A dream…

Dear friends last night I dreamed of a demon who was teaching a theology class. He was teaching subtle falsehoods, such as God the Father is the main God, and Jesus is another, lesser God. I was thinking, “That’s not right. Jesus and the Father and the Holy Spirit are three Persons in one God, co-equal.” Someone in the class asked about the Holy Spirit. The demon got very annoyed at that question and didn’t really answer it. The next thing I could see was that there was a chalice there, like the ones used at the consecration. He spilled the chalice and that was the end of my dream, but I did note one other peculiar thing. Other than looking like a fairly typical teacher in a theology class, the eyes of the demon were completely blind, as if there were hard scales on them.

I have pondered and prayed over this dream. Several things come to mind. Most obvious is the way that subtle falsehoods have permeated not just the culture, but in some cases the seminaries. Families, even Catholic families, often have a very poor understanding of even basic theology. What they are passing on to their children is even more paltry and inaccurate. I’m sure we have all experienced this in real life.

The second important facet of the dream, and I believe a real message for all of us, is the critical importance of the Holy Spirit. It is urgent, dear friends, that we all deepen our relationship to the Holy Spirit. In the previous message, Our Lord said twice, “Become love.” What better way than by praying for a deeper infilling of the Holy Spirit, the very Breath of Love that flows between the Father and the Son. If we long for the coming Era of Peace, the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart, the Kingdom of the Divine Will, let us conceive it in our souls NOW, gestate it, nurture it, and carry it to term, following the example of our most Blessed Mother. We do this by fervently desiring to open ourselves to the Holy Spirit, by emptying ourselves in order to be filled by Him, praying, “Holy Spirit, use me as you wish to accomplish your designs upon the world!”

The chalice in the dream I feel represented the blood of the martyrs that the evil one is callously spilling each day. I felt in the dream that the Holy Spirit, the mention of Whom was greatly annoying to the demon, is a critical remedy to the ills of our day. If we deepen our relationship with the Holy Spirit, if we use His abundant gifts for the good of all, there will be no defense the enemy can mount against us, and no offense that can give him victory. The Holy Spirit in so many ways, is begging us to invite Him into our hearts and souls, so that he may act in us for the good of all. We must not delay in our response! Whatever is distracting us from being docile to the Spirit must be jettisoned. Of course our daily duty is part of the holy calling of each of us. Our family life and commitments are holy and worthy sacramentals, signs of our membership in the greater family of God. But we all have extra things that are mere distractions. It is time to imitate Mary in professing our fiat with all our heart, to give God the choicest portions of our lives, not just the leftovers.

The final point I gleaned from the dream, and one that gave me great hope, was that the demon was completely blind. This, I believe, was a confirmation of the Flame of Love devotion, in which Our Lord told Elizabeth Kindelmann that the effect of the prayers was to “blind satan”. I believe that the Lord wished us to know that the Flame of Love prayer warriors have already weakened the enemy. Then let us, with renewed fervour, “pray ardently” as our Lord also said in the previous message. Let us be encouraged in our calling and become true signs of hope for others and instruments of the Divine Will.

Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful and kindle in them the fire of your love. Send forth your Spirit and they shall be created. And You shall renew the face of the earth. O, God, who by the light of the Holy Spirit, did instruct the hearts of the faithful, grant that by the same Holy Spirit we may be truly wise and ever rejoice in His consolations, through Christ Our Lord, Amen.


44 thoughts on “A dream…

  1. what can i say but thank you. Yesterday i had such a sense that it is necessary to have a very close relationship with the Holy Spirit and have been calling Him to fill me, possess me and saturate me with His Love and Truth. So thank you….such confirmation.


