An image of the unfathomable Divine Mercy…

At contemplative prayer before the Blessed Sacrament I was given the following image. I was with the Lord on a boat which floated in the middle of the Ocean of Divine Mercy. I felt he wanted me to throw overboard each sinner on the boat and that a weight was tied to each of them corresponding to the weight of their sins. As I threw the first person over, I could see that the farther he sank in the Ocean, the more the weight of his sin was dissolved. Not only that, but the soul was literally drowned by the mercy of God, so that it infused every pore of his being and the soul became mercy! At one point the weight was completely dissolved and soul began to rise again. Having been transformed into mercy, he shot to the surface like a beach ball that has been held underwater and sailed into the air. It seemed to me that the deeper the soul had gone due to the weight of its sin, the higher it flew once freed.

This image has given me great hope. Like a mother bird tossing the fledglings from the nest, let us immerse all those in our spiritual territory in the Ocean of Mercy.

Lord Jesus, how great and unfathomable is your mercy! In the Divine Will, give us souls to toss into the bottomless depths of your mercy, that all souls will be able and willing to glorify your holy Name. Praise you Jesus! Thank you Jesus! Jesus we trust in you! Save souls!


50 thoughts on “An image of the unfathomable Divine Mercy…

  1. How wonderful! what an image. Thank you Pel for sharing.
    Just lately i have sensed that we are to go into the Divine Will and for each soul, claim the Divine Version of their life and death that Jesus lived and died.
    I have sensed so much that we are all being brought to our true selves in Christ. Restoration.That Jesus in us will shine through and give glory to God our Father.
    So for me, this image spoke so powerfully. All seemed to dovetail and fit. Thank you for sharing.


  2. What an awesome dream, full of Hope in God’s Divine Mercy for all who are in our boats, our territory of souls! I love the mother bird image too. It touches my heart to trust God more as the little birds fall from the protective nest…they will fall into the great depths of God’s mercy and purify them all. Praise God for this hope filled dream! I have been fearful lately for my nine adult children who most do not live the faith. I know to trust in God yet sometimes anxiety trumps trust in my mind. Trust keeps being renewed after the attack. I pray that anxiety can be removed forever! I’ll print this dream as a wonderful reminder if anxiety sneaks back to discourage me.
    Thank you Peli!


  3. Your posting comes at a time when I have been begging Our Lord to show me how to pray for members of my family–I am so very concerned about children and grandchildren and whatever I’m doing seems to be seed on hard ground. Your image of throwing them into the Ocean of Divine Mercy just hit the exact right note for me. Last week we were traveling to various friends and relatives and by a fluke I was able to get to the Shrine of Divine Mercy(something I never thought I’d be able to do) which I felt was a pure gift from Our Lord and then I read of your image of the Ocean of Mercy–it all fit.

    So again, so many thanks! This website seems to be the well where I can draw water when all around me is arid waste.


  4. Oh how this fits on what is going on with me. More I throw the enemy of Christ (Our Christian brothers and sisters that are getting persecuted and killed for believing in Jesus) at his feet I feel elated praying for the softening of their hearts.
    Also as some of you know about my 15 year old daughter going through very harsh Chemo treatment for Non-Hogskin’s Lymphoma cancer with a week and half left until she goes into maintenance. She came to me the other night and told me she lost faith in GOD. Oh how my heart sunk. Praying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy and showing Mark Mallett’s blog on recent writings to Quinn, even people with a strong foundation have doubts at times why has God abandon them. Even though she doesn’t respond I do see the wheel turn in her mind.
    Your dream Peli is right on and throwing souls in the depths of Our Lords Mercy and now understanding how many times I feel praying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy for many souls (Abortionists, Enemies of Christ, Martyrs of today, the Lukewarm, souls of Purgatory and brothers and sisters of Christ in my life). It is by his Mercy and Love that will turn things around and to soften my heart.


