Why do you constantly fall back into your own reasoning?

Matthew 1:18 Now the birth of Jesus the Messiah took place in this way. When his mother Mary had been engaged to Joseph, but before they lived together, she was found to be with child from the Holy Spirit.

“My beloved, the power of the Holy Spirit is without limit. Then why do you doubt? Why do you constantly fall back into your own reasoning? Take the example of St. Joseph who, when tested, responded with complete trust. This was credited to him as righteousness. So you too, when you are tested, learn to let go of your own understanding and in complete faith put all your trust and hope in God. Many of you are being tested now, and all of you will be tested before the year is done. Imitate St. Joseph who never once in his life put his will ahead of God’s. His faith was pure and unwavering. You would do well to seek his intercession at all times. His prayers I cannot resist. Shalom.”

O my Jesus, what a gift you have given us in St. Joseph—what a gift you have given yourself! May we never cease to imitate him and ask his intercession. Good St. Joseph, keep our faith as pure and unwavering as yours. Help us to always put the will of God in first place, so that we will not be put to shame when tested. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, we love you—save souls!


41 thoughts on “Why do you constantly fall back into your own reasoning?

  1. Has anyone ever heard of St. Joseph being referred to under the title “the patron Saint of Dreams” ? If so by whom? After praying a novena to St. Joseph about 15 years ago I had a very powerful and profound dream. He is one of the three consecrations I do daily. At least for me he has been a very powerful intercessor.

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      1. Thank you CaitlynneGrace. I pray that in your dreams you will receive grace, the wisdom of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and the discernment from St. Joseph. Please pray for me as well.

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  2. Hi friends! Late 2015 till presently I have found myself turning to St. Joseph constantly/daily. I pray he makes me as Saintly a father and husband as he was here on earth. I also pray for his protection for my family. This is confirmation…St. Joseph pray for us!

    Blessings and Love!

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  3. My mother taught me this little prayer when I was very young and it has stayed with me…
    Jesus, Mary, and Joseph,
    I give you my heart and my soul.
    Jesus, Mary, and Joseph,
    Assist me in my last agony.
    Jesus, Mary, and Joseph,
    May I breathe forth my soul
    In peace with you. Amen.

    Always brings me God’s focus and His peace. I firmly believe that St. Joseph will be called upon by God to be a vibrant prayer intercessor for all who call upon him for his protection as well as his unique role model for young fathers who desire to model their fathering after his fathering of Jesus.

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  4. I ve read the life of St Joseph by Maraia Cecilia. All i can say is truly recommended for all of us very illustrated with examples we can all learn in the path of humility. How God was pleased with st Joseph that became the dad of Jesus our Lord.

    This message brings me consolation and strength to call on St Joseph. Thank you Jesus my Lord!

    St Joseph terror of demons pray for all of us !

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  5. Thank Janet It is the right word for me I always put my own reasoning ahead . I feel I am being tested at these times. I always fall into doubt something that I do not wish to do. I want to put my trust in God. But I am finding difficult how to discern at the moment. We are a family in mission and one of our daughters returned home to study but she is passing through a very difficult moment.

    Thank you and may God continues to Bless you.


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  6. Janet, I am no longer surprised, but still amazed every time the words you share have a common thread with what I’m learning and need to know. This morning, before I read this, during my meditation on the Rosary, St. Joseph made a beautiful and strong impression on my soul. I so love being a part of God’s family. God bless all here and your families.

    P.S. I found this post in my spam folder this morning. Have no idea why it went there, but am happy to have found it before emptying the spam folder.

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    1. Audimarie, that is lovely! St. Joseph is the strong, silent type! 🙂

      Most email programs have adjustable security settings. You may be able to create a rule that always moves messages containing the word Pelianito into your inbox.

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  7. I love this message and I love all the wonderful comments about St. Joseph. The prayer Shirley shared is one I often say. I have a story to tell about St. Joseph. Many years ago we were getting ready to move to another town and I was sent to investigate housing with the idea we would buy. My husband had to work so basically it was my job. This new community was very expensive and I searched and searched and couldn’t find a house. I went home after a discouraging trip and went in front of the Blessed Sacrament and asked the Lord to give me guidance. I was feeling a little desperate. I had my eyes closed in prayer and suddenly I saw a mental image, a lovely image I’ll never forget of a man in a kind of mauve/brown tunic, picking up a beautiful little two year old boy, smiling and lifting the child high. The man had a beard and a beautiful smile and I knew right away it was St. Joseph. So I felt our Lord was saying “go to Joseph” to paraphrase St. Teresa and Brother Andre. I did. I asked for his help. Up til then I don’t think I ever really asked St. Joseph to intercede for me. I went back on my search and decided I’d try to find the local Catholic Church and ask him if he knew of any affordable home. I had no idea where the parish was or what it was called. The parish name as it turned out? St. Joseph!! Aha. No coincidence. So I said, well this is the part of the community I must look in for a house. The priest put me on to a realtor who happened to be part of a local prayer group and lo and behold we found a house that answered all our needs and was within budget. It was beige and brown (sort of St Joseph’s colors) and the metal mailbox had a raised figure of a man as a design, who looked like St. Joseph carrying a staff. This is so typical of St. Joseph. I could tell many other stories of his help and kindness to me and to my family through the years. The 30 day novena to St. Joseph is very powerful, I’ve found. So I am a big fan of this wonderful saint and father!!! St. Teresa is right. I too have never asked him for help with anything that he hasn’t answered. I will never forget that beautiful smile and the loving embrace of the little child in that image I was given so long ago.

