The wailing of the children is a clamor that has penetrated all of heaven…

Lamentation 2:19 Arise, cry out in the night, at the beginning of the watches! Pour out your heart like water before the presence of the Lord! Lift your hands to him for the lives of your children, who faint for hunger at the head of every street.

“My beloved, the wailing of the children is a clamor that has penetrated all of heaven. Pray for the children, for their suffering is great. They who are little and depend on the generosity and care of others have been betrayed, abused, killed, neglected, and tortured. I am not deaf to their cries—nor should you be! The world has become a perilous place for children—even children in the womb! Do not cease to pray and to work for those whose needs are so great. The innocent have a special place in the heart of God. I am calling all my warriors to intercede on their behalf. The children suffer! Who will care for them? Who?”

O my Jesus! Forgive me for not doing enough to see to the needs of the little ones whose cries fill all of heaven! Here I am Lord, I come to do your will. There are so many in such great need. Show me where you want me to serve and give me the grace to help where I can. Jesus in the Divine Will I place all of the suffering children of the world in the Flame of Love. Blessed Mother, holy Guardian Angels, see to their needs and send them many compassionate souls to help them. Merciful Jesus, in the Divine Will I pray for the deliverance of all children from evil and for the conversion of all the perpetrators of evil against children. Merciful Jesus I trust in you! Amen.


25 thoughts on “The wailing of the children is a clamor that has penetrated all of heaven…

    1. Caitlynne it reminded me of the Flame of Love, and the words of Jesus in Luke 12:49, “I have come to bring fire on the earth, and how I wish it were already kindled!” I think it is the fire of Divine Love that purges and purifies. Others may have another take on it though. These are just the thoughts that came to me.

      Praise God that he has confirmed your prayer intentions through this message!


  1. The wailing of little ones reaching heaven is a terrible, heart-rending scream that goes on and on. Ask any parent, and most will tell you they can take any sound but the helpless scream of a wee one.

    I take your message, Peli, as confirmation of a silent question I asked whether to continue prayers for the unborn, those at abortion clinics and doctors/technicians too, or to move on to another prayer need. We must stay by heaven’s door for the wee ones.


  2. The pain of these words were felt! I cannot imagine the pain of heaven. Lord have mercy on us! And this confirms the divine justice that awaits! Mercy Mercy.


  3. I listened to a speech from a courageous young woman today ( passed by my friend on FB ) about the evils of planned parenthood in the US. She reminded her listeners that surely the children’s blood is crying out to Heaven … I do believe that Heavenly intervention will come. And it will hasten in response to these cries. Lord have mercy.


  4. Peli, Mary Therese,
    Thanks for trying to help me understand the Fatima Flame and the Fatima Gift.

    I’m so sorry, but strangely, I’m still not clear on it, though. Why Fatima? Why not Lourdes? What sets Fatima apart from Lourdes? How was the message different there? What did Mother do “differently” there that has made Fatima the focal point?

    Another thing that has been happening for some weeks now is that I’m hearing strains of church hymns immediately upon waking up in the morning, or sometimes, just after Rosary. I’m not too good with hymns so I need to follow the lyrics in my head till I “land” at a particular point. Suddenly realized that past weeks, ALL the hymns have been about the Holy Spirit.

    It’s like we’re being asked to help “unleash” the Holy Spirit. Just a thought: when we say the Rosary, in the final mysteries, the Glorious Mysteries, the Descend of the Holy Spirit precedes the coming of Mother Mary, and she, of Christ the King.

    It’s like the Spirit has to reach far and wide first.