    1. Shane, I place Quinn in the Flame of Love and ask for a complete recovery and a firmer faith. In the Divine Will I apply all the prayers ever offered by the blog family for these intentions.


  5. Everyone is looking everywhere for love…….real Love…..I have been throwing all in the ocean of love.i have found it a wonderful thing to just keep doing.
    It came to me that when we open the door of a confessional we enter right into boundless,saturating Love. No wonder the evil one does everything to keep us away!!!


  6. Just wanted to share and get off my chest. My boyfriends, friend girlfriend committed suicide in March. Recently I went with him to his apartment and immediately after I started having bad dreams every night for couple weeks and headaches. I saw a spirit and I think this tormented her. I had also dreamnt of this happening though I never met her. I informed my boyfriends friend of my bad dreams since visiting and that he should have the place blessed and light a seven day blessed candle. After I texted him of this I was driving and my cell began to play, on its own with out me touching it, the audio of the holy rosary. I went to adoration and church because of the dreams, and to pray for her soul. My boyfriend feels what I sent his friend was inappropiate. I said God has given me a gift to things I can’t explain and I will not be quiet if it means to save a soul who passed or one who is still on this earth. I also came across this yesterday after this disscussion. I saved it. It goes very well with this tragic loss of life.

    10/7/2014 Message….10:10 kept coming up and today I was reading Pelianito blog and noticed on the side it said something about “the gift of prophecy and clicked on it…..well surprise …this goes with what I am concerned about.

    Jesus says in John 10:10, “Satan comes to kill, to steal, and to destroy but I have come to give you life, life in abundance.” The evil one attacks a person’s mind because he knows that whoever controls the person’s mind controls that person. The mind is a battlefield where the spiritual fight is being waged. He also attacks a person’s heart and conscience, also a battleground for spiritual warfare, to diminish the person’s self-worth and dignity as a precious creature of God. The enemy targets the will because he knows that once he controls the person’s will, it becomes easy for him to separate that person from God. Satan attacks a person’s body since it is made in the image and likeness of God. He is the author of suffering, and sickness and death.


    1. Anne, TA, and Julia, thank you for sharing these insights. We learn so much from each other! Praised be Jesus. Thanks TA for reminding me to read again the article on the gift of prophecy. It is an excellent one!


  7. Shane, keep praying for your family that God may protect all of your health, wellbeing and redemption. That is how I have learned to entrust us all to His loving Fatherly care.

    My oldest daughter did the same at Quinn’s age, and she seems to be what I call a lukewarm Catholic. She seems to believe but not practice. I share with her to this day 30 years later! the Faith. She came to Medjegorje with me 25 years ago. But no miracles in the Faith department from there – yet.

    Divine Mercy Chaplet will work miracles of Grace in obtaining Mercy for our unbelieving loved ones if and when the need arises.

    We don’t need to worry, as long as we do our best to pass on the Faith. That is what keeps me in Peace and Tranquillity.

    Peli, Thank you for sharing your inspiration and insight with the Ocean of Divine Mercy. It reminds me of an experience from over 30 years ago. We had a family crisis and I just stopped dead in my tracks; because I saw no way forward for us at the time.

    I took my picture of Divine Mercy and sat with it, refusing to go on until He came to our rescue. After 3 days of waiting, I had an experience where I found myself in an Ocean, it felt so peaceful, warm and comforting. To tell you the truth, It seemed to me it was like being immersed in a ‘sheep dip’ but it was an Ocean.

    After this happened, I found the courage to go forward, making decisions that needed to be made and resolving the crisis we were in at that time. I was and still am very acutely aware that it is by the Grace of God we survive; He most certainly Rescued my family then and I can never forget His Mercy to the day I die.

    Praised be Jesus and Mary.

    Merciful Jesus, I trust in Thee, Father Creator, Jesus our Redeemer and Holy Spirit our Sanctifier. Amen.


