It is at these times of abject dryness that your trust means the most…

Psalm 116:10-11 I kept my faith, even when I said, ‘I am greatly afflicted’; I said in my consternation, ‘Everyone is a liar.’

“My beloved, do not be deceived but cling to me in every trial. Have I not said, ‘A little while, and you will no longer see me, and again a little while, and you will see me’ (John 16:16)? Am I gone just because you can no longer see me? Do I cease to exist? Of course not! I AM! Then trust in me. My Church, my Body, is eternal. It can never be separated from me. It may appear to die, but only so that my greater glory may be revealed in it. I have been telling you for many years that there is much to come. I have warned you so that you will not lose faith. Trust in me with an act of the will—whether you feel it or not. It is at these times of abject dryness that your trust means the most. Your prayers of trust at such times shine to all the farthest reaches of heaven, and the Gloriana* rejoices. Ponder this well, my children. You will all be tested. Happy the one whose faith in me remains steadfast. Pray for this grace, my beloved. I will not deny it to anyone who asks.”

O my beloved Jesus! How you care for us! In the Divine Will and as your Eucharistic Agent, I beg for the grace of steadfast faith and enduring trust for myself and all those you have given me to pray for. Help us to always say with the Psalmist: “I kept my faith, even when I said, ‘I am greatly afflicted.’” Jesus I trust in you! Amen.

(*Gloriana: The angels and saints in perfect communion with the Blessed Trinity; the perfect unity of heaven.)


29 thoughts on “It is at these times of abject dryness that your trust means the most…

  1. This blog post hit the spot. As a convert I have felt kind of down about the Synod I will admit. As a former Methodist I feel like I have seen this movie before. I came into The Church believing She held the truth and trusting in Jesus. As a committed Christian for many years, I was converted by my gradual belief in The Real Presence. I feel like the Church is entering Her Passion- I can tell you I am definitely not feeling it these days-it is an act of the will and like Peter knowing I have nowhere else to go that keeps me hanging on. Jesus I trust in You! Maybe I oversimplify things as a former Bible Christian but it seems to me while the Church is not Sola Scriptura it might have been helpful for the Synod Fathers to pick up a Bible-LOL! I know I need to pray all of them and I am struggling. As a fairly new convert (2012) I came to accept the authority of The Church- and I still do but I feel like the Psalm quoted- so many agendas exposed at The Synod and very few seemed to be The Gospel of Jesus Christ! Sorry for the ramblings- it helps to know that Jesus understands and knows we are confused and He is not the author of confusion. As a member of the Flame of Love group, I know what I must do and not to ever give up on The Church but keep praying!


    1. V, I think you are voicing the concerns of many. I hope you have read Charlie’s latest post “Rock Solid”, which also includes Mark’s latest post. As well, I keep thinking of this message from September. The phrase “man your own tiller” is one that keeps coming back to me whenever I feel like I want to control outcomes that are not mine to control. God is in charge! Rejoice and be glad! 🙂

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  2. The latest on the Synod is not in yet. Pope Francis has yet to respond. Charlie continually reassures us that Pope Francis is definitely the Pope for the storm. I think many will be surprised, but Jesus built his church on the rock, and the rock will not fail.


  3. Thanks Janet and it was good to re-read the man your own tiller post- I am a control freak in recovery! I did read Mark and Charlie’s posts which did help as well. Thanks for the encouragement!


  4. Peli, of late, I’ve been seeing a pattern of Joy Light – Aridity – Joy Light – Aridity play out consistently in my life. The difference is where it once played out over several months (months of inner joy, followed by a sudden silence from Heaven), it is the norm now every few days. A couple of days of inner joys, then a sudden emptiness. Since I became aware of St Francis in my life, I’ve been listening out for birdsongs every day, and they’ve brought me much peace. But when in Arid mode, even that is stilled or muted – and that has never happened before.
    I concede that I do not like it one bit, Peli, 🙂 but I know it is needed, because sorrow must come before joy.
    When I sense the desert within me, I am slowly learning to give myself a little shake, and say, “I must continue to do what He has taught me.” I just ask that this grace to prevail be gifted to me every day, for without it, I am a goner.


    1. Well said Catilynngrace. My SD once told me that this is the normal pattern for growth in the spiritual life, the consolation/desolation cycle. Be at peace knowing that this is working for your spiritual growth. Trust is easy in times of consolation, but it means so much more in times of desolation. Jesus I trust in you!

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  5. Today’s gospel hit me….. Oct 26 …..we are to be guided by Love, guided by the Holy Spirit. I heard this just after reading Charlie’s comment that the pope is being guided by the Holy Spirit to restore the Church.
    I believe everything has to come out … Be exposed… Including my heart, our hearts, all hearts….. To be ready for the coming of the Era of the Holy Spirit, the era of Love.
    Healing of Gods family…….. Pope francis through the action of the Holy Spirit is restoring.
    Calm and peace await us on the other side of the storm.however we have to go through Gods plan and storm is part of it.
    May the Holy Spirit enlighten each soul with the Love of the Trinity.

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  6. Our duty is to pray, pray, pray…

    The Church of Christ will stand throughout eternity. No need to worry! The Body is coming together. All is in Christ’s Hands with the Great Intercession of His Mother and the Power of The Holy Spirit!!!
    It will all play out, but the result will be the Glorious Era of Peace…

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  7. Wow! This is so perfect a word. It describes the very pattern that I have been experiencing and yet, this time, there seems to be a new grace that helps me instinctively react with trust in HIM. Thank you for being obedient, Peli.


  8. May the Will of the Father, made known by the love of the Son, by the Power of the Holy Spirit reign in me…… Can replace with” whoever”.

    I sense we are to pray for a fresh revelation of the Father, revealed by the Son, empowered by the Holy Spirit.

