The greatest tragedy of all is a lost soul, and so many have no one to pray for them…

Ezekiel 9:3-6 The Lord called to the man clothed in linen, who had the writing-case at his side, and said to him, ‘Go through the city, through Jerusalem, and put a mark on the foreheads of those who sigh and groan over all the abominations that are committed in it.’ To the others he said in my hearing, ‘Pass through the city after him, and kill; your eye shall not spare, and you shall show no pity. Cut down old men, young men and young women, little children and women, but touch no one who has the mark. And begin at my sanctuary.

“My child, weep and wail, sigh and groan over what sin has purchased for the world. For it has purchased annihilation many times over. Yet I tell you, do not despair; remain in hope. Pray for all, but especially those who will die suddenly. The greatest tragedy of all is a lost soul, and so many have no one to pray for them. My little warriors, you have much work to do. Do not let one of my little ones be lost for lack of prayer. I am granting many graces. Ask and you shall receive—grace up on grace—so that your work for souls will bear abundant fruit. Children, PRAY, and offer sacrifices. Multiply them in the Divine Will and you will see miracles. The floodgates have been opened. Give me everything and I will give you more than you can imagine!”

O my beloved Father, grace upon grace! In the divine will grant us all we need to complete the task set before us. We praise you and thank you for calling us and equipping us for this important work. Jesus we trust in you—save souls! Amen.


37 thoughts on “The greatest tragedy of all is a lost soul, and so many have no one to pray for them…

    1. Thanks for sharing that thought, Barbara. I was just praying the Protection of the Blood of Christ for someone in danger, and to read of having It mark us is very comforting indeed. Blood of Christ be upon everyone on this blog<3

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  1. Peli, just to share:
    A few days ago, I set out to write a post on my blog on courage to speak up to lead someone back to the right path, even if the relationship is damaged. But as has happened more often than I can count, the post got taken out of my hand I ended up with a post on how I messed up trying to save a friend because I didn’t do it right.

    But as that post got put up, I had a fleeting thought: Is it time to pray my friend to safety? I must admit I haven’t since I was forced to end the relationship because I was just too relieved to have escaped the toxicity, and I lacked to will and charity to pray as I should have.

    Peli dear, seeing your post today is the Yes from heaven. I will commit to praying for these souls. God bless you. Happy Thanksgiving!


    1. Yes Catilynn. I had a dream once where I had a shopping basket full of eggs and I was trying to pick them up but kept putting my finger through the shell. The meaning revealed to me is that souls are that delicate. They must be handled with care and with prayer. Prayer is the humbler way to save souls since we are tempted to pride if we can think that we “talked” someone into it. It is hearts that must be changed, not minds, and hearts are God’s territory. I have made not a few mistakes in this regard. Prayer and sacrifice is the key. Occasionally God will give us an opening to speak, but if we barrel on ahead of God, it will end in disaster. Just my experience.

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      1. I think many of us tend to out too much stock into our abilities to save souls, forgetting that it’s God who saves, not us. You are right – prayer and sacrifice opens up the channels to outpouring of grace. We have to learn to put these first.

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    1. I believe this to mean the floodgates of grace Germy. Scripture tells us, where sin abounds, grace abounds all the more. God’s grace is the arsenal of this spiritual battle for souls. He is telling us he has set out the big guns and lots of ’em! We only need to pick them up. These graces are things like the Flame of Love grace, prayer in the Divine Will, etc. These are unprecedented graces. PICK UP THESE POWERFUL WEAPONS DEAR FRIENDS! We have much work to do for the kingdom. May His kingdom come, and His will be done on earth as in heaven. Fiat!

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      1. I completely agree Peli. I began reciting my nightly rosary with the Flame of Love addition to the Hail Mary, and was quickly brought to studying the Divine Will after that. I am now fully engaged in both. Wow Peli. Thank you for your part in directing me to these two powerful weapons. I will never, NEVER (!), stray from the Divine Will willingly, and our Celestial Mama will absolutely keep me under her mantle when I inadvertently fall back into my own will. Thank you Peli. May many souls understand the significance of replacing their human will with the Divine Will.

