A warning to be “sober and alert”…

1 Peter 4:7 The end of all things is at hand. Therefore, be serious and sober for prayers.

1 Peter 5:8 Discipline yourselves; keep alert. Like a roaring lion your adversary the devil prowls around, looking for someone to devour. Resist him, steadfast in your faith.

I had a dream that I was walking down a corridor in a hotel. A man I did not know was following behind. I felt uncomfortable because I was inappropriately dressed to be out in public and tried to cover myself, but it was a bit obvious. We came to a doorway in the hallway and he passed me, giving me a mocking sneer, but he did me no harm. I got to my room and saw that I had left the door open. To my horror, there was the man rifling through my valuables. I attacked him and managed to gouge his hand with my keys. However, I could not stop him so I went for help. When I came back he had someone with him helping to go through my valuables.

I don’t remember any more of the dream but I felt this dream was a warning to be “sober and alert”. My inappropriate dress was perhaps a warning to confess often. My door left open was a warning to take better care of my valuables, namely those I love, and to not be neglectful in my prayer life. My defenses were inadequate and because of that I allowed even more harm to come to my loved ones. Instead of engaging directly with the enemy, I should have taken more care to make sure the door was closed and locked in the first place, a warning to make sure to post a spiritual sentry in front of the doors of all my loved ones. This dream is a warning to “watch and pray”. The prowler never sleeps.

Lord Jesus, I entrust myself, my loved ones, and all in my spiritual territory to the Flame of Love and invoke all guardian angels to act as sentries for those in their charge, to keep us all safe and alert in these perilous times. Jesus I trust in you! Save souls!


18 thoughts on “A warning to be “sober and alert”…

  1. Oddly enough I been telling a certain person in my life for the last year that the devil uses people as pawns. I feel he let a person he knew “plant her seed” and it caused a lot of distruction in our relationship…I been telling this person over and over, the devil comes to destroy and if you are not alert to people and watchful then you will fall prey. As he fell pray to her intentions. I always say “for you see, but your eyes are wide shut”

    Always be aware and ask God to help us decern good and bad, in human form and spiritual. I believe that what God brings together the devil will try to tear it apart…he knows are weakness and if we give in to the temptation, it was our free will to do so. We need to pray often and ask St Michael to protect us and always wear our armor…Be alert…at all times.


  2. Peli this is confirmation for things I’ve been receiving, some prophetic words from a retreat at the beginning of May from someone who I believe is truly anointed to hear the Holy Spirit and that was the essence–watch and pray, stand fast in the evil day, beware the lion seeking whom he may devour. the essence or message of the retreat was INTERCEDE and I capitalize because it was an urgent word from the Lord to go before the Face of the Father united to the Sacred Heart and plead for our Church, for our nations, for our families.

    I am again awake (after terrible temptations to spiritual drowsiness)and determined to stay at prayer for my loved ones, for my country and above all for our Holy Catholic Church and her priests. And the discernment to get to confession is spot on for me too. We now have Eucharistic adoration and confession every Friday before daily Mass. What a gift. I am determined to go every week. If the priest thinks I’m scrupulous, I’ll offer that up in humility but I know that I need to be dressed in the full armor of God and there are many uncovered places that need to be covered by God’s armor in that most holy sacrament.

    I have had two lion dreams in my life and both times I knew it was that lion St Peter warned of–Both times I was trying to lock the door against it to protect my loved ones but all I could do was pull the door tight against me to keep it from opening–never figured what that meant exactly, except maybe the need to keep interceding and that much depends on our prayers however weak and incomplete. Thank you for sharing this for us.


    1. Ann that reminded me of a dream from 2009:

      I dreamed was in a strange house and felt uneasy. I looked outside and there was a white lion prowling and watching me. I sensed evil intent. As I explored the house I felt led to sprinkle blessed salt around. When I came to the basement, I saw two little creatures. I sprinkled salt on one of them and it was incapacitated, but I was not quick enough and the second one bit me on the hand. I feel the lion represents the evil one, and the creatures his minions. They are all around and we must be vigilant.

      Watch and pray! And don’t forget the sacramentals!


  3. For some this image of the devil as a roaring lion has been heavily underlined in my prayer life this week. I noticed it in the night prayer (tues ) of the church. A priest mentioned this theme during a sermon. A friend sent me a scriptural video of a dangerous lion attempting to attack a bear cub … All in all the image was clear. It is true we are living in spiritually dangerous times … So the message ..and your dream, Pel, is very apt …


    1. Yes, but let’s remember that Jesus is the Lion of Judah, and that the evil one is afraid of Mary because of her purity and humility. Our consecration and trust in her is what will keep us safe as it is God’s will to humiliate the enemy in that way. Jesus we trust in you!


