Woe to those who oppress my people!

Jeremiah 12:14-17 Thus says the Lord concerning all my evil neighbours who touch the heritage that I have given my people Israel to inherit: I am about to pluck them up from their land, and I will pluck up the house of Judah from among them. And after I have plucked them up, I will again have compassion on them, and I will bring them again to their heritage and to their land, every one of them. And then, if they will diligently learn the ways of my people, to swear by my name, ‘As the Lord lives’, as they taught my people to swear by Baal, then they shall be built up in the midst of my people. But if any nation will not listen, then I will completely uproot it and destroy it, says the Lord.

“My child, there is nothing that happens that does not have ramifications in the spiritual realm. Woe to those who oppress my people! I am being scourged and mocked by legions! I am about to rattle the nations, to wake them from their sin and error. Pray for nations, my children. Pray for those who are mercilessly persecuting me in my followers. Do I not feel every one of the blows myself? Do I not weep in the loneliness and despair of those imprisoned for being my followers? Do I not feel the gnawing hunger in my belly that my displaced children feel? You must know that my justice will be appeased in this as in all things. A great shaking* is about to come for the whole world. Pray that souls will be converted. Offer your prayers in the Divine Will for greater efficacy. I will hear you and my mercy will flow through you into the world. Mercy triumphs over justice. Yet the Divine justice is always satisfied. Pray. Fast. Do so in the Divine Will and your will accomplish infinitely more than you can imagine. Children, pray!”

O my Jesus, in the Divine Will I offer you all the sufferings of my life linked to your sufferings and those of your most holy Mother. I do this in the name of everyone from Adam to the last man so that in the Divine Will your justice may be satisfied and your mercy may triumph. I offer this in reparation to the much-wounded Trinity, for the conversion of souls, for the conversion of nations, and for the conversion of those who are persecuting you in your followers. I offer these prayers in the Flame of Love and crown them with the fiats of Jesus and Mary. Blessed Trinity of Love, have mercy! Amen.

(*The “great shaking” may or may not refer to an earthquake. It may be figurative, or it may be literal. One way or another, it will shake the nations.)


For an excellent introduction to the writings of Luisa Piccarreta on the Divine Will see Fr. Robert Young’s podcasts on Radio Maria:

http://radiomaria.us/an-introduction-to-the-divine/ (Note that the dates are in descending order. To start at the beginning, find the May 28, 2013 recording. You may have to click on “Next posts” at the bottom of the page.)

Fr. Young has more teachings on the Divine Will here: http://radiomaria.us/willofgod/


53 thoughts on “Woe to those who oppress my people!

  1. Peli,
    Ever since I learned to pray the Flame of Love devotion (1 month?), I’ve prayed every daily rosary / Hail Mary in this way. It is awesome and amazing to watch what the Lord is doing to those around me! My family. I believe it is for me to see and know His power…and trust and believe. I do!!!

    I am renewing my St. Louis de Montfort Consecration (13 yrs) this Saturday at a Marian Shrine and next Saturday…Consecrating myself to Jesus through Mary in the Militia Immaculatae of St. Maximillian Kolbe. God is good!


    1. Mary Anne, praise God for his blessings! Where sin abounds, grace abounds all the more. I think we are seeing this in the Flame of Love and Divine Will teachings. Praised be Jesus! He has not left us orphaned.


  2. “….a great shaking of the WHOLE world..”

    That might mean no one is exempt.

    The words, Pray for nations, gave me pause. For a minute, I was wondering – Should I ask the Lord if I needed to start praying for countries? No sooner had I thought it, I recalled that for some inexplicable reason, I had been drawn to all things Irish for many years. When the vote was put to the Irish to legalize same sex marriages, my heart ached deeply for that nation. It could be the prompt I sought for.


    1. Caitlynne, according to Charlie Johnston, EVERYONE will be affected in some way. We need to trust in Jesus and remain faithful. Trust, do, love, as Charlie says. This Scripture passage just came to mind:

      1 Peter 1:3 Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! By his great mercy he has given us a new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, 4and into an inheritance that is imperishable, undefiled, and unfading, kept in heaven for you, 5who are being protected by the power of God through faith for a salvation ready to be revealed in the last time. 6In this you rejoice, even if now for a little while you have had to suffer various trials, 7so that the genuineness of your faith—being more precious than gold that, though perishable, is tested by fire—may be found to result in praise and glory and honour when Jesus Christ is revealed.


  3. As I read your ” even if now for a little while you have had to suffer various trials, 7so that the genuineness of your faith—being more precious than gold that, though perishable, is tested by fire—may be found to result in praise and glory and honor when Jesus Christ is revealed.” I had a vision of a black smith putting a rod of steel over the fire and its red hot and burning and as he pounds on it, it is being shaped and formed and in the end it is a beautiful sword that is shined and polished.