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      2. I would like to start by saying that it is my first time writing on this blog, and really find comfort in all your writings – you are truly a blessing from God for our benefit and God’s Glory.

        However, these Words left me perplexed:
        “Ask and you shall receive—grace up on grace—so that your work for souls will bear abundant fruit. Children, PRAY, and offer sacrifices. Multiply them in the Divine Will and you will see miracles. The floodgates have been opened. Give me everything and I will give you more than you can imagine!””

        For the last 17 years, I have been praying every day, fasting twice a week, offering all kinds of torments and ailments to the Lord, and nobody in my immediate surrounding has converted (which does not mean that all these efforts did not bear fruits for other people elsewhere on the Earth or in Purgatory).

        So my question: What am I supposed to do more, better, or differently to get those additional graces? What more can I possibly do that I have not already done to obtain these graces?
        I am a bit confused …


      3. Great question Bruno! Just a few thoughts…

        First a question: What would happen if today all those souls you were praying for converted as a result of your prayers? I know in my case, two things would happen. One, I would feel a sense of accomplishment (pride) and two I would be less motivated to pray so hard and offer sacrifices. I think that when God finds someone who is willing to pray so hard and offer so many sacrifices for souls, he sees that person as a rare treasure. He wants that soul to keep praying and desires to give them every motivation to continue to pray. In your case and mine, there is no better motivation than to pray for family members who seem to have lost their faith.

        Second, the Lord wishes to build you up in trust. Ask and you shall receive. In other words, don’t look for results you can measure, but trust that God is a Father who knows how to give good things to his children. A book has been recommended to me just this past week, called, “My Ideal: Jesus Son of Mary” by Fr. Emil Neubert. All I can say is Wow! I leave you with this excerpt that touches on your question. I love what it says about the confidence with which we are to pray:

        (Mary) “You are beginning to understand by what means you may carry on your Apostolate, but you are far from understanding with what confidence you should go about it…What can you do? By yourself, nothing. With me, wonderful things. Was it not because He who is mighty looked upon the nothingness of His handmaid that He accomplished great things in her? Have you never read that ‘the foolish things of the world, God has chosen to confound the wise; and the weak things of the world God has chosen to confound the strong?’ Listen to my words and meditate upon them. I want you to understand two truths, which will give you an invincible Faith in the success of your mission, a Faith which will move mountains.

        “To begin with, remember that your Apostolate is my Apostolate, and that your interests are mine. It was to me, not to you, that God confided the mission of crushing the serpent’s head and of establishing the Kingdom of my Son in the world; you only participate in my mission. I am the Commandress-in-Chief of the Army of Christ; you are merely my soldier. It is my children not yours, who must be saved. Does not a mother desire the salvation of her children much more ardently than a stranger would? Does not the General wish for victory much more intensely than a private? Are not the interests of Jesus infinitely more precious to me than to you?

        “…Now I am all powerful through the omnipotence (given me) by God, and I can confer this omnipotence on those who act in my name…I have a loving intention regarding each of your apostolic enterprises. This intention always surpasses in perfection any which you could imagine. For I love you more than you love yourself, and I love Jesus and all souls more than you could ever love them. This intention (of you working to save souls) is always perfectly realizable. It will be realized infallibly IN PROPORTION AS YOU ACT IN MY NAME. Hence, whatever the obstacles, you can always succeed beyond your expectations provided you act in my name. Yet, in order to win these marvelous victories, it is NOT enough to work hard; you must work IN MY NAME…Working in my name means working according to my intentions and with a consciousness that you are sharing in my mission and in my omnipotence (given by God).

        “Offer your prayers and sufferings to Jesus through my hands so that my intentions for your Apostolate may be realized. Before starting anything, pray to me and see what my intentions may be, so that you may act as MY INSTRUMENT. (Then) begin with supreme confidence in your success, because it is I who am working through you. Be careful not to let your ideas take the place of mine…You will be certain of success only if YOU PERSIST in the disposition of acting according to my intentions.

        “If you seem to have failed, examine yourself: either you have not acted in my name and your failure is real; or you have tried to conform to my intentions and to rely on me, and success is merely delayed. It will come in God’s good time and it will be all the more glorious, because it will have cost you greater effort and demanded more confidence. Thus, our Lord will be glorified, your Mother honored and souls rescued from damnation.