  4. Please let us all remember that a wonderful opportunity presents itself this Friday (6/12) when the Church celebrates the solemnity of The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and on Saturday The Immaculate Heart of Mary also coincidentally the Feast of St Anthony of Padua. These days are surely days of devotion and dedication to increase efforts of prayer, especially the recitation of the Holy Rosary in hopefully all 4 (joyful, sorrowful, luminous and glorious) mysteries to truly live and remember the life of Our Lord. I can not over state the power of the weapon against evil Our Blessed Mother gave us.


  5. Thank you most Sacred Heart of Jesus, for Your wonderful awesome love for us. On this Your Feast Day.

    Thank You Heavenly Father for the most Immaculate Heart of Mary, and her wonderful awesome love for us.

    Merciful Jesus, I trust in Thee.


  6. Thank-you Peli for your meditation on the dream. It confirms what I’ve been hearing and reading lately. It is a little frightening too. Dreams can seem so real. I remember one when I was very small of a huge wave of water enormously high about to fall on me. I woke up at that point. I still can remember how scared I was.
    Ditto to what Michael says above.
    In Miami we have a special day to pray every year and it is on the feast of the Sacred Heart. Tomorrow night there is an all night vigil locally in a seminary here in Miami. The Sisters of the Pierced Hearts are the sponsors. They are dedicated to the Triumph of the Two Hearts and promote consecration.
    There will be a mass at 8pm and all night interceding before the Blessed Sacrament. At 6am there will be another mass dedicated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Anyone who wishes may watch it online at http://www.corazones.org. It is bilingually presented in Spanish and in English.


  7. #Ann,

    I have had two lion dreams in my life……

    Your words sent a spiritual shiver down my spine. I normally never go past headlines of animals attacking people, but yesterday, I read in detail about the lion attack on an American woman at an African safari. In that account, it was stated that whilst she was focused on photographing a lion somewhere in front, another stealthily approached from the side/behind….out of her view, and fatally wounded her. What happened was a horrible tragedy to a beautiful soul committed to her job and interests.

    Then this morning, I read what Ann said, and my mind flashed back to what I’d read in the story. I now sense a spiritual warning for myself:

    There were a couple of things from that:

    a) She wound down her window to take shots – something all visitors are warned NOT TO DO…(am I knowingly breaking God’s law in any way? I did some searching but it does not seem to be the case. Then I realized, maybe I too am overly focused on something in my life, some work decisions, and I am not seeing evil making its way towards me from behind – YES, that is happening right now!!!)

    b) She didn’t see the enemy from behind, thinking she only need beware the one in front (I’ve been interceding a lot for friends in pain recently; have I reduced my prayer vigilance for myself or my kids?)

    c) Other people in cars behind saw the approaching lion and honked in warning to her but she didn’t hear them/failed to heed the warnings (Have there been warnings to me by other good souls that I’ve not taken seriously? I can’t think of any just yet. But it could also be a future scenario where I might dismiss caution in the pride that I know what I’m doing).

    Suddenly, I too wish to go for confession.


    1. Brilliant reflection Caitlynn! We can learn from the tragic mistakes of others. Will pray for that woman’s soul. How easy it is to make a simple life-altering mistake! Jesus we trust in you–since we can’t trust ourselves!


  8. Tonight we are having our annual Vigil to the Two Hearts and have invited Tony Mullen to speak to our group on the Flame of Love.

    Fr. John is helping Jesus and Mary by offering three Masses: 7:00pm Friday; midnight Mass and 8:00am Mass on Saturday.

    We are expecting many people to keep Jesus company tonight. As you can imagine, there will be many prayers of intercession for our families, friends, the world.

    Time is short. Time is urgent. Time is NOW!
    Please come and pray with us. Lives will be changed when we ask God for those signal graces that will touch our souls.

    May Mary’s Flame of Love burn in our hearts and may we pass this on to all we know.

    christmas carol from canton


  9. I have been sharing this article since it has given me food for thought. While we always recognize and give glory to God for his Mercy, there are people who are not good for us. St. Faustina in her Diary, #277, spoke of certain people we should not talk with, as it displeases God and does them no good. So this article, has likewise, confirmed that being vigilant includes being more attentive to the will of God, and not our will. We have to be very sincere and honest with ourselves to discern this, and I have been prone to falling in this area. Heavenly Father, I beg for the graces necessary to do your will. And yes, Carol. I have been begging for signal and actual graces for me and those in my family.



    1. Great article Lynette! Thanks for sharing that.

      I also wanted to share with you all a link to a video on the Divine Will. Maybe some of you have seen it. I believe it to be very important. Fr. Iannuzzi gives an overview of the writings of Luisa Piccarreta and the Divine Will grace being made available in our day. The video has a few add-ons that I hope you will not find distracting. If you watch it to the end I know you will be edified! Here is the link. It is just over 2 hours long. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nWjIuQU_pyw


  10. Your drawing reminds me of a symbol of a triangle with a circle around it which apparently repesents the Holy Trinity.
    Thankyou for this post
    I feel very much the same as you.


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