Canticle of Creation now available as a slide show…

Blessings my friends. I have put together a slide show based on the “Canticle of Praise and Gratitude in the Divine Will” which I posted to the blog on March 8. May God bless you as, in the Divine Will, you render him the gratitude all creatures owe him for his Fiat of Creation!


14 thoughts on “Canticle of Creation now available as a slide show…

  1. I am not much of a traveler, but as I went through my photos to pick out ones to use I was in awe of the diversity of nature and felt privileged to have documented even a small part of it. Praised be God, Creator, Redeemer, Sanctifier!


    1. Where there is no name at the bottom of the photo it is a photo I took myself with a simple little camera. God’s work not mine. The bird sounds I got online. Also God’s work. 🙂


  2. Dear Peli, this is glorious, may God be praised in the wonderful
    gift of all creation and His gift in you to all of us!
    Wishing you and all your family a blessed Easter season.


  3. Peli, This is really gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing it. May the love and joy of Christ resound this week and particularly through the Triduum!

    Let us pray for all those entering the Church!


  4. Thank you Pelianito for always thinking of us and assisting us on our journey. God bless you and a Blessed Easter to you and yours.


    1. Thank you Michael! Blessed Easter to all my dear friends here. May you and your dear ones be immersed in the Flame of Love of our Beloved Mother’s Immaculate Heart.


  5. Beautiful- thanks Pelianito! Happy Easter all! It is my three year anniversary of coming into the Church Easter Vigil! The best thing I ever did!


  6. Beautiful video, Peli. What a great gift for a of us here and all of heaven to enjoy!
    Happy and blessed Easter to all of my brothers and sisters here.


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