        “Without me you can not succeed. With me, you can not fail.”

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  2. I so love the My Ideal book- talk about a job description for these times! I have been meditating on a bit of it each day. Yes, the work is not ours- as Joyce Meyer says, we are not Holy Ghost Junior! Patient endurance is hard when we are praying for those we love- but none of these prayers are wasted! And joining with Our Lady in this work is how Our Lord wants it done at this time in history. Every time I find myself spinning my wheels I know it is because I am trying to act in my own power and not in union with Jesus through Mary. Easy to say- hard to do!


  3. Janet, just have to share this with you. While in Adoration today, I asked the Lord for guidance. I’ve been confused because I have so many books that I haven’t read, or have begun and then gone onto read another one, and I’ve been a bit sad after our family Thanksgiving. Sad, not because it wasn’t great to be with most of my family, but sad because there was no prayer of Thanksgiving again and everyone seemed far away from God. And, there has been some anxiety welling up in me again over these times and I have been concerned about family and friends not seeing what’s happening. Anyway, I just went through a box of books (my bookcase is overflowing) and pulled out that very book (My Ideal Jesus Son of Mary) just five minutes ago and then was led to your site! If I pay attention, I am being guided! God bless you and all here.

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  4. When I read these words from the message given to you Peli, I felt that Jesus was talking directly to us ( those who read here) and He called us His warriors. May we endeavour to stretch out our ‘territory of souls’ to include more this Advent.


  5. I gave my friend a picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus which I got from a very holy man a few months ago. She was very happy to place it in the kitchen so that others may notice Jesus. She told me that her husband is now converted since this picture is being placed at home.

    He was far away from the Catholic church and God for many years…He now says the rosary and he visits the Blessed Sacrament once a week. My friend is still gutted over his sudden conversion. I said to her that I regret to give her that amazing picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and I jokingly asked her to give it back to me! She refused…

    To be honest, I am a bit sorry for giving this picture to my friend and I hope to contact this holy man to give me another one!

    Jesus said, He will bless the house if his picture is exposed. Many people are not aware about the Nine First Fridays Novena and his beautiful twelve promises.

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  6. to Brunog; keep up the prayers. I prayed many years, 25 at least for my step father-in-law. He was very anti church, religion, etc. At 88 years old he became very sick and ended up in the hospital. He reacted to the pain medication and was in a coma for about 3 weeks.
    The family planned the funeral with their minister as his death seemed eminent. The minister asked if he could go up to the hospital to visit with the patient and they agreed although they cautioned that he has been in the coma every time a relative visited. The minister went to visit and found him awake. They talked a little about familiar topics then the minister asked if he would like to pray.
    My father-in-law agreed. That was at 4-5 PM. At 8 PM he had passed away. God’s timing is always the best. I would have preferred his conversion years sooner.

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    1. Helen,
      I do not intend to give-up, but I do wish conversions would occur sooner than later, and with much less anxiety and sorrow to get there.

      I personally opened my heart to God late in my life after going through a very rough moment. Unfortunately, too often people convert when they hit rock bottom (like it happened to me).
      I guess, I just wish I could do or say something so that people would convert without all of the pain and suffering I went through, but unfortunately, most of the time it does not happen like that: the human heart is complicated and seems to respond to God’s grace only when tried severely, and some people can endure much much pain (to a level I sometimes cannot understand) until they finally give-in to God’s love.
      At least, that is my own experience in the matter.

      I will end by simply praying to God that he bestows over the entire humanity abundant graces for the conversion of all sinners (me included) as we enter into Advent.

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      1. Helen and Brunog and Janet. Your comments toutched my soul. My name is Bob. I have followed this blog for several years and commented once. Brunog – I have experienced your anxiety and suffering – I think I understand. Helen- My father-in-law, at 65, was dying of cancer. Not Catholic he converted, asked to be baptised, confessed, and received Communion. A few weeks later he died (a remarkable holy death).

