New Page on Divine Will Resources…

Blessings dear friends. I have put up a new page with a few Divine Will resources that I have found helpful. It is not an exhaustive list, but I have tried to use approved sources. May this “new and divine holiness” be a blessing to you and to the whole world. God be praised!


6 thoughts on “New Page on Divine Will Resources…

  1. Thank you very much Pelianito! I have been praying many times for a deeper comprehension and understanding of this. I pray the consecration prayer every day for a long time and have such a desire but it’s like there’s a door and I need it opened to truly understand it
    Thanks again I am reading it now by the person named Daniel. He gives great insight into this. I have sent this out to several of my friends who feel just like I feel about this.
    Thanks again dear!!!!


  2. Sr. Maria Consolata Betrone – “Jesus, Mary, I love You, Save ……/maria-consolata-betrone-jesus-mary-love-save-so...
    May 5, 2006 – One such inspiration was given to the Servant of God Sr. Maria Consolata Betrone (1903-1946, Italy) after reading St. Therese of Lisieux’s Story of a Soul. … Offer an unceasing act of love from the heart: Jesus, Mary I love You, Save Souls! … He invited Consolata to intensify the …


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