The love of Christ is an impenetrable shield…

John 13:1 Having loved his own who were in the world, he loved them to the end.

“Beloved, you belong to me and I love you. Then why be afraid? If you belong to me, then all that happens to you is in accordance with my will. Therefore, maintain your integrity, repent as soon as you sin, and draw ever-nearer to me. In that way, no matter what happens, you will know true peace. My children, it is no small thing to belong to me. Those who belong to me—especially those who live most perfectly in my will—I use to great advantage in the work of the kingdom. Now you in the world are engaged in a battle never before seen. Those to whom I have permitted a glimpse of it in advance have recoiled in horror. Yes, there is much more to come. But you have an advantage over those who glimpsed it as a future event. You who are living through it, you who are mine in the world, have unprecedented graces at your disposal. I love those who are my own in the world, and I will love them to the end of their earthly journey. This too is grace. For the love of Christ is an impenetrable shield. Do not fear the enemy but cling to me as I cling to you, and you will know unending joy.”

O my Jesus! I place my I love you and I thank you in your unending love for you little ones. What grace! What honor you bestow on us who are so little deserving of even the lowest gaze from you. Jesus, Beloved, never let me stop clinging to you and never stop clinging to me. Jesus I love you! Amen.



45 thoughts on “The love of Christ is an impenetrable shield…

    1. Thanks Caitlynne and Edith! These are beautiful confirmations of a very important message–cling to Christ for he clings to you. 🙂 He will never let us go. We can only be separated through sin. “Jesus we trust in you” is a simple way that we can keep clinging to him. Thank you Jesus!


  1. Please pray for my sister in law and his son so that it will be sorted out in peace and may his son receive a deep healing. Please pray for him to stay away from his Muslim friends and May Jesus lead him to a Holy person so that he will find Jesus.


  2. Dear Peli,
    After reading so much about it, last week I finally began on the Luisa Piccarreta 24-Hour Passion of Christ Novena. On the 2nd day, I heard an interior voice say:

    Blow the spirit of My Mother into the realms where work is needed.

    I didn’t post this here earlier because I’ve only heard of Holy Spirit but never of Mary Spirit or anything like it. But I checked with my spiritual director 2 days ago, and he told me it was theologically sound.

    Right now, I’ve begun, Blowing the spirit of Mother Mary into various troubled nations and other situations, but that can evolve or lead to something else. I wonder why Jesus said, Blow, and not pray the spirit of My Mother. It’s probably nothing, but I’m just wondering.

    And in the meantime, I am continuing to say that prayer.


    1. Caitlynne Jesus breathed the Holy Spirit on the apostles. Breathing a spirit is a profound form of prayer I think, that involves not just words but something much deeper. You must ponder this call. I’m glad you have a spiritual director.


  3. We have just had a visit from Father Francis Geremia of the Marian Movement of Priests, he was here in our city for a day only, but what a great day it was. We are so grateful when overseas priests come to us as we are so far away, the most southern Diocese in the world. He told us how great it is to see the light of Jesus shining here and called us ‘the remnant’. It has helped us to draw nearer to Jesus. Praise God.


  4. Peli dear,
    Whenever I try praying, Blow the Spirit of Mary…. I can sense it’s not the right thing, but still can’t put my finger on it. Thanks so much for that guidance. I will take it up with my SD, and keep you updated. God bless you, and again, Thank you.


  5. Caitlynne;

    I have felt led to pray with “breath” for the last couple of years. In the Divine Will, I ask Jesus to give me His breath and His intentions for where it should be directed. (For example, sometimes the intention is priests, or the lukewarm, or those who have yet to give their Fiat.) Then, on inspiriation, I say interiorly, “Fiat” and on expiration I say “Magnificat”, as I imagine His breath reaching those people all over the world.

    It seems to me you may be called to do the same thing with the Blessed Mother. From the interior of her heart, ask for her breath and her intentions, then use that breath as a prayer.


  6. I appreciate hearing about this breathing the spirit of our Mother over those in need and we are all in need. It is similar to giving “our Lady’s Special Motherly blessing”, as Sr. Emanuel of Medjugorje promoted.

    I have just started praying the Divine Will prayers. I love the Flame of Love prayers..I insert my children’s names in the Hail Mary.We have nine adult children,I say the first decade of my rosary daily with their names,spouses and children, in the prayer, along with my husband and myself to make the 10 th Hail Mary. Heaven is giving us extra graces to bring souls to safety in this life and especially in the life to come.


