Even if all about you things are falling to ruin, even if hope seems an illusion, be confident in my nearness….

Isaiah 40: 29, 31 He gives power to the faint, and strengthens the powerless. […] Those who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.

“My beloved, how weary you are! Do you think that I do not see your weariness? Am I not with you in your weakness? Do not despair, even when I tell you more is coming. But begin today to rely totally on me. I am your strength. My children, even if all about you things are falling to ruin, even if hope seems an illusion, be confident in my nearness. Believe that I am with you—your deliverance is at hand. Just as Pharaoh remained obstinate before Moses, so you see the powers of evil standing firm in their pride. But Pharaoh did not triumph. No, the triumph is reserved for me and for those who remain steadfast in me. Believe, hope, and wait in joyful expectation, for the Triumph is near!”

O my Jesus I thank and praise you for your care of you little servants. You can see our weariness. Help us to drink from the well of your strength and we will be sustained in all things as we wait in joyful hope for the coming triumph. Jesus we trust in you! Amen.


15 thoughts on “Even if all about you things are falling to ruin, even if hope seems an illusion, be confident in my nearness….

  1. Thank you, Janet. As always, perfect timing! I just received some cards in the mail and the one I kept had that very verse on it. My sleep has been disturbed lately. I actually wake up fighting (fear?) something and calling on Mary and Jesus to help me. I am rather grateful I don’t recall the dreams. God bless you and your family and all here.

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  2. Dear Infant Jesus
    I am so weary
    I remain at Your feet unable to move
    Holy Infant
    Thank You
    That I may take respite here

    Most Holy Mary
    I am Your faithful servant
    Resting at the foot of the manger
    In the company of Angels
    & Animals
    Let me not despair

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  3. My last prayer last night was to say ‘All I have to offer You Lord is my weakness, please return it to me as Your strength” ( something I learnt from Peli ; ) ) Then I randomly opened the Dairy of St Faustina and read “I am your strength, I will help you in the struggle.”
    Confirmation then and now here! Indeed…. He is our strength and He is near!
    Thank You Jesus and thank you Peli!
    Happy New year to all here and evey blessing in 2016. You and your territories are all in my daily prayers. God Bless!
    ps i used to post as ‘joni’ changed my login somewhere else and it ended up getting changed here too! I kind of miss joni ; )

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  4. Tears flowed copiously interiorly today. God is cleansing and healing hearts. We may not know what is going on, but He does and we need to be very open to His Actions!
    A description that I got in my email after experiencing this comes from Mary Clark’s latest post, (with Peli’s permission)
    “I want you to have expectancy in the hope of what each new day will bring to your heart under the Master’s touch!!!” Thought it was quite beautiful…


  5. I ask for prayers for my family as the times have reached a level that I am so weak and feeling of despair. My wife is divorcing me and I rarely get to see my boys or get to be an influence anymore in their faith life. I find solace in these messages but am struggling to see God’s hand in my life now. Thank you all in advance and may God bless you all this new year!


    1. d, this is so sad! A while back I asked for prayers for a serious situation in my family and was deeply moved by the response. As a result I now pray this prayer daily for all my brothers and sisters here. In it I ask that in the Divine Will, that all the prayers offered for my situation will be made available to everyone who invokes the collective prayers of all those on the blog. We are all weak and tired, but this is a quick prayer that dips into the limitless heavenly treasure. I place you and yours in the Flame of Love dear brother.

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    2. I want to share with you also what my SD wrote me in my Christmas card:

      “If I wish you God’s blessings, it could mean trials. For the Saints, that is what they considered a blessing. No doubt that accepting the crosses will bring greater blessings.”

      You and so many others are on the cross with Christ. Offer all in reparation for the great and many sins of the age. You are the suffering Christ. Meditate on the seven last words of Christ and you will be comforted even in your deepest sorrow. Jesus we trust in you. Save souls!

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    3. d, I know what you are going through. I experienced the same over 20 years ago. My 2 boys are still estranged from me, though one is showing signs of return. The other is married with 3 children, whom I have never met. My 2 daughters love and respect me, thank God. The ONLY way that I have endured the heartache is by relying and trusting ONLY in Jesus Christ. Eucharistic adoration has been and continues to be my solace and comfort. I offer all my pain and aloneness to Him to use as He Wills. I pray that He gives you the same hope and consolation, even though now it hurts you so much.

      I also ask for everyone’s prayers here, as health issues have flared up for me the day after Christmas. Thank you.

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