Mortification: Training Brother Ass

Blessings all. A reader, Kathy Andre-Eames sent this Lenten resource. As a member of the Brothers and Sisters of Penance of St. Francis, I just need to share it: Mortification: Training Brother Ass (St. Francis of Assisi often referred to his body as “Brother Ass”.)


2 thoughts on “Mortification: Training Brother Ass

  1. I’m going to print out that article, it is so good. This line was so funny: a tendency to lack religious modesty in your bearing, which makes you act like a child, laugh like a fool, jump around like a juggler, and eat and drink like an animal.”



  2. I have always loved St. Francis’ term “Brother Ass”–so perfectly descriptive. Brother Ass does bray and kick! And stubborn! Yet we must either lead or drive this poor creature. Every day. 😉


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