Blessed Jubilee Year of Mercy!

Dear brothers and sisters, I offer this prayer for all of you and those you are praying for, as we begin this Jubilee Year of Mercy.

O my Jesus, in the Divine Will I offer you all the unused shards of suffering, including my own, all those treasures discarded from the time of the fall of Adam and Eve to the last man. I offer them as a spiritual bouquet through the Flame of Love of our Immaculate Mother in reparation to the Holy Trinity for all sins ever committed, for the conversion of all those whose hearts are far from you, for the fire of pure love to be ignited in the lukewarm, and for all the intentions of those here and in my spiritual territory. Jesus and Mary I trust in you. Take care of everything, and everyone. May this Jubilee Year of Mercy bear abundant fruit for the Kingdom. May your Kingdom come and come quickly! Amen.


13 thoughts on “Blessed Jubilee Year of Mercy!

  1. Praise God for how He is moving all into unity for the coming year. The children of the One God will be surrounded by Satan (6016) but protected by our Mother of Divine Mercy, as she pours out God’s Mercy as the Mother of All People and the Mediatrix of All Grace! The year coming is 6016 years from Adam, which is why this coming year is so important. May the Holy Spirit enlighten us for His purpose and Glory!

    Anthony J. Mullen 610-853-9801

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  2. Just want to thank our Lord for watching over me. Just got out of back surgery number 7 or 8. Lost count. I love you all who read and share on this site. And wish you all a Merry Christmas. Spread love because with love all things can be conquered and even the most hardened hearts can become full of love…


  3. Like Kent I mean to copy it and make it my own and pass it on. Thank you! TA sorry to hear about all your surgeries. Hope and pray you mend quickly. God bless.


  4. Thank you do much for that beautiful prayer. May God continue to keep you as humble a you are and may His blessings be upon you for all eternity. Merry Christmas Be Merry always in Jesus name. Amen. God Bless you. With all my love and prayers


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