooting it out. What is the signature of good fruit? Purely and simply it is love. I have told you before, act with love and you will never be wrong. Be wise and discerning in this. Sometimes love is like medicine—it tastes bad, but the fruits are good. Children, these are difficult days for you. The enemy has sown many seeds of confusion. Therefore, ponder often what is means to act with love. Ask our Mother to assist you, she whose every breath was an act of love. She will not leave you unaided. Children, intricately inspect all your attitudes and actions. Keep what is good and root out what is not. The orchard of the Lord can only be filled with trees that bear good fruit. Work hard to ensure that you will be found there.”

O my Jesus, thank you for this reminder! Blessed Mother, help us! Teach us how to act with love always. Help us to inspect our attitudes and actions with honest eyes, that we might root out what would exclude us from the Divine orchard. Help us to be humble servants of truth and love. Amen.



15 thoughts on “By your fruits shall you be judged…

  1. I really like this one. Like God kept telling me to love someone, even though they where not always a nice person. Love conquers all and love is what Jesus taught, even though we have are differences we still need to love….like it says love is like medicine, it taste bad but good for you. Some times the person you try to love is the bad medicine because they just don’t want it or only want to see things their way, stubborn pride blocks them from seeing anything other then their way. Just continue to love them. I saw a sign on a church that said ” sometimes the person that needs the most love is the one who deserves it the least”


    1. Yes if we only loved people who agreed with us our hearts would shrink instead of expanding. Remember love is an act of the will, not a feeling. Mark Mallet’s piece today dovetails beautifully with this one. Thank you Holy Spirit!

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  2. Thank you, Janet, for this bit of Truth you share today. This is what He has been whacking out of my life and it is bearing fruit. Humility, Love, that’s all I need to worry about. Let Him do the rest. I need to simply put aside “my thoughts” and instead be humble and docile enough to let Him lead me on the path laid out. So I pledge to do so and take one step at a time forward responding to roadblocks with Love 🙂

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  3. This is beautiful, Janet, and absolutely perfect for Lent. Thank you for the reminder for the close scrutiny of our actions and motivations. Also, the reminder in the comment that love is an act of the will, not a feeling. Lord, united with Your Love, allow me, your little daughter to Love with Your very same Love. Praise be to God!

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  4. On re-reading this message I was struck by the last words about the orchard of the Lord, ” Work hard to ensure that you will be found there.” Ah we can never take a holiday from our works & prayers, no matter how tired we feel.

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  5. “The enemy has sown many seeds of confusion.” Yes, more than ever! I was just speaking to someone about this. Confusion is his hallmark. I feel the need to pray more and more to the Holy Spirit.


  6. When I am impatient, angry, intolerant, judgemental, etc., it often shows me I’m really at home having things my way and that isn’t loving. It seems the root of those things is pride. It is surely something to work on because it can be a stubborn habit that’s hard to recognize when its about to happen. I ask Jesus in His Divine Will to heal me of these unloving tendencies. When a temptation comes, it is often for me like an attack, catching me by surprise so I react by blowing off steam instead of cooling it. I read in Luisa Piccarreta’s writings that when she was tempted, she commended her soul to God. I will try using the example of holy people like Luisa and pray to her for intercessory prayer. Have to keep studying for the exam !!!

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