  7. KathyK,

    Just saw your comment. Ok, will try your practice during Holy Hour tomorrow. You might have a point – in my Holy Hour prayers thus far, I’ve always determined the prayer needs based on people I know and their problems, and from what I read. I’m always directing the prayer like some war general..

    So maybe this is the sign that I need humble myself and allow Mother Mary to take over.

    Thank you for your advice, Kathy.


    1. C, I have made Mary the administrator of all my prayers. I pray almost exclusively for souls and place all my needs and all those in my spiritual territory into the FoL. I once felt the Lord tell me, “You take care of my business and I will take care of yours.” I have found this to be very powerful and we can do infinitely more good this way. It is the way of complete trust. Praise God!


  8. Sounds like the message I posted awhile back on message I recieved at Adoration on July 30, 2014. I was told to be strong that satan was making his rounds collecting souls. Jesus told me to be strong and know that he is with me during this terrible time and to teach the children to pray.

    Oddly enough in 2011, I was startled by Gods voice telling me, (he repeated this over and over all night and nudging me when I would dose off) amazingly I was not tired the next day at work, not to forget this words “Don’t allow thy heart of thy mother to cry, but allow the heart of thy father to boast” I asked the Priest what could this mean and he told me to pray that God reveals it to me. I googled the words and it only brought up The lady of tears/sorrows and I began to pray that. Oddlly today on Signs of the times they posted that prayer to start praying it because of things taking place in our world.

    With things taking place in this world, being jailed for not agreeing to issue same sex marriage, Which I stand firmly behind her! I feel these are the times Jesus spoke of a year ago and it is only going to get worse. The refugee from Sirea and all the persecution taking place. Its almost like a communist country when you are jailed for your religous beliefs.

    Pray the Lady of Tears…


  9. At the Consecration of the Eucharist yesterday during Mass, I imagined what it might have been like to be the Baby Jesus and have His Mother Mary’s Breath surrounding You, as She tended to His Needs… How Heavenly and Exquisite!


  10. “You take care of my business and I will take care of yours.” YES!

    I have also heard that call, to take care of the “family business” of heaven. And I have also been praying almost exclusively for all of mankind.

    But this recent call to submit completely to the Blessed Mother has shown me just how much I’ve been “directing” prayer. Praying only for her intentions is so simple, and brings me such peace. Mama knows best!


  11. Kathy and Peli,
    Thanks for helping me see that I need humility even when interceding for others. I’ve started praying slightly differently. The first day didn’t go well. Started over on the second day, and I was calmer. But it’s not easy. It might be that it indicates how much in control I was.

    My spiritual director was in a retreat, but he took some time off to tell me to look up the song, Spirit of God in the clear running water…. and to focus on blow, blow, blow till I be….but breath of the spirit, blowing in me….That caught my breath a little because the song in my head from Sunday was this exact song.

    ….blow, blow, blow till I be….but breath of the spirit, blowing in me…. Does it mean submission of my will to the Spirit’s?


  12. I had a strange dream last night that the huge ship is ready to pick us up…I saw some were ready to leave for entering this ship, but others were too slow to move and some were not ready to leave their places. I saw my friend who is christian , she tried to bring them to this big ship. Some of them paid her no attention. This ship is soon leaving the harbour. hurry up! hurry up!

    I found myself lost in the town and entered the chapel who had a tower for holding the bell. The tower crumbled and fell down. I woke up!

    I had a holy Hour with Jesus at the Blessed Sacrament Chapel this morning and I said seven Glory be to the Father to honour Holy Spirit and invited him to open this book for me. I opened the book of Anne. I understand this message. It looks like Jesus is calling all of us to be the soliders in a hurry and we progess faster.

    ( I personally think the time may be short I strongly feel that We are now being called to be soldiers or marian warriors. it is my personal view.)


  13. #Barbara,
    What’s the book of Anne?

    Peli, the hymn, The Canticle of the Sun has been playing very strongly in my head from today. It began in my sleep and hasn’t let up. A bit different from the hymns before – those played gently and softly. Today’s Canticle of the Sun was strong and insistent. I had a look at the lyrics, sang it in my head, and allowed the song to direct my prayers this morning. For the most part, it looks like a song of praise through nature, but I think I’m seeing more, especially in the last stanza..