  2. It came to me while reading your comments about the Holy Spirit, also, the prayer from Our Lady of all nations….”Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Father, send now your Spirit over all the earth. Let the Holy Spirit live in the hearts of all nations, so that they may be delivered from degeneration, disaster and war. May Our Lady of all nations, the Blessed Virgin Mary be our Advocate”
    Now right before Pentecost, we sing at mass the song Come Holy Spirit too and there is the confirmandi waiting to be confirmed around this time. We will also be having a Life in the Spirit seminar and an Emmaus retreat coming up this wknd. Come Holy Spirit, transform the children of God !
    Please pray for the women who give testimonies at this wknd women’s Emmaus, especially my friend Sue who has to share something very painful to her. Holy Spirit, heal her memory of all those painful moments and bless her. Use her pain to help other women there. Amen


  3. Thank you so much for this, Peli. I so often need a kick in the tail in order to remind me to GET SERIOUS, AND STAY SERIOUS about doing God’s will in all things, at all times. I frequently find it difficult to stay focused on things for very long. Lord, please grant me–and all of us here, as well as everybody in our territory of souls–the grace to be able to stay focused on staying close to You and to our Blessed Mother in these times.


  4. The final point I gleaned from the dream, and one that gave me great hope, was that the demon was completely blind. This, I believe, was a confirmation of the Flame of Love devotion, in which Our Lord told Elizabeth Kindelmann that the effect of the prayers was to “blind satan”. I believe that the Lord wished us to know that the Flame of Love prayer warriors have already weakened the enemy. “”

    Well this is wonderful- sometimes it is hard to believe that what little we feel we are doing when the world has become overwhelming is doing any good and how heartening to read this dream- I feel like Jesus is telling us keep on keeping on!




  5. Peli, I was talking with someone at work. She said she felt the Trinity was three different persons. I said, no, one person. Catholics believe the Trinity is one. Then I said we can agree to disagree. I talked to a very devout Catholic friend of mine. I realized after I talked with her what I should have said at the time. We definitely need the Sprit’s words and wisdom. God bless everyone here.


    1. Margaret, you are both right. Simply put (and we must know that we can never fully understand the mystery of the Trinity) they are three distinct persons in one God. Here is the unabridged version from the Catechism:

      The dogma of the Holy Trinity

      253 The Trinity is One. We do not confess three Gods, but one God in three persons, the “consubstantial Trinity”.83 The divine persons do not share the one divinity among themselves but each of them is God whole and entire: “The Father is that which the Son is, the Son that which the Father is, the Father and the Son that which the Holy Spirit is, i.e. by nature one God.”84 In the words of the Fourth Lateran Council (1215), “Each of the persons is that supreme reality, viz., the divine substance, essence or nature.”85

      254 The divine persons are really distinct from one another. “God is one but not solitary.”86 “Father”, “Son”, “Holy Spirit” are not simply names designating modalities of the divine being, for they are really distinct from one another: “He is not the Father who is the Son, nor is the Son he who is the Father, nor is the Holy Spirit he who is the Father or the Son.”87 They are distinct from one another in their relations of origin: “It is the Father who generates, the Son who is begotten, and the Holy Spirit who proceeds.”88 The divine Unity is Triune.

      255 The divine persons are relative to one another. Because it does not divide the divine unity, the real distinction of the persons from one another resides solely in the relationships which relate them to one another: “In the relational names of the persons the Father is related to the Son, the Son to the Father, and the Holy Spirit to both. While they are called three persons in view of their relations, we believe in one nature or substance.”89 Indeed “everything (in them) is one where there is no opposition of relationship.”90 “Because of that unity the Father is wholly in the Son and wholly in the Holy Spirit; the Son is wholly in the Father and wholly in the Holy Spirit; the Holy Spirit is wholly in the Father and wholly in the Son.”91

      256 St. Gregory of Nazianzus, also called “the Theologian”, entrusts this summary of Trinitarian faith to the catechumens of Constantinople:

      Above all guard for me this great deposit of faith for which I live and fight, which I want to take with me as a companion, and which makes me bear all evils and despise all pleasures: I mean the profession of faith in the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. I entrust it to you today. By it I am soon going to plunge you into water and raise you up from it. I give it to you as the companion and patron of your whole life. I give you but one divinity and power, existing one in three, and containing the three in a distinct way. Divinity without disparity of substance or nature, without superior degree that raises up or inferior degree that casts down. . . the infinite co-naturality of three infinites. Each person considered in himself is entirely God. . . the three considered together. . . I have not even begun to think of unity when the Trinity bathes me in its splendor. I have not even begun to think of the Trinity when unity grasps me. . .92