    May the Love in the Divine Will draw all and give each person a desire to turn back…. Out of darkness and bondage of any sort and into the Light. May Thy Kingdom Come .For Catholics the gift of reconciliation is an excorcism.
    Out of one Kingdom into the Kingdom of Love.
    What a battle we are in!


    1. I had the most amazing meditation today reading Today’s Gospel about the coming of the Kingdom. I was praying and reflecting on Our Church and wondering if we might be entering The Passion of the Church which the catechism speaks of. I thought of how only one Apostle stayed with Jesus on the Cross but Mary was there as were some Holy women. I believe that the Lord was telling me as one consecrated to Him through Mary and a member of her fighting forces that my place was with Her right there praying, hoping and believing. That is Jesus on the Cross- our prayers and sacrifices through the Immaculate Heart of Mary console Him- this is the consoling spirituality of Father Michael Gaitley, St. Therese, and Mother Teresa. I believe the Lord is looking for all of us little ones to stay close to Her. Our Lord is so good and He will never leave us orphans!

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  9. I have to share something–just to show the love and mercy and goodness of God. This week has been incredibly difficult for me as I approach the sixth anniversary of my son’s death and face other challenges spiritual and physical but this morning as I awoke there was a lyric in my mind, a hymn I didn’t even really know but I looked it up and wow! What a word of consolation from Our Lord. The hymn is an old southern hymn “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms.” I couldn’t believe the lyrics! Tailored made to reassure and give hope. Anyone who is currently struggling with the “dark valley” I urge you to listen to this lovely hymn (many versions on you tube). Someone mentioned above about a cycle of desolation, consolation. Have to say that that is my story this week. Today there’s joy in the midst of the heart ache. I just want to give thanks, and share in case anyone else needs this blessing.

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    1. Ann, what blessed comfort that you have been given this consolation for this kind of grief. I too heard my first hymn lyric a few months after a grief like yours almost ten years ago, and then, there was nothing for many years. But two years ago, they began again, consoling and leading hymns – an Unseen Hand leading me through meadows and valleys, uniting me closer and closer to His Divine Will.

      Rest thy ear against the Heart of Jesus, for more will come ❤


  10. Ann…….. How music can raise the soul. Thank you sharing …. I will listen to it.
    At present I am listening often to another…. Faith, be Thou Vision. Many on youtube.


    1. Anne–I found Be Thou My Vision. Beautiful. Especially the you tube of Alisson Krause singing it with all the verses. Thank you for telling me about it. I played it over and over last night. And thank you Val and Janet and Caitlynne. I really appreciate your responses.

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  11. “abject dryness” That must be what I have been feeling these last few weeks. With some disappointment and a dash of anger all rolled into one. I didn’t even go to daily mass one week . . . I just felt so . . . miffed and confused.
    I told God one day while driving that his PR department is doing a horrible job, ” we could use some help down here ya know” and “seems like the bad guys are winning again and again”. I seem to have gained a better perspective this week, but I feel like I lost so much ground in the faith department. I know mentally that GOD is here and loves us very very much, but my heart seems so disappointed. Hoping this is the “abject dryness”.

    Doing Charlie’s NRS, hopefully I’m doing it right. Who knows. Also praying/talking to God through out the day. Adoration. Will attempt fasting (again). Rosary. Yes, and try to carry my cross with a smile. And thank you Peli for your blog. Very peaceful. I always, always read your “messages” with eagerness because they have that solid feel. No confusion or beating around the bushes. Thanks again.


    1. Blessings Josephine. The Scripture verse with this message got me through a very dark period some years back. I prayed it continually but without feeling. “I trusted, even when I said, ‘I am sorely afflicted.'” God will honor your trust. Just keep willing to trust. God wins. Thanks be to God!


  12. Thank you Peli-this one certainly comes at the right time-as always!
    Our Lord knows what we need before we do.

    I too have had days (one up-one down) where it seems the whole world has been zapped of anything good – especially void of feeling Gods presence. It humbles me and makes me pray all the more and then I realize that is the point. Overwhelming sometimes. Then all of a sudden-joy returns and with it – peace – especially after a Rosary where I have recited the words of the Flame of Love you mentioned.

    Thank you for the reminder to make a special effort with this Rosary in November for the holy souls. I am especially praying for my brother and will ask St. Gertrude to pray with us!

    Also wanted to mention – when I was at adoration today-I was asking Jesus about what He wanted-what was the NRS for me. Feeling like I keep missing the boat and failing. Next thing I heard in my heart was the prayer of Saint Francis Hymn.

    It struck me when I read the posts here-so many are hearing hymns as answers to prayer lately. Perhaps Our Lord wants us to lift up our voices a little more with singing.

    At my parish we say the DVM Chaplet after daily Mass-but we sing the 5th decade while venerating the wound in Jesus side. It is amazing how different it feels when we sing that last decade. I am pulled into it more deeply and you can sense it is rising to heaven in the emotions of all those participating. I wish we sang the whole thing but it is striking to experience the difference.

    I feel a little inspired now. Whenever I am feeling lost in the “desert” I am not just going to pray-I am going to sing praises. Or perhaps also the other way around. If I sing praises through my day-even if just in my head-perhaps there will not be so many days in the desert?


    1. Can’t wait to listen. What a lovely hymn. Perhaps since I am of Irish descent it resonates with me. Music and lyrics. That’s why hearing an old protestant gospel lyric was so out of character for me–not my musical taste at all. But what I got from it was similar to the message Janet received in the posting. That we can trust Jesus. Lean on Him. He’s there whether we are aware of it or not and that we really do live a “blessed fellowship” of trust and now I am quite taken with hymns of this sort. Funny, huh? I think God has a sense of humor.


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