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  8. Hi guys, many of the “older” members of this blog family would have seen my post this up in the past…but it’s for the new family members 🙂

    St. Joseph pray for us!

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    1. Asking prayers for my husband. Need a miracle. He is in the hospital with heart problems. Also so my faith doesn’t waver and truly believe in the power and protection of Jesus Mary and Joseph. Thank you and God bless you.

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      1. Mary I place your husband and you in the Flame of Love. God’s power and protection are always there whether they take the form we expect or not. Remember Romans 8:28: “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who[a]have been called according to his purpose.” Whatever happens, place your trust in God through an act of the will, knowing that he can bring good, and even great good, out of any situation. Sometimes he needs our sufferungs for certain souls who would be lost forever without them.

        Jesus I trust jn you! Pray it till you mean it!

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  9. Many of you are being tested now, and all of you will be tested before the year is done. This is a very intriguing statement. We in the 99th year after the miracle of the sun, awaiting the prophesy of the illumination, the world is nearing exhaustion in sin and our Lord refers us to St. Joseph who never spoke a single word in Scripture. Let us be like him, let us enter deeper into the mystery of God and be emerced in him mercy and will. If we’re doing his will how can we not pass our coming test. Very intriguing!

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  10. Janet, Thank you for praying for my husband. He came thru the heart procedure. Please continue the prayers for his spiritual and physical healing. Just recently found out that a number of my family members have left the faith. They are now agnostic or atheists. Have so many peope to pray for…
    You have no idea how much this column means to me. Besides the priest I have no one close to talk to about spiritual matters.
    You are a blessing to me and all who participate on here, especially in this time of testing.


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  11. Dear Peli and family; asking for prayers for Wanda Lockert; who is facing false charges in the Courts.
    She is suicidal. May God’s will be done. Thankyou dear family. God bless you all.


  12. Another item I wanted to bring to your attention. Sometimes we feel helpless when watching the world scene… There is an organization through the Knights of Columbus that helps the displaced Christians in the Middle East. If you want to help:
    If you want to add them to your prayer specifically:
    Pax to all as we begin the New Year. I don’t think I’ll be using the term “blessing” anymore, if it means suffering!


  13. Janet and/or others who pray the Rounds of Creation (given to Luisa)… What resource do you use for praying them? I see the Book of Heaven link is for a 400-page document, but I’m hesitant to have that printed off in its entirety. I’m wondering what others use… Thanks!


    1. Blessings Tara. Most often I make the rounds by using the style of Luisa and letting the Spirit lead me to what to praise and thank Our Lord for. If you want a pattern, one writer has a book called “Be Faithful and Attentive” in which he has some lengthy rounds. Samples of the book are offered on this page. Scroll down to find the “Exchanges of love”. BTW I am not endorsing this book. The book is not an official translation, but the rounds are well done I think. Take what you like from it if it helps you grow in the Divine Will. There is also a different prayer on this website. That should help you get started Tara.


      1. Thanks Janet. This helps. I think I’ve been confused… Daniel O’Connor has some rounds included in the prayer section at the end of his book that I’ve been using, but what I’ve been stumbling with is how to ‘repair, redo, substitute, and multiply’ acts in creation, redemption, etc. I was looking for a little template to help me get started with that style of prayer. That being said, this may not exist per se. I will be patient and allow Our Mama and her Spouse to teach me 🙂


  14. I sometimes feel St Joseph is so far away from me. I know he is the saint of all saints in heaven. I used to pray to Him daily but I slowly stopped. I am sure that he is still looking out for me. I should keep up the devotion to St Joseph every Wednesday. St Joseph, please pray for me. Let me know that you are near me! amen.


  15. Some time ago while attending a convention in LA, a priest invited us to enter into a prayer experience. He asked us to envision Mary on one side of him and Joseph on the other. We were to spend some time discerning whom to invite into our prayer experience. I chose St. Joseph and quieted myself. Almost immediately I saw myself as a toddler being lifted high into the air by a joyous St. Joseph who was offering me up to the Father with words of thanksgiving and praise for my wondrous birth. The look of love in his eyes and the joyous laughter ringing as he lifted me again and again to the Father filled me with incredible confidence that my birth was not an accident but filled with purpose and plans to be unfolded in time and eternity. When this ended I cried from the depths of my heart; it was like being born anew into realizations that my parents were not able to give me. I have had a special relationship with St. Joseph, my foster father Saint, that is ever present in that awesome experience. Of late, St. Joseph is very present as my protector and guide as never before. Thank you, Janet, for this wonderful resource, especially for this time we are living in. I believe that the hidden St. Joseph will be very present with Our Lady in their missions of the Father.


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