  6. Hi family are Out Lady’s message (alleged) below. Talk about confirmation.

    April 25, 2015 Message to Marija

    “Dear children! I am with you also today to lead you to salvation. Your soul is restless because your spirit is weak and tired from all worldly things. You, little children, pray to the Holy Spirit that He may transform you and fill you with His strength of faith and hope, so that you may be firm in this battle against evil. I am with you and intercede for you before my Son Jesus. Thank you for having responded to my call.”


  7. Oh, peli, reading this made me feel so scared and insecure.

    I can’t contemplate anyone making such a hurtful statement about Heavenly Father and Jesus His Son. And indeed it would not hurt so much if I had not already encountered this type of denial nearly 40 years ago already.

    This type of lie had infiltrated the Church and I will share how I found out as follows;

    When my middle daughter was in junior school she came home and told me her religious education teacher had told them Moses was not a real person; but a fable. I was furious and told her that teacher had no right calling herself a Christian if she was denying what the bible teaches.

    I then went to my parish priest, who has since died RIP. I told him what this non Catholic teacher had told the children and how scandalous it was to me. TO MY UTTER HORROR, he agreed with the teacher. I spent some minutes asking him why Jesus Christ did not put His disciples straight if Moses was a figment of someone’s imagination and why He should state “Before Moses ever was, I AM”

    In fact I am not sure Jesus ever said that; but I was desperate. I do know that priest God rest his soul was stopped in his misbelief from things he later told my husband. But he told me at the time we spoke that this belief about Moses was common in Theological circles back then. I was shocked. What about Mount Tabor, the Law and the prophets !

    No wonder Our Lady is advising us to read our Bibles. What other trash is coming down the pipeline.

    Oh Jesus, I surrender myself to You. Take care of everything.

    Merciful Jesus You are my God, I trust in You, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


  8. Many years ago I was taught the following prayer, “Come Holy Spirit, abide in me, fill me with your fruits, gifts, graces and love, Teach me to Love, Help me to Love. I ask this through the immaculate heart of Mary, your well beloved spouse, Amen”

    The part regarding love was added to it at a later time.

    It is interesting that God the Father made himself known first, then Jesus was revealed to us, and with the coming storm I can not help but think we are going to see and know far more about the Holy Spirit when it is over.

    May the Holy Spirit fill us all with his love, and teach us to love, and help us love as God intends us to.


  9. Love and humility are the tenants God wants most in all of us!
    Love in all circumstances!
    “Humility is the crystal bridge to heaven” I quote from Michael Brown meeting/retreat in Medway, MA at Betania II April25,2015.
    Peace to all of you.


  10. Thank you peli for your kind encouraging words. Thank you also for the link.

    To be honest, I am still very sensitive to the extraordinary help and miraculous protection Our Dear Lord afforded my son and his wife and family on the Thursday before Divine Mercy Sunday.

    Their home was attacked by two drug crazed men and we have to get a new front door, and one window pane replaced. As well as repairs to their back door. These individuals thought a drug dealer lived there and were trying to break the doors in. By a miracle, my son was out; because he would have naturally opened the door and tried to protect his family. His wife and the children coped very well, and got the police there in time to chase and arrest the criminals.

    My son felt so guilty that he was not there to protect his family. I told him, it was a miracle arranged by God; because these insane druggies could have left him hospitalised if he tried to defend his family. His wife kept the doors bolted and the family were not injured, thanks be to God. I could not stop thanking God.

    When Sunday came, Divine Mercy Sunday; I was still thanking God continuously when I remembered I had requested a Holy Mass in Thanksgiving for Divine Mercy a couple of Months earlier. And that was it, floods of tears at how God had arranged such a wonderful miracle, and I rejoiced in tears at His amazing generosity.