  5. Wow! With all that is happening to expose Planned Parenthood for the horrific evil that it really is – heaven has given the little ones a voice that echoes back to us even after it rises to our Creator!
    I think now-many who for so long have closed their ears-are unable to ignore the sound! They can no longer close a blind eye to the reality of the “child” fully alive in the womb. A new awakening has begun…let us seize the day!
    Here we are Lord. We will care for them. We will take this opportunity and not let it be wasted. We will stand up and fight. We will pray. We will fast. We will do penance and we come together to beg Your Mercy and plead for the conversion of all those involved.
    We also beg your kind consolation and forgiveness for all those mothers and fathers who lost their children or grandchildren to abortion-and who, after this recent and ongoing exposure of evil, suffer with a new and deeper wound. Heal them Dear Savior. Immerse them and their families in the fount of your Mercy and in the depths of Your Divine Will.
    Flame of Your Love-through the Heart of Mary- keep the spotlight shining and protect those who you have chosen to direct it on this dark corner of evil and help them to persevere until justice is served and the killing of the innocent stops!
    Jesus we Trust in You.
    Save Souls.


  6. Hi Caitlynne- while I am not an expert- I have prayed and pondered much about Fatima- and I would like to share a few things with you that might give you some answers to your questions. Especially WHY FATIMA? Why not Lourdes? I think that Our Blessed Mother came at Fatima “for the last time” to warn us to change our ways and turn back before it was too late. How can it be the last time as there are many more authentic apparitions of the Blessed Mother since? I think the answer is that all authentic apparitions since are really just one long continuation of the final prophesies of our times- which BEGAN with Fatima, and so all are related and none need to be separated. Like in the Bible- when some would say- I belong to Paul- and some would say- I belong to Apollos- but really all belong to God. Well- we don’t need to be a “Lourdes” or “Fatima” or “Medjugorje” follower- we can recognize that the same Blessed Mother is calling all into the Flame of Her Immaculate Heart to burn away our imperfections and reside in the incomparable safety of Her Ark of Protection. I hope that helps-


  7. We also beg your kind consolation and forgiveness for all those mothers and fathers who lost their children or grandchildren to abortion-and who, after this recent and ongoing exposure of evil, suffer with a new and deeper wound…..

    Once again, Dionna has brought to us a very deep prayer need: hearts wounded by abortion. I never thought of praying for these, but will do so from now on.

    God bless you, Dionna.


    1. Welcome Susan! God bless you for all you are doing in His holy Name. I have been to your blog and it spoke very strongly to me. May God expand your territory of souls exponentially! You mentioned in one post God guiding your every “next step”. That reminded me of Charlie’s blog. If you haven’t been there, I hope you can make time for it. There is a link in his menu bar for newcomers. That is a good place to start.


  8. Yes, thank you Pelianito, I was introduced to Charlie because I had a dream the same day he had a vision.
    I wrote about it here;
    I had no idea Charlie had a vision that same day until Spirit Daily linked to my blog and someone told me. He speaks about it here;
    I was actually quite shocked to realize my dream was a different perspective of what he saw. I do follow his blog, as well as some others, trying to discern and keep my eyes on Christ.
    Your insights are quite good too. I came across your blog because I think Charlie linked it once, but also more recently because of a common commenter we have. What you commented in this particular post about the children, is so so similar to what I wrote just one day later. Forgive me for asking, as being new I haven’t gone through your whole blog, but are these interior conversations you have with God, or are they locutions/visions? Just curious. Thanks for all your insight.


  9. Dear everyone,
    Thanks so much for all the help with Fatima. I’ve read the posts over and over, and they led me to draw up a table of comparison between the messages, experiences of Fatima and Lourdes.

    And it was a revelation for me. Upon immersing myself in the apparitions, I noticed some effects interiorly:

    With Lourdes, I felt clearly the call to poverty, to shun the limelight. I wanted so much to be right there is Massabiele, not as it is now, but back then, with Bernadette, when the Grotto was a pigsty. I wanted to experience the poverty and the sadness, and experience hope and life come to life bit by bit there, and unite myself with the transformation. It was all very internal for me. It was about building my relationship with Mother, learning to discern her voice.