    Be praised, my Lord, through our sister Bodily Death,
    from whose embrace no living person can escape.
    Woe to those who die in mortal sin!
    Happy those she finds doing Your most holy will.
    The second death can do no harm to them.

    (I pulled this off the Internet, but it differs slightly from church hymn books)


    1. C, I see that hymn as a beautful song of praise in the divine will. Like so many others. I am feeling more drawn to songs that praise God in creation. It is right and just to do so.


  14. Happy birthday, Mother Mary…
    Thank you for all of the Graces You have given to your children throughout the ages.
    Thank you for all of the Graces that you are going to be bestowing upon Your Children.
    Thank you for always interceding for Your Children before The Eternal Godhead…
    You are Awesome!!!


  15. Kathy and all (for your discrenment) from Locution site.

    7. The Final Warning
    BY EDITOR ON 09/07/2015 ·

    How serious will the collapse become? Much depends on the decisions made by worldly leaders. Unfortunately, many decisions will not be made in truth. They will not face the problems or build a true foundation. They will try to “get by” and “get through this situation”.

    This collapse is not a temporary situation of a true economy, but the normal result of a false economy, based upon money that does not exist and the accumulation of debt. All of this happened when the West walked away from God. When the light of faith was left behind, mankind entered into darkness.

    This collapse will be the final warning. So that my message will be believed, it will take place while the Pope is at the world’s financial center. After the collapse, many secular voices will be raised, decrying what has been allowed to happen. These voices will be too shallow because they do not understand.

    My deepest question is this. Will it the response be like it was after 9/11? Will it just be a week or two of fervor, when all the churches were filled? For a short time, the people looked to God but soon returned to their normal ways. This collapse is different. This is the final warning. If you return to what was, if America does not return to faith, then you will have no hope.

    Yet, does a mother allow the child of her womb to struggle alone. Does she not bend over and offer her help? In the middle of the despair, I will place new seeds of hope. The future does not lie with those who will attempt to rebuild a corrupt economic system, but with those who say “Let us be taught by God”.


  16. Thanks so much, Caitlynne Grace. Unfortunately, that also comes up as an attack site and I could not get in.

    Dciavarella, Thank you for sharing what you read. I wonder why some people can get in and others cannot? That is a VERY specific word. I have great respect for Msgr. Esseff, who is the spiritual director of this messenger. We shall ask for discernment and watch to see if events bear it out.

    We should also pray that people’s eyes be opened to see just how IMPORTANT it is to really repent and turn back to God and His ways. Come Holy Spirit!


  17. Peli dear,
    Sorry, didn’t mean to burden you. Some things coming up lately, and I’m trying to make sense of them all, see how they tie in. I thought of asking you because you seem to have a very clear line to God (mine’s just filled with so much static!) and when you explain things, they are clear, easy to understand.

    Always in my prayers.


    1. No problem C! There is just so much I can grasp. I’m glad that from time to time God gives me the grace to help others. For the most part it is just taking the next right step like everyone else. 🙂


  18. Oddly enough, I spoke with Mark Mallett today, and we will both be far from home on September 24th. We will be in nearby states to each other and wondering why we are being placed where we are…


    1. To be honest, I’m really not comfortable with dates and specifics. I think it’s more fruitful to spend our time learning to live more deeply in the Divine Will. In the end that is all we really have.


  19. I was really looking forward to seeing one movie this year. “Everest.” Unfortunately, someone spoiled the ending for me. Now what? Maybe I’ll finally go tackle the San Francisco Peaks up north. I was thinking about this while catching up on posts. Kind of seemed like there was a little symmetry there, but I realize I have an odd way of looking at things. Thanks for sharing these meditations over the years. Still forging ahead. God bless, MP


  20. I have to agree with Peli. I’m a bit wary of any locutioner (?) or seer who gives specific dates. If the dates don’t work out, credibility will be affected and a lot of good done thus far can be lost. And I think it’s always better to focus on doing His Will and trying to help others to do the same too, as Peli reminds us always – live in the Divine Will.


  21. Thanks. 😉

    You know I’m not big on emoticons… but there it is (they just don’t do it justice).

    All the bear tracks have kept me away from the San Francisco Peak hike thus far. Not that I’m afraid of bear country, I just wanted to be prudent and make sure I’m ready for any encounter since I hike alone. That said, we’re never alone of course. If there’s anything of interest from the trek to share, I promise that I’ll share it, for whatever it’s worth.