        I think he converted at the time God ordained. I don’t think he could have committed mortal sin between his baptism and death. A mystic explained why the crucifiction and death of Jesus didn’t sanctify souls forever. We are like children born with a grave illness, we are healed by Jesus’s death , (and receive sactifying grace), but we are still weak \and can become sick again. Recall in the bible when the devil is driven out of the house, it is swept clean, but seven more return even more wicked. God ordains the proper time souls are converted.

        Also, I think our prayers do help- we just don’t see how bad it could be without our prayers. Perhaps things would be much worse without our prayers. Oul loved ones could fall into grave mortal sin, despair, commit suicide.

        This has been my experience. May God bless you all.

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  7. The stations of the Cross. How can I make it? should I go to the Church to visit those fourteen or fifteen stations? I have a book at home and I wonder if I should pray before these pictures of the book? which one? Your advice is cordially welcome.


  8. I appreciate all the comments here. Especially I thank Bob for his insight about God’s timing. I have a whole family full of souls that I love so dearly and desire and pray for their conversions with all my heart. It’s hard when you see no movement, but there’s small movements sometimes and sometimes I think I miss the really big sea changes going on because they don’t fit my narrative. I hope Our Lord will overlook that. The prayers and offering of the Divine Will have helped me enormously and also entrusting all my prayers and sacrifices to Mother Mary. A great load off my mind to hand it over and let The Blessed Mother sort it out and keep me safely in the Divine Will. I guess I don’t need to know the outcome or even be there when it happens. Just trust. Marino Restepro talks about his mother praying for him for years and then she died. A year later he converted and look what a power house for Jesus he is now!

    Just an added note–I go to an oncologist tomorrow to explore options for treatment for a recently discovered “problem” and I would appreciate any prayers from all our cyber faith community. I have peace about it. I truly believe that I am in God’s hands no matter what. I just ask for prayers that I do His will and accept it, whatever the outcome. At this point, I welcome any cross to offer up–I know that sounds sort of “off” but truly, I think this “cross” is a gift but I’m a bit of a coward so any prayers will be appreciated.


  9. In praying for family members, I have been placing certain individuals in the wounds of Jesus, some in the wound in His side, some in the crown of thorns, some in the scourges, and so on. I do that because I am thinking of the circumstances of their lives. For example, one person has suffered a lot of deprivation and is very bitter. If someone else points out this weakness to her, she becomes more angry and is also jealous of others around her, whom she compares herself with often; the question always being, why me and not a person who is not as nice or who is not as responsible as I am or whatever justification she pulls up in her mind for being more deserving of good luck than others. I ask Jesus to place her in the deepest wounds in his crown of thorns and in his side because Jesus’s suffering was also in His mind and He suffered losing all His blood when the lance went through His side. Other people are helpless in their situation, so they are nailed to their cross and I place them in those wounds, Others are not suffering themselves so much, and not thinking of God very much, These ones I place in Jesus’s agony in the garden. Jesus knew those who would disregard Him, but He loved them anyway. Placing our family in the wounds of Jesus our Saviour, is asking for His mercy on them.


  10. I have been praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet for some years now, and only very recently realised how completely these prayers are ‘in the Divine Will.’
    I even find myself thinking “Father it is the Divine Will of Jesus, to have Mercy on us and on the whole world,” Like Father, like Son.

    Jesus showed us the way and taught us to pray in the Divine Will with Divine Mercy Chaplet. Praise be Jesus and Mary.