  8. Just like the little child who wants to count all the grains of sand along the shoreline and put them in a cup, just imagining the size and depth of the ocean is nearly impossible for us to do. Tthe image of God’s mercy being as deep and as big as the ocean is powerful imagery.
    The power of the amount of water that there is in the ocean is so incredibly huge. All I have to do is remember the tsunami that hit Japan……….the power of the force of the amount of water that inundated those poor people !! We do feel powerless over it. Comparing Gods mercy to the ocean is very helpful in letting go of fear because it helps us to realize the greatness and the power of God’s love. Compared to God we are like those grains of sand.
    I love all your stories of faith and hope, Peli and all of the bloggers here. Your contemplation and imagery helps me to realize the POWER of God’s mercy. Thank-you so much.


  9. What came to mind for me is the lifeboat imagery that I feel the Lord had put into my head since 2012 when I came into full communion with the Church. That I am the lifeboat for my family. So as I picture the Lord asking me to throw people off I see that I need to trust more. Because part of me wants to hold on to my children and husband my way and save them my way- yep real control freak here. And this is why the imagery is so beautiful- we have to let go to let God as the saying says. We can trust in Him because He is faithful and true! I think of Our Blessed Mother and how she had to learn to let go too- I think of Her often with things that come up with my adult children and how She knows how to let go which is a very comforting thought.

    Shane I will pray for your daughter’s faith and her recovery- I too have a daughter who lost her faith due to a critical illness. She and her husband both have gone through tragedy and they question where God is in all of this. So far I have not been the right messenger for them- I am just the “crazy lady” so I keep praying for the right messengers to reignite their faith. My kids are not Catholic and while I would love them to join me in converting even to have them attend church and read the Bible would make me happy at this point. Let the Holy Spirit do the rest. See- I may be getting the hang of this trust thing:)


    1. Val you are right that it takes trust to fling your loved ones off the boat and trust God. Drowning in Mercy will no doubt involve pain for our loved ones. Letting go of sinful attachments is like surgery–feels bad but oh so good for you! Yes, we want to shield our loved ones from pain, but that is the worst thing we can do for them sometimes.

      Jesus we place all our trust in your merciful plans for our loved ones! Thank you Jesus! Praise you! Alleluia!


  10. #Julia, maybe you didn’t realize it but you have shared with us a beautiful yet underrated way of praying – Just sitting with a picture. When the pain is so deep that words don’t come, gazing at a holy statue or picture of Jesus / any saint – is a huge prayer, and God takes it from there.


  11. Val thank you so much! And Pel thank you for your comment on Val’s words. Letting go of sinful attachments is like surgery….wow.


  12. This morning the Lord provided me with a confirmation. In Day 28 of 33 Days to Morning Glory, I understood something that hadn’t penetrated my thick skull in my last consecrations! When I entrust myself to Our Lady, she unites me more deeply with Jesus on the Cross and with His redeeming consecration. In so doing, the depth of my prayers of reparation in the Divine Mercy Chaplet are marvelously strengthened, too! This fills me with great joy because too often I feel like a wimpy intercessor.

    The confirmation comes in after I read your latest entry, epecially this beautiful, short paragraph in the middle:

    This image has given me great hope. Like a mother bird tossing the fledglings from the nest, let us immerse all those in our spiritual territory in the Ocean of Mercy.

    O Mary conceived without sin, toss me from any nest of comfort that hinders my complete consecration to the Two Hearts!


  13. I would like to ask for prayers. I was interviewed for a job last week and should hear the outcome by next week. We are receiving SS but need extra income to make ends meet. I feel like this job is the one best for me now. Please pray that it works out for me. Thank-you


  14. Amen Peli- so true- the Lord has been dealing with me about this very thing! And surgery is painful but oh so necessary! That is why I find the diaries like the Divine Mercy diary and the Flame of Love so amazing because in those areas of attachment and trust I feel like Jesus is talking to me! And of course meditating on Scriptures in these areas also helps.