    I’ve encountered a great variety of critters over the years, including a white wolf up in the Superstition Mountains, but none are so dear to me as the group of gentle quails, sparrows, cottontails and occasional hummingbird that meet me at the end of every daily run down at the Sweetwater. I’ll admit that the little dog “Winky” and his owner have been a bit of a challenge as of late (Winky likes to mess up my little pile of prayer stones by the tree), but I’m patiently chipping away at becoming friends.

    Just yesterday I was fixing the pile and reflecting on those in my territory of souls. It represents a meager effort, by all accounts, but I recognize each little ‘stone’ nonetheless and the massive tree there that provides the shady spot for all the little creatures is a great reminder of The Love Who binds us all together –– wherever we, and whatever we happen to be up to.

    Again, thanks for the great wealth of inspiration from your mission, and from everyone else here over the years –– too numerous to name, but I don’t think that I’ve forgotten anyone. To be sure, Jesus hasn’t.

    Jesus, I trust in You!



  22. Thank you Peli, these grace laden messages, they have been a literal life support for me over the years. So good to know Jesus is so near!
    I am clinging Jesus!

    Btw MP I LOVED the T.Shirts you posted a link to over at Nxt right step. Definitely a must have for all the nxt right steppers!


  23. Peli-this morning I had the opportunity to bring and serve breakfast to a men’s Cursillo weekend. This retreat was at one of my favorite places in my Diocese of Ft.Wayne/South Bend Indiana-St. Felix Retreat Center. The Venerable Solanus Casey, a holy priest whose intercession participated in many miracles during his life time, lived here during the almost last ten years of his life when it was a Capuchin monastery. His cell is preserved and the faithful slide notes of petition under his door now. I’ve had prayers answered through Fr. Solanus’ intercession. Anyway, today I slid my note asking him to intercede for the watchmen, particularly Mark Mallett, Charlie Johnston, you-Peli, and all your loved ones. For protection and blessing.
    Peli-please call upon this holy priest for help.


    1. That is very touching Ann! Thank you. I had seen a tv show about Fr. Solanus years ago and it left a huge impression on me. As a lay Franciscan I feel a special kinship with the Capuchins. I will certainly ask for his special protection and the baptism of my grandchildren. Bless you dear sister!


  24. Tomorrow is the Feast day of Our Lady of Sorrows. St Gabriel of the sorrowful mother, pray for us.

    To avoid a horrible war

    Conversion, prayer, penance, fasting

    Messages of Our Lady of Sorrows in Kibeho, Rwanda

    These Apparitions have been officially recognized by the Church in 2001

    In Kibeho, Our Lady had precited, in 1984, the horrible war of 1994

    Messages of Our Lady of Sorrows in Kibeho, Rwanda
    The Michael Journal first reported about the Apparitions of Our lady in Kibeho in Rwanda, Africa, in its January-February, 1988 issue. These Apparitions have …



    This young Passionist cleric attained great sanctity in a short amount of time by his fervent efforts to practice virtue. His great love in life was Our Mother of Sorrows, to whom he cherished an exceptionally tender devotion. Below are some of his personal resolutions through which he was sanctified. Still in minor orders, he died of consumption at the age of 24 in 1862, and was canonized in 1920 by Pope Benedict XV. He is the patron saint of young Religious.

    St. Gabriel of the Sorrowful Virgin – Salve Maria Regina
    SAINT GABRIEL of the SORROWFUL VIRGIN. This young Passionist cleric attained great sanctity in a short amount of time by his fervent efforts to practice virtue …


  26. I read a wonderful book a few years back on Fr. Solanus. I have asked for his intercession in the past and often think of him when I get a particularly thorny situation that needs heavenly help. This morning before Mass I found myself remembering his advice to “thank God ahead of time” as I was praying my Rosary for the 27 days of thanksgiving in the Rosary Evangelical Assc. Rosary novena. That’s what we do in that novena isn’t it? Thank God ahead of time. I sure hope this novena (prayed by so many all across the country and found out by me from Catholic radio)will plead for us at the mercy seat of God.

    Today is the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows as you all probably know.There’s a wonderful talk on youtube from sensus fidellium about Our Lady of Sorrows by a priest who speaks of the power of the devotion to her sorrows. Lovely and inspiring and comforting if you get a chance to listen.


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