    So for the time being anyone who mentions anything mean about my Heavenly Father Creator, Jesus my Saviour or Holy Spirit my sanctifier makes me burst into tears. It is beyond my comprehension how Loving and Good and Caring our God truly is to all of us and each of us individually. My son and his family do not do regularly to Holy Mass, all the more miraculous.

    Merciful Jesus, I trust in Thee my God.


  11. Just read latest on Divine Antidote! Brilliant!!
    It is as though much is coming together.
    At Adoration yesterday much came together four me …..in a flash I realised the status qo and ” normal” is about to fall and the
    little building blocks …….. Jesus in us …..will be the foundation of the new era. Mallett’s one yesterday and pel’s on everything falling into ruin led me to “see” this.
    No wonder the little foundation stones are under attack!!
    No wonder we have to stay close to Jesus, Mary and the Holy Spirit…..and a couple of hours later I went to Mass and the reading mentioned Jesus as the cornerstone ….I was so grateful for confirmation.


  12. As Pope Benedict would say, The Trinity should continue to confound us! We can never reduce God to human understanding. I know I personally could go crazy trying to understand and simplify The Almighty Triune God! I just now allow myself to be confounded:)


  13. I was awakened in the 3 o’clock am hour-to an angry electrical storm. ‘Tis the season…Please print this out and keep this powerful prayer near. It works!

    Please make the Sign of the Cross where the crosses are in the prayer:

    Jesus Christ the King of Glory has come in Peace. † God became man, † and the Word was made flesh. † Christ was born of a Virgin. † Christ suffered. † Christ was crucified. † Christ died. † Christ rose from the dead. † Christ ascended into Heaven. † Christ conquers. † Christ reigns. † Christ orders. † May Christ protect us from all storms and lightning † Christ went through their midst in Peace, † and the Word was made Flesh. † Christ is with us with Mary. † Flee you enemy spirits because the Lion of the Generation of Judah, the Root David, has won. † Holy God! † Holy Powerful God! † Holy Immortal God! † Have mercy on us. Amen!

    Dominus Vobiscum!
    Love, Dawn


  14. I just got this email notice via my parish, within the last hour of returning home from a long road trip where I had many good miles to pray and contemplate our situation. I believe very strongly that the Holy Spirit wants me to relay this to all of you:

    Pentecost Sunday is May 24th.

    The Novena to the Holy Spirit for the Seven Gifts begins on Friday, May 15th.


    The novena in honor of the Holy Spirit is the oldest of all novenas since it was first made at the direction of Our Lord Himself when He sent His apostles back to Jerusalem to await the coming of the Holy Spirit on the first Pentecost. It is still the only novena officially prescribed by the Church. Addressed to the Third Person of the Blessed Trinity, it is a powerful plea for the light and strength and love so sorely needed by every Christian.

    God bless all of you and keep you strong!



  15. I had in 2011 came across a prayer app on android that had catholic prayers on it. I found the 9 day novena to the holy spirit and said the holy thing for the entire 9 days that night. I started praying it religously for awhile and you would not believe the blessing that came to me.

    I have failed lately to pray it as I use to and have been thinking of starting it again. I have been having odd dreams too and feel it is time to pray more for I have been slacking.


  16. Friends I received this comment via email from a reader known as FiatMihi. I asked her if I could post it here as it is very edifying.

    As I was reading your entry, the Truth rang clear. Thank You, Jesus, we love You, Jesus. I would like to share something with you that happened to me that seems so very obvious, but that The Holy Spirit Himself helped to illumine me with some time ago….

