If it appears that wickedness grows bolder by the day, is this not so that the Hunter might flush out the prey and slay them in plain sight?

Ecclesiastes 3:16-17 Moreover, I saw under the sun that in the place of justice, wickedness was there, and in the place of righteousness, wickedness was there as well. I said in my heart, God will judge the righteous and the wicked, for he has appointed a time for every matter, and for every work.

“My child, if you now see more wickedness, if it appears that wickedness grows bolder by the day, is this not so that the Hunter might flush out the prey and slay them in plain sight? Your God is not silent in the face of evil. He is patient, allowing time for repentance, but also allowing those whose wickedness makes them arrogant, to come out of the shadows. Let the wicked come out like the pus in a boil; let not the festering continue and spread. When wickedness is exposed to light it loses its power. When Truth shines on it, it flees as from a flame. Children I am purifying my Bride. She is being scoured inside and out. The process is painful, but you, my children must rejoice! For I mean to restore my Bride to a glory never before seen. Watch and pray!”

Oh my Beloved! What joy to anticipate a glorious Church, a spotless Bride! In the Divine Will, I place my I love you and I thank you in all you are doing to accomplish this. Flush out the wickedness! Lance the boil! Shine your light of Truth over the whole world. Jesus I love you—take care of everything! Amen.


16 thoughts on “If it appears that wickedness grows bolder by the day, is this not so that the Hunter might flush out the prey and slay them in plain sight?

  1. I dont what it is but i read the word wickenedness three times today!

    May the Lord grant us mercy!

    I ask kindly for prayers a lot of temptations. Mind, work, home, divorce barely hitting my mind. Pray for all single parents. It is hard.

    Peli i went to the Chapel today i was there in front of God. I said i dont want to be here im mad but it is not my feelings that govern me. I offered the Act of the will Jesus i trust in you. I did feel it was heard. Felt peace after my rosary in which i had no issues praying it. Praise be God!


  2. Peli, some weeks back, a new kind of trouble began for me. People I thought I had known well suddenly exhibited a kind of behavior that was shocking and unbelievable. It was a side to them I never knew existed. It threw me for a loop, and soon, I went into a downward spiral for a while, trying to make sense of it all.

    And then, this word came to mind: Unmasking.

    It came back a couple more times over the next few days, but I didn’t quite focus on it. And now, Peli, you give us this guidance. So, we are now in the unmasking phase, giving a face, a name – to hitherto unseen, hidden enemies.


  3. I met three ladies at the different times on the different dates this month. I said hello to them and they greeted me back , then full stop. they returned to their own world. i was very surprised at their behavior. I know that one religious lady for many years. we sometimes had a small talk in relation with the spiritual issues. Her attitude always affects me and if i see her again. I give her a wide berth. no point to make an effort. very strange world now days!


  4. Yes, during this past week I had a sort of “unmasking” of myself to myself!
    The examination of conscience is really invaluable in that regard.
    Recently Charlie on his blog said that Pope Francis has unmasked more heretics in the Church than Popes John Paul or Benedict ever did, by creating an atmosphere in which they feel free to come out in the open. Very interesting take, I hadn’t thought of it like that. But it’s true.
    Now I look at things differently when I hear of some priest, for example, publishing a book contradicting Church teaching. They’re telling the world who they really are, and we know they are not reliable guides.

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  5. I have just been able to get back on using WordPress..I’m just reading this message to day, after the attacks in Paris..the message is so appropriate for what happened there..the wicked are getting bolder.


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