    Weird vision but I think God showing the steel rod is us, being tested in the fire, we may take a pounding in our trials whatever it be. But if you persevere and pray in the end he molds you to glorious person in God that u are! The out come is good.


  4. On the topic of the sad Irish vote in favour of unbridled partnerships.

    Please keep me in your prayers. I am heading off to Saint Patricks Purgatory in Lough Derg tomorrow. The journey will take me to be there for August 13th to 15th inclusive.

    I make the Pilgrimage to apologise to God and Saint Patrick for what my people have done, and have a health concern which surfaced on Saturday last. Have got emergency anti biotics, so trusting in the Lord not to take me off my legs and unable to fulfil the pilgrimage.

    By the strangest fluke, the two relatives in my family who have gay children will be arriving in Ireland the same day as myself. And if you think that is not odd, one is coming from Australia and the other from the UK. This is such a coincidence. I probably won’t meet them there; but how strange. Trust, do, Love.

    Hoping it is the next right step.

    Merciful Jesus, I trust in Thee.


  5. Could this be the illumination of conscience ..? I don’t want to speculate too much. Prayer and fasting must take precedence. I would imagine this would not be a calm event for many .. Yet a merciful one …


  6. Ps. David , have just watched the link. It says everything that sprang into my thoughts. There is an emphasis on remaining in the state of grace like the five wise maidens. I remember Fr Jozo from medjugorje preaching that each drop of oil in our spiritual lamp is a bead of our rosary.


  7. # Jo, Julia,

    Whatever it is, it is going to shake us all to the core – I think to the foundations of our faith even. That would explain why Peli and others have constantly been exhorting us keep the faith no matter what. On my part, I’m telling myself to stick to prayer rituals – continue to do what I know is right – when and if that awful day comes when I might not even feel my faith. Just hope I stay faithful.

    In this blessed month of Our Lady, I do not see it as a coincidence that your relatives are coming to Ireland. Is Mother drawing them there for some reason. I will join you in prayer on your pilgrimage. I see it as a confirmation of sorts that I must pray for Ireland.

    IT is my greatest fear – that test where my faith and faith responses will be held up to God’s holiest standards. I wont pretend to be brave, Peli. It troubles me much. But I know this: faith is a grace. What I have, comes from Him, and Him alone. So, the strength must come from Him too.


    1. Yes Catilynne, I believe we will all face a “dark night” when we have absolutely no evidence of God’s abiding presence, where our faith will be a sheer act of the will. Remember that this is when your faith means the most. This is your true test. It is easy to believe in the midst of consolation and comfort. True faith is, as Abraham showed us, “hoping against hope”, in other words, hoping when there is no hope. I love the line from Psalm 116 and it’s easy to memorize: “I trusted, even when I said, ‘I am sorely afflicted.'” Jesus I trust in YOU! Pray it with an act of the will, if you are unable to pray it with your heart. He is with us. He is near. Alleluia!


  8. It is just really important that we “lock arms” with those around us. I tell you that in one sense, if the great shaking refers to an illumination of conscience, locking arms with others sheds some uncomfortable light on one’s own life. Iron sharpens iron. If you work closely with others in a spirit of truth and love you can’t help but feeling “shaken” regarding one’s own life. You see your weaknesses but receive encouragement from others. So if we are living within the Church in locked arms with our brethren, it seems to me that an illumination of conscience will not be as shocking. We will already be living it and therefore ready to offer an explanation to those who may be confused. Let us therefore live our Christian striving for unity with all those we work with or meet.


    1. Well said, David. If we constantly are rooting out our own sinfulness, the illumination will be much easier to take. It will be very hard for those who won’t admit their sinfulness. We must pray that their pride will crumble, and that they will not rebel against God for showing them their fault.


  9. Powerful message, powerful commentary. I mentioned once before but bears repeating in the midst of this message, a prophetic dream I had in early 2009 where I saw a huge window much like the window of a huge aquarium and as I stood there I saw utter chaos, things flying all over, uprooting, smashing, just utter chaos and then it was under the sea and the same thing was happening under the sea. I called my husband to come and watch. It repeated three times. What I heard when I awoke was “Everything will be shaken loose.” The dream went on to a very personal call to prayer for my eldest son who was in spiritual danger and as it turned out was killed later that year. to me his death sealed the fact that this was a prophetic dream. I’ve never forgotten those words “everything will be shaken loose” and I’ve heard them twice since, once from Mark Mallett and now from this message. Truly a look at the headlines, financial, cultural, physical, natural, spiritual–every area of our lives–the foundations are beginning to shake and the rumble grows louder.