    In times of crisis, or a really deep spiritual need or grossly tragic time, I find myself praying to ask God the Father to intercede. In my everyday prayers, I would pray, offering my day, my will, my all to Jesus, to do with me as He will. Seldom would I pray to ask the Holy Spirit to intercede. As I was contemplating this, Pentecost came to my mind in a rush, the Apostles in the Upper Room, with their Spiritual Mother physically present with them, the fear, the guilt, the confusion, the joy, the humility that they felt as Our Lady shared the Life of Jesus with them. Pentecost, that same huge, immediate, Immense actuality of the Omniscience, Omnipotence, and Omnipresence of the Holy Spirit. The Triune God-God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit each fully unique, yet mystically One-nothing left out, the full Kingdom and all that it contains pouring, pouring, pouring gifts upon gifts into and onto the Apostles and Our Lady. This same Holy Spirit is THE SPIRIT, THE VERY SOUL, THE ESSENCE OF ALL THAT JESUS IS. He is fully giving us his own Spirit that was in Him as He walked the Earth….He wants each of us to have that same Spirit fully incorporated into our very being….the Awe, the Magnitude of this reality is incredible to me…..when we call upon, ask for the descent of the Holy Spirit, it is asking for the very Essence of Jesus. We can only imagine and contemplate the awe of walking in the presence of Jesus as He walked the Earth. But we CAN!!!!! He still walks with us! Come Holy Spirit, let me just touch the hem of your cloak, and I will be healed! Our God is an Awesome God!!! Walk in, with and through me, Sweet Jesus!


  17. Fatdog, Thank you for the reminder of the Holy Spirit novena. It IS important.

    Margaret and Peli,

    In the last several years, I have become aware of just how widespread the ignorance of Catholic Teaching has become. Even Catholic religious education textbooks often demonstrate this. I think there is much we can do. First, we can pray for our clerics, seminaries and ask that GOOD teaching be chosen and implemented more and more. Second, we can share articles, videos or books that that teach the truth in a way that is obviously inspired by the Holy Spirit. We can print out things found on the Internet (I use materials from Peli, Mark Mallet, Charlie…etc.) and share them with individuals as prompted by the Holy Spirit. I have to emphasize here that we should always pray as to whom they should be given. Third would be that we ourselves become more involved in our own parish via the ministries that have formed there. We can influence many in those areas. Pray about this too! In the beginning, we should simply get to know the people in those ministries and then offer help. Soon, people will begin to come to you with questions or to ask for advice. Volunteer to teach children’s’ or adults’ religious education classes. Join the Women’s Club and suggest retreats…particular retreats that you know will be GOOD. Start a Right to Life group or a prayer group in your parish if possible. Pray first and seek the blessing of your pastor first.

    Much of this may seem very little…but it will grow…and as more people begin to have their eyes opened by the Spirit…we are often astounded at the LIFE that begins to flow freely again in our parish….even if it takes a few years. God will lead us according to our gifts and personality! 🙂

    PS There is a new book our by Fr. Michael Gaitley (who wrote 33 Days Until Morning Glory) that would be an ideal thing to share with those who have difficulty with the Holy Trinity. It is titled, The One Thing is Three: How the Holy Trinity Explains Everything. http://www.amazon.com/One-Thing-Three-Explains-Everything/dp/159614260X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1430325733&sr=8-1&keywords=the+one+thing+is+three


  18. Thanks for sharing that from fiatmihi Peli I love it!!!!

    Veni Sanctus Spiritus!

    Also that is quite a dream you had Peli – another one of those “onions” with many layers. I agree with Val it gave me great comfort to know the demon was totally blind-clear confirmation that The Flame of Love prayers are working and we need to storm ahead with more! This Flame of Love IS about the fire of the Holy Spirit which springs forth from the heart of Jesus united with the Father and poured out from Our Lady’s Immaculate heart! Truly we are beginning to see a new Pentacost so powerful and brilliant the enemy is completely blinded! May the fire spread and grow with the fuel of our prayers!



  19. I wanted to share with all my friends on this blog a new prayer campaign I am trying to promote with the help of our Legion of Mary group. Jesus is asking us, read below


    Please consider asking everyone you know- Catholic or away from the Church or not to pray for world peace, end of civil unrest, and for persecuted Christians- hand out Rosaries and how to pray pamphlets and also Divine Mercy pamphlets. I believe the time is now as we are all starting to realize I believe no matter what our faith may be that times are not normal. By teaching the Rosary to as many as we can we can increase prayer- this is not a one and done thing- this is an ongoing and perpetual living novena if you will which we need to spread until all is clear! This is how the Flame of Love spreads!


