Not only are the innocent being slaughtered, but innocence itself is being slaughtered…

Matthew 2:17-18 (After the slaughter of the innocents by Herod) Then was fulfilled what had been spoken through the prophet Jeremiah: ‘A voice was heard in Ramah, wailing and loud lamentation, Rachel weeping for her children; she refused to be consoled, because they are no more.’

“My child, who is weeping for the children now? Not only are the innocent being slaughtered, but innocence itself is being slaughtered. The Son of Man again has no place to lay his head, for filth covers the earth. My child, heaven weeps over the loss of innocence. The brightest light has been extinguished from the earth. Weep and wail, my children, over the slaughter. Gird your loins, for the King of Glory will not allow wickedness to triumph. The days of evil are numbered and the enemy grows frantic. Cling to me, cling to my Mother. We are near to you. Be ready, dear soldiers. Fight the good fight with every spiritual weapon I have given you. The triumph is near.”

Oh my Jesus, in the Divine Will I offer all the Masses offered from the Last Supper to the last Mass, in reparation for the slaughter of innocents through abortion, and the slaughter of innocence through pornography and vile teachings. Lord have mercy on us. Flame of Love work in us to defeat evil and blind the enemy. May innumerable souls take up the special graces you offer. Jesus and Mary, lead us! Protect us! Fight in us! We place all our trust in you. Amen.

(Here is a Novena to the Holy Innocents for the protection of children.)


26 thoughts on “Not only are the innocent being slaughtered, but innocence itself is being slaughtered…

  1. I was pondering the lack of love…..people can’t fathom the love of God the Father towards them, since they can’t comprehend the humanity and need of the unborn.
    How could they receive what they can’t give…
    The Year of Mercy takes on a new significance for them.

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  2. These days, purity is being profaned with a vengeance. An embracing couple is no longer of always of opposite sexes. It has become acceptable to wear revealing clothes. Children are being portrayed in a sexual light in magazine photo shoots and in movies. If you like modern pop songs, most will burn your ears with their suggestive lyrics. As I drive my teens around, I have to constantly switch radio stations – which means I have to be alert at all times to remember the songs which have rubbish lyrics.

    Innocence being slaughtered? Sadly, yes. May God always grant us the grace to be spiritually alert to this mutilation so it can be preempted, even as we pray that the Triumph comes quickly.

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  3. As a father of three beautiful girls I can totally see this first hand (Innocence under a daily violent attack). After several years in Catholic school we had to (due to financial reasons) put the kids in public school. After seeing what these children are bombarded with day after day the past 2 years from the secular/pagan environment that public schools have become, an environment where everything under the sun can be discussed (except for faith), we have made the decision to start Catholic home schooling after this year. We do have an amazing Catholic home schooling community where we live to help/support us. The Lord has answered my prayers 100 fold by placing so many families of faith around us. Thank you Lord!!! Please pray for my family as we start this new chapter of our life. May the Lord’s peace be with you!

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    1. This makes me sad. I am a teacher in a public school and I try so hard to instill values into my students in any way I can. So many of my colleagues are such good loving people. I love the Lord and although I don’t discuss it, I don’t discourage the students from doing it when it comes up.


  4. I read this just before going out to stand with our Pro-life Group outside our Public Hospital ( where the abortions are performed). It gave me such a boost, a spark of joy to keep me smiling in these difficult times.


  5. I have young adults….. 20s and 2 in early 30s. I have taught in both high and primary school and now have first grandchild.
    Seen so much and all I can say is …. Pray.
    I will join you in your prayer Pelianito. The Divine Will wants the human will to call it down….. may Abba Father hear our prayers and act quickly. May we all be rejoicing in the Triumph …… All of Creation be full of praise and thanksgiving.

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    1. Yes, germy the Lord has been warning us for decades. Our interpretation of “near” is different from that of heaven. Trust in God is the key, no matter when it happens.

      Here is some information on Charlie Johnston. He has a lot of information on his site. I suggest you click the link at the top that says: START HERE.

      Hope that helps. Jesus we trust in you. Pray it till you mean it!


  6. Prayer request:

    I just heard from a man named “Rod” who asked for prayers for him and for his friend “Lisa” (not their real names). They have been experiencing severe attacks both spiritually and temporally. I told them I knew some good folks who could offer prayers. 🙂

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  7. Having been very much attacked recently and also years ago, the go-to prayers that have been very quick and most powerful for me that I repeat until I get peace:
    Jesus, Mary, Joseph, I love you, save souls.
    St. Joseph, please go to the Father and tell Him that I accept whatever it pleases Him and ask Him to please remove all that is not of Him. Thank you.
    Oh, Woman, Clothed with the Sun, come and do not delay!

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    1. Thanks MT. I love these quick prayers that we can memorize and use throughout the day. I have a similar one: Jesus I accept everything that comes from you and reject everything that comes from the defeated enemy.

      And there’s always this one: Jesus we trust in you!

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      1. You are not alone melomel! I think we all have loved ones who are away from the faith. Keep praying with confidence to Jesus through the intercession of St. Joseph and any other saints you care to invoke. He will convert. It may not even be in your lifetime, but trust in God and he will convert.

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  8. The message reminds me of Our Lady who spoke to Mother Mary de Jesus in Ecaudor in the 1500’s. (can’t remember her title? Our Lady of Good Success?) But didn’t she say that innocence would disappear in our terrible time? And Our Lady of La Salette warned of the same. We see it. We see it all around us. Blessings on Tom who is going to home school. I wish I had been able to do so. My children are in their 30’s and sadly very very far from their Catholic faith. But it’s not just in our children, it’s simply everywhere as if you can’t get a breath of fresh (spiritual) air. To Germy who says when will this happen, we’ve been waiting for years, all I can say is, I believe the warnings have gone out for a long while to net as many souls as possible to return to God and to test our patience too. Jesus tells us about the landowner who doesn’t come home right away and the servants begin to forget, to sleep, to riot, to carry on and forget the land owner. And those so painful and poignant words of Our Lord “When the Son of Man returns will He find faith on the earth?” I just beg Him to give me the grace to stay faithful while I (and we) wait. To wait in patience and faith is a great great test. But the rumble of the approaching train is no longer just a rumble. It is just out of sight, ready to barrel down the tracks at a great roar. Just listened to a priest’s homily on The Great Apostasy on youtube–very helpful. I’ll go back to find the link and post it. God bless all here,.
    God protect and save the innocent ones, convert the lost ones, console and deliver the persecuted ones, sustain and strengthen the faithful ones. In Jesus Name through Mary.


    1. Ann, you are right about the message of La Salette. Our Lady of La Salette mentioned about the air of impurity. It matches our present time. It is very hard to protect our children from the air of impurity because it is everywhere, on internet, television, media and their godless friends. Her message is a time releasing capsule. If I read her message one hundred years ago, I would not understand it.


      1. That is true Barbara. In one of the messages here (I’m not sure which one) I felt the Lord telling me that those who foresaw these things were horrified at what they saw. Their horror was magnified because they did not have the graces we have been given to bear these things, and the weapons we have been given to fight these things, like the Flame of Love, the Divine Will, Jesus King of Nations, etc. Yes we too are horrified, but we are not left orphaned and we have been given the sure and certain hope of the Triumph of the Immaculate, the coming Kingdom of the Divine Will, the Era of Peace. These things have been foretold through holy saints, and that have been granted ecclesial approval, for our edification and so that we will not fall into despair as the days spiral into darkness and chaos.

        Jesus we trust in you. Pray it till you mean it!


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