    Terry I like your comments- I too feel so powerless and it is like I forget who I am in Christ and who I am as one of Mary’s consecrated children! I am so thankful that Our Lord is so merciful and patient and has given us every blessing and tool to succeed.


  15. Thank-you Peli !! I’ve been looking for 4 yrs now, but each time I think I have the job, it falls through. It’s been harder to get a job now more than ever before.This one is to run the CCD program. I too only want God’s Will. I want to live in the Divine Will.
    I get encouragement reading this blog because all the people are practicing how to let go and trust in God’s will.
    Terri…….I too am thankful that I am one of Mary’s children and that the Lord has given me every blessing and tool to succeed. May I find and use the right tools to get where He wants me to go. May his will be accomplished in me.


  16. Today this image helped me alot. Getting into the boat meant for me to let go of my will. As long as I gaze at the Lord as the Helmsman, I can be at peace. Rowing where He wants me to go, but not taking my eyes off of Him. Then it came to me that I should immerse people I know over into the deep waters of Divine Mercy, the people I struggle to love like God loves us. Then I thought this is also for me to do. So, in my meditation, I asked God to immerse all these people and myself in His mercy.
    Oh God, save us from our enemies of mistrust, unfaithfulness, and lack of love. (Read Mark Mallett’s latest blog post).


  17. Peli,
    I am requesting prayer from all your readers.
    The Flame of Love Movement led by national director Tony Mullen will be coming to our parish on the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. He will give talks on the Flame of Love Movement throughout the evening vigil–all prayer begins at the seven o’clock Mass June 12th—the midnight Mass—and the eight o’clock Mass on Saturday, June 13th.
    After I left Mass this morning, I thought about all us “old folk” who love devotions and wondered why no young people. The Holy Spirit prompted me to invite several youth groups to spend the night with Jesus.
    Please pray for me that the invitation to repair for the sins of the world will touch the hearts and souls of the youth, our future and our hope.
    Thank you so much,

    Christmas Carol from Canton


    1. Blessings on your event Carol! I place this prayer in the Flame of Love and in the Divine Will I surround it with all the prayers offered for me and my husband recently. May it bear abundant fruit. Say hi to Tony for me!


  18. Thank you Peli placing Quinn in your prayers into the Flame of Love.

    Julie Thank you for the reassurance on letting go and let God take care of it as long I do my part as a parent.

    Val thank you for your prayers and I am known as a crazy religious fanatic to a lot people around me. Oh well I do want I am suppose to do. I listen to that voice in my heart.

    Mick thank you for your prayers and anybody else I miss I THANK YOU ALL!!


  19. This visual of throwing some of my loved ones into the ocean of mercy is so helpful during prayer. As parents, we become so frustrated when our children reject their faith or embrace things of this world over God and this visual has helped me. So, instead of imagining throwing them out the door, I throw them into the ocean of mercy;) Great way to channel our frustration and flood our loved ones with mercy. Thank you for the wonderful visual.


  20. Thanks Kathy- will post those audio rosaries on my Flame of Love Prayer Cenacle Facebook page. Will also check out your blog:)


  21. For all those parents who see the trials in their children’s lives,
    I was given a picture in my head at the Eucharistic Adoration Chapel last week.

    It is that by being thankful for our children’s crosses, we are then allowed to help them ( our children) carry them (their crosses).

    In my head I understand it to mean that there is not much I can do for some of my children, except pray. Yet those prayers, accompanied by fasting and sacrifice, will greatly aid and strengthen them to carry their cross.

    This has greatly encouraged me to persevere.


  22. Hi Rickie, get a Divine Mercy picture and tell JESUS over and over “JESUS I Trust in You.” Meditate on Him in this image for a few moments everyday and He will increase your Trust.

    God bless you brother!

    JESUS I Trust in YOU!