    Julia I will keep you in my prayers. I have never forgotten the sequence on St. Patrick’s Purgatory in Fr. Barron’s series on Catholicism. May God abundantly bless your pilgrimage. Peli how is your friend Paul? I have continued to pray for him (and for baby Sebastian) and hope and pray all is well.

    I seem to be undergoing mini illuminations all the time–like onion layers pealed back. I have taken to going to Confession once a week. I’m sure my dear patient pastor is perplexed but there is much to unload at the foot of the Cross it seems. As Idraw closer to Our Lord the light shines brighter on the failures, the ommissions and commissions–mea culpa mea maxima culpa. I think God is so good to give us these insights. But Peli I am with you in praying for those who in pride cannot admit their sinfulness. It will be like a heart shock. May they receive the grace to fall to their knees and not rebel.


    1. Powerful dream Ann!

      Updates…sadly my friend Paul died yesterday from complications of chemo. Please continue to pray for his soul and for the comfort of his family. As for Sebastian, Dionna tells me that they were able to get a relic of Luisa and a priest to pray with it over Sebastian. God be praised! No word yet on his progress, but it appears he’s still fighting! Praised be Jesus!

      I also have an update from John at https://matthewsix25to34.wordpress.com/. Some of you may be following him. He has asked me to pass on that due to some family and personal issues he has been forced to take a break from blogging–it was not his choice. However, they have had some deliverance through the ministry of Stella Davis and he hopes to be blogging again soon. Please pray for him and his family.


  10. I am so sorry to hear about your friend Paul. I will certainly pray for his soul and for his family. How difficult for all of you. May Our Blessed Mother put all of you in “the crossing of her arms” as she told St. Juan Diego.


  11. Peli thanks for the link to Matthewsix25to34. I’m sorry he has to give up blogging for now. His dream was incredibly powerful and your interpretation was absolutely spot on–I thought that the carrying of the crosses was so significant because he got so tired and began to wonder why he bothered when no one was listening to him and he was so exhausted. Sounds like all of us who pray for our loved ones and see no results–and it ties in with Mark Mallett’s latest post “the Prayer of Despair”–gives me chills because the dream shows that perseverence in prayer in spite of exhaustion, discouragement, down right aggression from those we pray for–in the end the sacrifices bring power and the Word is heard.


  12. Dear Peli,
    It was sad to hear of Paul. Prayer gives one hope of…earthly things – long life on this earth etc. But it’s not always this way. I hope his family remains strong in the love of Christ.

    You are right that this Linking of Arms illumines our hearts. Since I began getting serious about this blog, and caring for others here, I sense a new awareness of my own sinfulness. I am also seeing new prayer needs and able to commit to them – which was not really the case before. Thank you for that deep insight, and again, you are right.


  13. The person who was the second miracle for St. Marianne Cope came from our school cafeteria-she was the head of the kitchen staff in the Junior High School. Her body was deteriorating rapidly. Some dirt from around Mother Marianne’s grave was placed in a bag and attached to her gown. Sharon Smith is her name and the story is right here! Reminds me of Sebastian’s story…


    Bless this little one Mother Mary, Jesus and St. Joseph…

    And we pray for the soul of Paul…


  14. Dear Peli and friends in faith,

    I am sorry to post this update so late. Have been away from email a bit more than usual. This is from Sebastian’s mother-from yesterday.

    I read earlier (from one of her posts) that he will be a donor for some little ones in dire need and this brings with it joy in tragedy.

    This family is a witness of courage and real TRUST in Gods providence-an example of what we will all need to cling to with every day that passes further into the storm.

    Your prayers have been answered in Gods perfect Will-they have lifted up this family in huge amount of Grace. Little Sebastian will be watching over them and praying for all of us.

    From Tabitha:

    My friends,

    Thank you, with all my heart, with our whole family’s hearts and souls, for your love, for your Christ-like love. You have all given us so much, you have shown us a glimpse of Love Himself.

    Sebastian went from our arms into the arms of his Creator this morning, a little after 5AM. I promise to share all arrangements with you as soon as they are made, and I promise to share more of Sebastian’s story as soon as I am able.

    With profound gratitude for all the blessings our loving God has poured out upon us,


  15. Peli, An amazing message.

    Jesus is calling on us to pray for those who are persecuting us-persecuting Him. In today’s world-all Christians are experiencing a red or white martyrdom-across all Nations and it intensifies daily. He is offering Mercy for those who are attacking us-before His justice must come.