  20. Val, Everyone: Consider adding an extra Hail Mary at the end of your decades-for this intention. The defeat and end to Boko Haram!

    Be a part of it!

    et pax bonum!
    Love, Dawn


  21. Actually, after I slept on it all night->I pray with my free will I choose God’s Divine Will. I offer my Rosaries (et al) to Jesus through Mary-to use as they want. I know Jesus doesn’t need them-but He wants them-my joys, works, sufferings and prayers. So, I offer them all up.

    I do pray for my intentions-I add those as 1 additional Hail Mary to each decade. I just enunciate them-with an extra Hail Mary at the end of the 3 Hail Marys at the beginning, for Faith, Hope and Charity/Love. Then, I add a Hail Mary at the end of each decade, “For my intentions.”

    My Intentions include: Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary; for the end of communism, the errors Russia has spread throughout the world, especially abortion; for the Holy and Suffering Souls in Purgatory; for the repose of the souls of my parents; for the conversion and salvation of the souls in my territory-their parents, grandparents, spouses, children, grandchildren, brothers and sisters and all they pray for-overlapped with all the other territories; for those souls who are taken, kidnapped, tortured, maimed, raped and/or slaughtered-especially those for their Faith in You (Jesus); for an increase of temperance and prayer, and the 7 Gifts of God the Holy Spirit; Jesus-guard my tongue!; and to never offend God in my words or actions.

    I believe that is it. I go through this once a day-at the beginning of the Rosary, then just mention “my intentions” at the end of the decades.

    Peli, if I pray with my free will-to choose the Divine Will, do you believe it is okay then to have “my intentions?” I think often of Theresa the Little Flower. But she then had family members and others she loved and prayed for.


    +Jesus, I Trust in You!
    Love, Dawn


    1. Dawn you are using your free will and entrusting these intentions to the Divine Will. If you are docile to whatever befalls you and are trust that whatever happens, even if it is not what you wished, God has a higher purpose, then you are doing nothing wrong.

      A couple of online books to read, that in a simple straightforward manner discuss what it means to live in the Divine Will:

      Saints in the Divine Will by Fr. Pellegrini
      Crown and Completion of all Sanctity by Daniel O’Connor


  22. BTW: I find it (a little more than ironic) that a Filly named “Lovely Maria” won the Kentucky Oaks race on May 1st (yesterday)-the beginning of the month of Mary!


    It is the race-the day before the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs, for fillies (only girl horses). The Derby is (actually) a 2-day affair, culminating in the big race. There are several races on both days, but 1 “biggie” on each day.

    Lovely Maria won the Kentucky Oaks-the big race on the 1st day, the day before the Kentucky Derby which is the first race in the Triple Crown.

    Have a Blessed Day!
    Love, Dawn


  23. Yes, now is the time for evangelization. People feel pushed to the edge. Even quiet people are feeling the need to protest.
    During these past days of unrest, I’ve been praying the FoL rosary. I found a group praying it online in you tube. Just type in Divine Flame of Love Rosary. A chaplet of Divine FoL will come up first. I haven’t heard of the chaplet, but it is lovely too.


  24. Just went to youtube and typed in DIVINE FLAME OF LOVE ROSARY. Beware, what came up is a pagan rosary to the Cosmic Virgin–not Kindelmann’s Flame of Love. I don’t see a FoL rosary prayed online.


  25. Kathy AE…….I found one on you tube with nuns and a priest praying before the Blessed Sacrament. They followed the FoL rosary format that was sent to me.
    I just searched for” flame of love rosary” on you tube. The people are in a chapel in adoration and also have benediction after their prayers. This one is genuine and I recommend it.
    Since we don’t have a group formed down in Miami yet, it helps to participate online.


  26. Sorry I posted it incorrectly before as “Divine flame of love rosary” . It comes up “Flame of love rosary” . I also found a chaplet in which a man is walking in the snow praying the chaplet as he is walking and looking at nature.


  27. Rickie, I found both and pinned to my home page….These are absolutely beautiful (the nature scenes in one are so peaceful) and powerful…Thank You!!


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