If they do not recognize their own sinfulness, how can they repent?

Matthew 3:5 Then the people of Jerusalem and all Judea were going out to him, and all the region along the Jordan, and they were baptized by him in the river Jordan, confessing their sins.

“Oh my beloved, how I long for the day when my children will enter into the ocean of my mercy with humble, contrite hearts. Pray unceasingly for this. There are many who do not acknowledge the existence of sin. If they do not recognize their own sinfulness, how can they repent? How can they understand their abject need for mercy? If they will not come to the waters of forgiveness, how can they be saved? My child, this is a grave situation. Many, many souls are in grave danger. During this Year of Mercy and especially during this holy season of Lent, let your fasting and prayer be for sinners. Be an agent of mercy. With your prayers, immerse these poor souls in the fountain of mercy that gushed from my side. Do not let my mercy go un-accessed. Be the one to pray unceasingly for souls. Children, the days of mercy will one day draw to a close. Use all the tools I have given you to immerse poor sinners in my mercy. Children, there is so little time.”

O my Jesus, merciful Savior, in the Divine Will I immerse all sinners through the Flame of Love in the ocean of your mercy. I ask that through this Lent you will use my poor offerings to best advantage. So I offer them to you in the Divine Will through the Flame of Love of our Immaculate Mother. Save souls, O Merciful one! Save souls! Amen.


18 thoughts on “If they do not recognize their own sinfulness, how can they repent?

  1. I’m mighty glad to read this today. There is something about Lourdes, concerning especially the miraculous water there, that’s lingering with me although it’s been some days since the Feast. I wasn’t sure what to do with it, but I do now: immerse dying souls in its healing waters. I have been praying and doing what I can thus far, but for some reason, I’m sensing the need to bring the Lourdes water into everything.

    Will go ahead with it, and see where that leads to 🙂

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    1. Gosh, Peli, I just had to tell you this:
      I mentioned in my comment earlier that there was something about the Lourdes Water that was lingering with me. During Rosary, I felt prompted to question the source of the miraculous Lourdes Water. Suddenly, not sad or moved by any emotion whatsoever, I felt tears fill my eyes.
      As I moved to wipe them away, I felt this written on my heart: It is the Tears of the Mother.

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  2. May all of us be given a great thirst for Your Ocean of Mercy! May the Light of Christ penetrate all souls with pure love. Perfect Love casts out all fear. I pray for all in the infinite, eternal and perfect Divine Will. Come Holy Spirit come by means of the powerful intercession of The Immaculate Heart of Mary Your well beloved spouse.

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  3. Janet this is spot on. I was just saying that Divine Mercy is the cure but the Flame of Love is the mass vaccination/public health protection needed as prayer cover so that people will line up for the cure and why the prayer groups, even if it is just a couple of people at home, are critical!



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  4. Thank you for sharing this Janet! This is great confirmation to something I literally just typed up for my confirmation class tomorrow night! I felt moved to start with something Pope John Paul II (1984) said which Pope Francis also said…. that the worse sin of our day is the “loss of the sense of sin.” If we think we are without sin we are fooling ourselves! Melanie

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  5. Re: “loss of the sense of sin”. Met a gal the other day with a Lutheran background, she had raised her 2 boys in that faith tradition and they attended a Lutheran school. She’s since divorced, is now living with a boyfriend, and in conversation had mentioned she was giving up sweets for Lent. I gently asked her what her faith tradition was, as she had mentioned Lent, and she told me a bit of this background. I smiled and said, well if you like the liturgy why don’t you go all the way and become Catholic like me? She laughed and very earnestly said, oh no, too strict, you know, on divorces and relationships…she said she liked how the Lutheran church was so much more tolerant on those issues. I have praying that our little conversation starts to work its way into her heart, and she starts feeling the Holy Spirit convicting and loving her back into a clean heart and repentance with the Lord. I don’t know if she had the “loss of the sense of sin” or if she had embraced the liberal, worldly ideas so much, or if she was unaware of God’s true plan for marriage and family. But she is now in my territory of souls, so she’ll get lots of prayers!

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  6. I don’t go to confession often enough, because I have a difficult time with examination of conscience. I don’t feel like a sinner most of the time. When I do something “big” I go right away, but for venial sins I am reluctant. Maybe it is partly because the Priest at my parish is not relaxed and seems rushed somewhat. Do you have an examination of conscience that covers venial sins?


    1. Well, Sts Mother Teresa and John Paul II went to confession every week!

      Generally it’s things like sins of speech like gossip or criticism, negativity, attitudes we hold that do not glorify God, over-indulging in something, missing out on prayers, there are lots of them. Any time we are not in synch with others, there may be a sin there.

      If you REALLY want to scour the bottom of the pot till it gleams, try this Thorough Examination of Conscience. I have also used Mother Nadine’s “Bathe Seven Times” as an examination. It really wakes up your conscience to the truth about yourself.

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    2. I find for venial sins I will use the Bible to help me- The Beatitudes for my attitudes (LOL!) or Galatians 5 to see if I am bearing the right fruit, Colossians 3 also helps with that. And also 1 Corinthians 13- the love passage. I put my name in to see if it is true about me this week- Val is patient, Val is kind etc. If it is not true, I know I have work to do. Also I struggle with vanity so Phillipians 2 works for me- do nothing out of vain conceit etc- how to be more like Jesus who emptied Himself out as a slave. I try to do this every night if I can (don’t always succeed) and journal so when Saturday comes and the Parish has confession I am ready to take to the throne of Grace what the Lord is dealing with me about that week. Hope this helps!

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      1. Very helpful Val! Yes, anytime we are not living in the virtues we are committing sin. Also, ingratitude is a big one, and that is tied to complaining, annoyance, etc. Focus on self is another one, indignation, entitlement. There are so many once your conscience is alert to them. Do not see them as unconquerable faults, but as opportunities for grace through the sacrament of confession. Every time you confess a habitual sin, you receive a unique grace to overcome it. Over time–sometimes a long time–you can see improvement. God wants us to know it is grace alone that is working in us to overcome these faults of ours. Thanks and praise to God in all things! As Scripture says, “We know that all things work together for good for those who love God, who are called according to his purpose.” (Rom 8:28)


    3. Lisag, there is an article on Spirit Daily about venial sin. Although there are many ways to remit venial sins through the liturgy and sacramentals, it is still good to confess them when we can identify them, especially if they are habitual sins. Remission gets rid of the sin, but the sacramental grace of confession gives us the graces needed not to continue on the same path.


  7. Janet, I have often used the Way of the Cross for Greater Trust that you posted here a while back. Now I’ve gone and lost my copy. I searched and found it here but when I tried to print it out again it said “web page not available”. Is there any way to access and print it again? Thank you


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