    A ‘Great Shaking”. It does make one think of the shaking that knocked St. Paul off his horse and converted him.

    Like an “Illumination of Conscience” or something very radical to convert such hardened hearts.

    Let us pray for them now more than ever before-for every one of them-that they are freed from the clutches of the enemy and “see” whom it is they are persecuting. May the scales be removed!

    Holy Mother-teach us to pray in the Divine Will-thy flame of love.

    Save Souls!



    1. Thank you for sharing these things with us Dionna. This family is a perfect example of Grace at work in unimaginable sorrow. This little saint will be for them a strong protector in the coming storm. If you wish you may share with them a prayer I wrote after my son, Benjamin died. It is a prayer for the intercession of the innocent deceased. It may be found here: http://pelianito.stblogs.com/files/2010/08/Intercession-of-a-child-who-has-died.pdf I wrote it as a novena, but I actually pray it daily and have added my brother who died as an infant, as well as two aunts who were mentally challenged and therefore not culpable when they died. These souls “held of little account” on earth can be our very powerful allies in heaven. If you have any in your family, invoke their aid! God loves to use the weak to shame the strong.


  16. Dearest Tabitha (c/o Dionna),

    One more precious light
    to illumine the path ahead;
    One more wee angel
    to hold you up, to strengthen you
    And guide you to His glory.

    All my love to you, Tabitha.


  17. Dear Peli,
    As prompted, I have begun praying for Ireland. I have this old Holy Face novena ( and an attached Golden Arrow prayer) which I am using. I understand little of this prayer, but years ago, when my walk in rediscovering my faith began, this little novena started it all, so in nostalgia, I decided to use it.

    That morning, the very minute my prayer for Ireland was said, I heard muted strains of an old church hymn in my head. This has been happening since this year – I’d hear strains of a hymn, I’d follow it in my mind, and come to a word / phrase, which would stand out for me.

    And the hymn this time was Be My Spirit. I’d forgotten most of its lyrics, but I sang what I knew, and the word “humanity” seemed to stand out.
    Then, after some foraging, I found it on the Internet.

    Spirit, Be Our Spirit

    Spirit, be our spirit
    In this time of searching for new life.
    Open inner spaces
    with the fullness of your love.
    Spirit, let us now be and forever transformed for all humanity.
    Movement of your presence
    heals and deepens our hope to freely live.
    Gift of heart where truth springs
    from the goodness that you’ve sown.

    Spirit, let us now be and forever transformed for all humanity.
    Into desert silence
    there to listen and be with open heart,
    you shall lead us, thirsting; and we turn from our fears: forgiving love.
    Spirit, let us now be and forever transformed for all humanity.
    Spirit, be our spirit
    In this time of searching for new life.

    Peli, I’m wondering why this hymn came to me after praying for Ireland.


    1. Well Caitlynn, the line with humanity in it talks about transformation: “Spirit, let us now be and forever transformed for all humanity.” I think this is a call for you to pray for a spiritual transformation of that once predominantly Catholic country. Praised be Jesus!


  18. Dear Peli and everyone, praying to the ” innocent deceased” was something St Therese family did when they asked the intercession of the children Zelie lost shortly after birth … In fact I am sure such experiences shaped Zelie for sainthood, as she gave them to God without a murmur ….
    I am so sorry to read all the sad news and will pray for everyone .. God is in charge .. Amen.


  19. Thanks Peli-I love that little prayer-I will definitely share it with Tabitha. In fact it is a good prayer for all those babies lost through abortion too no? I cannot imagine they would not be among the holy innocents gathered around their heavenly mama-praying and interceding for their families and all of us!

    Thank you Caitlynne-I will also share your sweet words with her. Thank you to everyone who lifted this family up in prayer. This is what it is all about. I am so very grateful for Peli and this “family” in faith. Also-Peli I am sad for the loss of your friend Paul as well. Keeping him and his family in my evening Rosary.

    Barbara-praying for you and your family-may Our Dear Lord grant you His peace in your home and transform it into an oasis for all of you-no matter the storm all around outside.

    Jesus We Trust in YOU!



  20. I have prayed and sought intercession for healings for years for those in our tight community as we as friends and family. It makes perfect sense when people are surrounded with prayer and love, if they don’t receive the physical healing hoped for and pass on, that “the greatest healing is heaven…😊”
    Blessings to all.


  21. Peli,
    Thanks for your insight. It makes sense. The Spirit must sweep and overshadow Ireland for all the knots of sorrow and damage to be undone. I think I need to pray the Holy Spirit into Ireland.

    Holy Spirit, transform Ireland.

