More resources for Lent…

Peace and all good dear friends! Here is another list of resources for Lent. I particularly liked the little quiz from the second paragraph, “What should you give up for Lent?”

And one more: The Lenten Mercy Challenge from

Blessed Ash Wednesday and Lent to all in this Year of Mercy!


4 thoughts on “More resources for Lent…

  1. So many resources, we have no excuse not to give our all. I have been looking for music to assist in contemplative prayer. I am looking forward to resource #6 Music. Good music is helping me with anxiety and racing thoughts. Thank you!


      1. This year it seems we have some a wonderful access to Lenten practices. Maybe I wasn’t paying attention before but it seems like a plethora of blessed guides this year. Probably because we need them. I remember a few years ago when things really began to “go south” in the world and here in North America, a friend described it as “being in a perpetual Lent”–I thought that was actually a pretty good descritpion.


      2. Perpetual Lent, yes, leading to a glorious Easter in the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart! 🙂 Until then, the world does indeed need penance. Much reparation needs to be made to the much wounded hearts of God and his Mother, indeed all the angels and saints. Purity is much offended. The reparations are NEEDED and will bring forth the triumph. So accept everything as coming from the hand of God himself. Ask for more strength to bear it. Pray with Jesus, “Father if it be your will, let this cup pass me by. Yet your will, not mine be done.”


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