    @Barbara Dore. One of the ways I make the stations of the Cross is at the 4th Sorrowful Mystery of Holy Rosary.
    At each Hail Mary.
    1st bead; Jesus is condemned. At Hail Mary contemplate Blessed Mother as she encounters the condemnation of Jesus. At Holy Mary intercede from her the graces intended for us when Jesus offered His unjust condemnation for our salvation. You can also offer atonement for breaches of 1st Commandment.
    2nd bead. Jesus is loaded with the Cross. Hail Mary contemplate Blessed Mother as she encounters the unjust burden of the Cross laid on Jesus for our sins. At Holy Mary intercede from her the graces intended for us when Jesus offered His unjust burden in atonement for our sins. You can also offer atonement for breaches of 2nd Commandment.
    3rd bead. Jesus falls 1st time. Hail Mary contemplate Blessed Mother as she encounters her Son falling under the weight of the Cross with all the pain and agony this must have caused Jesus. At Holy Mary intercede from her the graces intended for us when Jesus fell the first time. You can also offer atonement for breaches of 3rd Commandment ie souls who do not keep Holy the Sabbath Day.
    4th bead. Jesus meets His Mother. Hail Mary contemplate Blessed Mother as she sees close up the utter horror of the wounds and bruises and spittle covering her Divine Son. At Holy Mary intercede from her the graces intended for us when Jesus encountered His precious mother and how this sight must be killing her. You can also offer atonement for sins against the 4th Commandment, ie sins against obedience.
    5th bead. Jesus is assisted by Simeon in carrying the Cross. Hail Mary contemplate Blessed Mother as she watched helpless to protect her Son. At Holy Mary intercede from her the graces won for us through Jesus and Mary suffering. You can also offer atonement for sins against the 5th Commandment. ie. sins against the sanctity of life.
    6th bead. Jesus is helped by Veronica wiping His Holy Face. At Hail Mary contemplate Blessed Mother as she watches her Son as His life is draining away under the weight of the Cross. At Holy Mary intercede from her the graces intended for us through Jesus suffering. You can also offer atonement for sins against the 6th Commandment ie sins against purity and chastity.
    I think I had better end the post it is too long. Hope this will help you in your search for ways to make the stations of the Cross.
    I end the fourth mystery with Jesus stripped of His garments. And would have another long post sharing the 5th Sorrowful Mystery of the Rosary with the meditations for each Hail Mary and Holy Mary in Crucifixion.
    You can also use the meditations at each station in the Church.
    God bless. Hope this helps. Julia.


  11. Thank you everyone for your prayers! I need them and I appreciate them. I am praying for all of you, too. How lovely to be part of the Mystical Body of Christ. I face a minor surgery and then perhaps a major one. One day at a time. At least I can get through Christmas before I have to double down. God is so good. I also thank Julia and Barbara for these beautiful ways to pray for family. I love the idea of doing the stations of the Cross with the fourth Sorrowful mystery. I used to often make the Stations when I was doing my Holy Hours in conjunction with either the Divine Mercy Chaplet or the Rosary/Sorrowful Mysteries. I haven’t done it in a long time. Maybe time to get back to it! It seemed very powerful when I used to do it but hard work. (laziness is the sin of age I think–at least my age 😉

    Today on this beautiful feast and the opening of the Year of Mercy I completed my renewal of my consecration to the Immaculate Heart. What joy. What peace. Funny to be at this older age of my life and feel so much like a little child being led by my Mother’s hand. I know the hard slog will start again, but today, it’s all joy and mercy. May all of you have a wonderful blessed Feast of Our Lady and experience this lovely motherly Presence.


  12. I made the Consecration to Sacred Heart of Jesus through Immaculate Heart of Mary on 8th December too, Ann. I did the 33 day Luis De Montefort one. Found it under John Marinez, It is detailed for each day at the end of his 12th contemplation. God bless John Marinez. God bless Peli too.

    The wonderful treat Blessed Mother arranged for me was. I discovered that a little Parish in my town where there is a Shrine to Our Lady and Saint Ann was holding the ‘Holy Doors’ opening ceremony on 8th December, because the parish Priest will be away on Sunday when the Cathedrals and Shrines around the world will be formally opened.

    So I had done the First Friday and First Saturday devotion followed by our Monthly Divine Mercy prayer and adoration on the Sunday. Hoping the Saturday confession left my slate clean enough to gain the Indulgence for making the Holy Doors pilgrimage.

    I believed we could only gain the Indulgence once in this Year of Mercy. But I have been told we can make the pilgrimage and gain the Indulgence as often as we want. This will mean Confessions, Mass, Holy Communion and a prayer for the Holy Father each time. If this is correct, I think we can make this pilgrimage for our family members who are not practising the Faith as well as for deceased members of our family or friends, or even for unknown souls who have no one to pray for them. Peli, do you know if we can do this.

    Merciful Jesus, I trust in Thee.


    1. Beautiful Julia. However, make sure the “holy doors” have been designated so by the Bishop. Many places, schools and churches have holy doors, but there are only a few “official” holy doors in each diocese. Best to check into that.


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