    Peli, thanks for your link to Matthew6:25-34. The writer is a humble man, and close to God. I hope things get better with him.

    I’ve prayed you into the folds of the Heart of the Immaculate Conception. Hold tight to the Cross. You and the family will come through.


  22. “In these times I want great satisfactions, and only one who makes Me his own can give them to Me. That which the Father found in Me – glory, delight, love, satisfactions whole and perfect, and for the good of all – I want to find in these souls, like as many other Jesus’ that match Me. These intentions you must repeat in each Hour of the Passion that you do, in each action – in everything. If I do not find my satisfactions – ah, it is over for the world! The scourges will pour down in torrents. Ah, my daughter! Ah, my daughter!”
    Book of Heaven, Vol. 11, Dec. 9, 1916


  23. I’m late in commenting. I just had to say to you dear Pelianito that praying in the Divine Will is such a confirmation to me this entire week. A very Holy Priest came to visit our group and we had the gift of Mass at my friends house. Father spoke to me so much on the Divine Will. Found out that he is really big on praying this way and he has been to the town of Corato italy where Luisa Piccaretta lived in. Actually he has been there many times. He stressed to me how much we need to start a prayer group on this and always pray the way of the Divine Will. I told him I used to do the consecration to the Divine Will but I stopped. He was so strong on how we must really participate in this because this will be how life will be in the Era Of Peace. Now my prayers are always to join all in Jesus with Jesus to the Father in the Divine Will. The powerful part is when we place all our sufferings …..crosses…in Jesus with His sufferings during Mass to offer all to God The Father in the Divine Will. For we are all invited to participate in The Mass as priestly people. Really awesome!!!
    I ask you for a special prayer for my son. I really need help in prayer for him please!! Thank you!


    1. Wow Lily, what a gift! A great many holy priests were admirers and followers of Luisa when she was alive–even Padre Pio! And she is still drawing more! Praised be Jesus! Thank you for the reminder about our sufferings. Good to remember always.


  24. He sounds a lot like Fr. Celso-in New York. I have recently joined his DW prayer group- he gives us instruction on her writings weekly-it has been amazing. . Fr. Celso has been a student of the Divine Will for over 40 years-by permission-and is working under Archbishop Mgr. Giovanni B. Pichierri who is the President of the Tribunal for the Cause of the Beatification of Luisa Piccarreta.

    Fr. Cleso is also a long time member of the Marian Movement of Priests.

    Those present to photocopy the original Manuscripts of the “Book of Heaven” in the Archives of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith were: Rev. Fr. John Brown, Rev. Fr. Michael Adams, Rev. Fr. Carlos Massieu, Rev. Fr. Thomas Celso, Mr. Thomas M. Fahy and Mrs. Miguel Machado

    They just had a Divine Will Conference in NY and I believe it was attended by a large group of MMP clergy.

    Some resources for anyone interested: http://luisapiccarreta.me/




  25. Dear Friend, only the Holy Spirit can answer that. I don’t think we are meant to figure everything out, but to prepare our hearts to become more fully conformed to the Divine Will. He tells us these things so that when they happen we will know that he is acting even in these terrifying events. Jesus we trust in you!


  26. Peli-I agree-it has truly been a huge blessing! Father walks us through line by line and explains each one with such simple-beautiful clarity.

    I have wrapped you and everyone here into our prayers at each gathering.

    Like Lily said-this WILL be the life we live in the Era of Peace to come. Jesus will reign as King on earth in the Eucharist through us living in the Divine Will in daily life. Our world will be transformed.

    The fulfillment of the Lords Prayer. Thy Kingdom Come-Thy Will be done!

    Lily-I am praying for you son.


  27. Dionna thank you for wrapping us into your prayers at each gathering. What a blessing. Is Fr. Celso on you tube? Could you you tube his talks maybe? I get so much blessing from listening to priests like Fr. Young and others from you tube. For those of us out in the hinterlands it is a real help.


  28. MMP and The Book of Heaven are linked together in many ways. There are many references to the Divine Will in Fr. Gobbi’s book and also Fr. Gobbi spoke about Luisa and her writings. Jesus says that the knowledge of living in His Will paves the way to living in the fullness of His Will. Lily, please start a Divine Will prayer group as Fr. Julio asked. My husband and I have had several prayer groups for over the past 20 yrs.; in Florida, Hanceville, AL, and we presently have one here in Knoxville TN. We go where our dear Lord sends us and feel it is our mission to spread the knowledge of living in His adorable Will. So if He calls you to this mission, “Do whatever He tells you.” God bless you Pelianito and all of you!
    Please pray for our Divine Will Priests and all Priests.


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