    Then, I came to Fatima, and it was like the Light that lit up the darkness in me had to be shared with the world in pain. The nourishment given me in Lourdes had to now be shared with others through the awareness of Fatima. Fatima was like a call to go out and save the world.

    I now see that Lourdes and Fatima were huge and special signposts along an awesome spiritual journey, taking the Divine Will to the people, one unfurling at a time.

    May God bless all my dear friends here who helped me come to this understanding.

    And Susan, welcome!


  10. This message is so powerful, especially coming in the midst of the Planned parenthood videos. It’s like God is unmasking the evil and hopefully those who see it will turn away from that evil.
    In a comment Charlie said recently that after the Storm, legal abortion will be history. That gives me so much hope!

    I too think that the apparitions of Mary are like one long appearance, with the different places showing different aspects. It struck me recently that the Miraculous Medal actually has the date 1830 engraved on it. I was wondering about that, since we don’t put dates on other medals or scapulars even when we know when they happened. Perhaps Mary wanted the date on the medal to indicate it was the beginning of the Age of Mary that St Louis de Montfort wrote about. Here are some significant Marian dates:

    1830 Apparitions to St Catherine Laboure / Miraculous Medal
    1854 Definition of the dogma of the Immaculate Conception
    1858 Apparitions at Lourdes
    1871 Apparitions at Pontmain “But pray, my children, God
    will hear you in a little while”
    1879 Apparitions at Knock
    1917 Apparitions at Fatima
    1932 Apparitions at Beauraing
    1950 Definition of the dogma of the Assumption
    1981 Beginning of apparitions at Medjugorge

    There are other apparitions too, less well-known. I’m not sure how all the dates fit into the larger picture but maybe there is some deeper significance.


  11. @Sr Lorraine,
    ….apparitions of Mary are like one long appearance, with the different places showing different aspects….

    You are right. And each apparition tinkers our hearts a little differently.

    I never thought about the date 1830 before. Why indeed did Mother want the date set down? I guess we will know when she wants us to.


  12. I have witnessed my own friends completely change their lives as a result of Medjugorje … And the fruits of conversions and holy vocations ( to marriage as well as consecrated life speak for themselves ). For my own small witness, I asked Our Lady how I was to follow the messages of Medjugorje and by nothing short of miraculous was pointed to the Carmelite Third Order … Which led again to consecration through three vows in a Carmelite Secular Institute …
    But Our Lady herself has mentioned to the visionaries that Medjugorje is the continuation of Fatima .. And none of the messages in Medjugorje contradict those in Fatima, Lourdes, Banneux etc … I believe as things are revealed then we will understand ..


  13. Greetings all – In reflection on ‘dates’ it’s occurred to me that there’s often a symmetry present when it comes to significant dates and events, for example, I believe there is an Orthodox tradition that holds that Our Lady lived the same number of years before the birth, and then after the death of Our Lord. So if Our Lord was born when she was about 16 or 17, and then she lived another 16 or 17 years after His death, she would have been in her mid-sixties at the time of the Assumption. The year 2017 will be significant as the 100th anniversary of Fatima, (and the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, as it happens!) I wonder if it’s significance may also lie in it being a sort of ‘half-way point’ to 2033, the 2000th anniversary of Our Lord’s crucifixion…? Just a thought.


    1. Edith, I believe EVERYTHING is significant and that we will be astounded at how events related to each other throughout history. God’s tapestry will amaze and surprise, and we will have eternity to study it!


  14. I remember reading in the past (maybe it was in a book or pamphlet, but I cannot seem to find it on the web), that the Blessed Virgin Mary “Circled France” with her Apparitions. I thought there were 5, but must have been 4. I believe they were: Rue du Bac, La Salette, Lourdes, Pontmain. Of course, Fatima was in Portugal. The 2 in Belgium. But I don’t believe they were included-as they were in France.

    Anyway, I cannot find a map like I have pictured in my head, but I thought at the time it was fascinating.

    Have a Blessed day!
    +Dominus Vobiscum.
    Love, Dawn


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