  23. Thanks aj for the meditation on the Divine Mercy image. I will do that. Thanks Peli for your uplifting prayers. Thanks Kathy AE for finding the website addresses. I don’t know how to copy the URL( ?) from you tube and I wanted to send the video to others. Now I can. And thanks Mike for your prayers. To everyone a peaceful evening.


  24. That’s a beautiful image of throwing people into the ocean of divine mercy! It reminds me of that beautiful line from the prophet Micah: “He will cast into the depths of the sea all of our sins.” (7:19)

    Peli do you mind if I put a link to my blog here in this comment box. I got the idea to post a brief reflection on the fruit of the Spirit according to St Paul in Galatians 5. He mentions nine ways we manifest that fruit, so I thought it would make a good reflection for each day of the Pentecost novena. This first post is an introduction. My idea is to do a brief word study on each word in order to help elucidate it more. But if you’d rather not have it here, that’s OK.


  25. Some time ago Peli lost her entire history of posts and comments from this blog. However, some were saved by those of us who were particularly moved or struck by some of these. I just posted this comment from one of her followers in 2012 or so. How pertinent it is today as well:

    13. I recently read on a Catholic blog which I follow: “There is no doubt about it: we are at war. Our Lady is the Commanding General of the army of God’s children. The Woman clothed with the Sun, just as we read about in the passage from the Song of Songs chapter 6, made famous by the Catena Prayer of the Legion of Mary: ‘Who is this that comes forth like the dawn, fair as the moon, bright as the sun, terrible as an army in battle array?’

    14. “I think we are being asked to look at intercessory prayer in a different way, in the strategy of the Holy Spirit. Our Holy Father used this exact image recently: the Church as a field hospital! For those of you in this family who have been called to be prayer warriors, I sense that these words will resonate strongly and clearly. It is a charism that will find a place more readily in the hearts of our men perhaps, those who may have studied strategic warfare and combat. Or those who have been part of deliverance ministry. The spiritual realm is a reflection of the temporal realm. When we can see the ‘movement of troops’ on the ground, we can also know that they are present in the air. The Nine Choirs of Holy Angels (and the fallen ones) have very specific missions and fields of action with a perfect structure of hierarchy.

    15. “I truly believe that the Lord desires to give this special understanding of strategic intercession to His prayer warriors, each soldier having his or her perfect position on the field. Some are to maintain supply lines of constant prayer (those in perpetual prayer of the Rosary and the DMC). Others are to work reconnaissance and help maintain visibility from above (Contemplatives). Yet others are to work in operations, the menial tasks of repairing and preparing in the field, tasks that often seem less glorious but without which no battle could possibly be waged (those who suffer persecution, illness, and all forms of vexation, those who minister actively and suffer direct retaliation for it). I was once told that for every soldier in battle on the field there are at least TEN people working in the background to make it possible! Each soldier has a perfect role to play in this battle and our prayers must become more ‘strategic’, more ‘operational’, following the lead of the Holy Spirit as He grants great power to Our Lady, Queen of Angels.”

    16. On my personal website, LIVING CHRIST, I posted this statement on Nov. 2, 2011, All Souls’ Day: “I came across this quotation in St. Teresa of Avila – INTERIOR CASTLE, 7TH CASTLE: ‘I told you elsewhere that the devil sometimes puts ambitious desires into our hearts, so that, instead of setting our hand to the work which lies nearest to us, and thus serving Our Lord in ways within our power, we may rest content with having desired the impossible. Apart from praying for people, by which you can do a great deal for them, do not try to help everybody, but limit yourselves to your own companions; your work will then be all the more effective because you have the greater obligation to do it.’” (254 OR 255).

    God’s ocean of mercy–what a powerful image!


  26. Thanks to your prayers, I have a follow up interview on Thursday. Am posting so early in the am because I’m anxious about it. Thanks Kathy AE. I read your blog too on de Caussade. I too have his book, but haven’t really used it in the past. I’m going to do what you did and take his book to adoration tomorrow. And looking at Jesus picture of DM saying Jesus I trust in you !!!


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