You will one day lament the time you wasted, when you could have been praying…

Jeremiah 7:13-15 And now, because you have done all these things, says the Lord, and when I spoke to you persistently, you did not listen, and when I called you, you did not answer, therefore I will do to the house that is called by my name, in which you trust, and to the place that I gave to you and to your ancestors, just what I did to Shiloh. And I will cast you out of my sight, just as I cast out all your kinsfolk, all the offspring of Ephraim.

“My children, how much longer must I put up with this generation? The time is very short indeed, for many have turned their backs on my Word and spurned my love. Therefore I will give them what they desire, a world bereft of its Creator. Woe and lamentation! Pray and fast, my children. There is much to be done, for when my children have lost everything, then I will reveal myself to them and, outside of grace, it will be too much to bear. You, my children, must be dispensers of grace in the world. While you are able, receive me in the Holy Eucharist. Carry my presence to the world. You will be a light shining in the darkness. I have told you these things to spur you on to more heroic sacrifices and prayers. It is easy to be distracted, but I tell you, you will one day lament the time you wasted, when you could have been praying. Children, unite yourselves to me. Live in me. Let your daily duty be consecrated to me, that I might sanctify the world through your every movement. Live in me. We have so much to do! Children, listen!”

Heavenly Father, already I lament the time I have wasted frivolously. In the Divine Will I ask you to redeem those wasted moments and use them to your glory. Help me not to waste any more precious moments, but to consecrate my every thought, word, and deed in the Divine Will, through the Flame of Love of our Immaculate Mother. Here I am Lord, I come to live in your holy will. Here is my weakness, Lord, give me your strength. Amen.

(Just to clarify, our daily duty is not to be considered time wasted. In fact our daily duty when linked to the Divine Will is a great grace for the world.)


33 thoughts on “You will one day lament the time you wasted, when you could have been praying…

    1. The priest who did our Lenten mission sent his TV “to the corner” turned it sideways with furniture pressed around it as a sign. He didn’t take it away, he left it there as a sign. We all know when you’re bad, you go to the corner. 🙂


  1. Wow! I have felt this in my spirit for the last couple of years, a nudging for “regret prevention.” Living in the Divine Will is such a gift for this time – asking Jesus to “think in my thinking, listen in my listening, work in my working, rest in my resting, pray in my praying” truly sanctifies every moment of my day – even when I sleep! And praying “backwards”, asking Jesus to re-do and purify all those wasted moments, all the good neglected or done badly – He is so good to us! He truly does make all things new.


  2. As CS Lewis wrote in the Screwtape Letters. You will look back and say ” I did neiter what I want on what i should have”. I shudder to think about how much time i have wasted doing nothing that I will have to answer for.


  3. O my goodness, this sounds quite like what I’m hearing in my heart! “Managing time:carefully addressing duty of the moment ensures staying on the Way. Spending time with the Lord. Abiding in Him.”


  4. How chilling to think on those words from Jesus when he says,
    ” While you are able receive Me in the Holy Eucharist.” So there will come a time when we are not able? How I regret past wasted time. Like Kathy K I need to pray backwards.


  5. Yes Paula…….and the timing of what happened last night!! For some reason priest did not come…….been going Tuesday night for years and never happened before! Managed with acolyte to have a communion service!!! Some coincidence????


  6. Paula-that stood out to me also-“while you are able”.

    It is hard to fathom a time is coming soon when the Holy Mass may not be available to most or all of us-but everything that has happened over these last several years has been unfathomable-yet here it is!

    This message cuts to the core Peli-I have felt that every second counts and have been trying (with MUCH opposition from the enemy) to get seriously organized and centered so that I waste not a moment of precious time. I am trying to follow St. Therese (little flower)example so that I can make everything I do-the daily duties down to the smallest things an offering of prayer and sacrifice. This takes discipline – which I think will be needed in great measure as this storm gets into full swing. Lord thank you for our precious Saints!

    So even the most minor of distractions need to be set aside. TV definitely-but I agree with Reeni-EWTN is an exception! I was so very excited to see that Johnnette Benkovic is airing a special program on her EWTN Women of Grace (March 23rd-27th) featuring Tony Mullen and The Flame of Love! What confirmation from Our Lady – how important this devotion is and how it leads us truly to the center of the Divine Will. When I see things like this popping up-it gives me such hope-knowing Heaven is using Big voices to prepare us.

    Lord thank you for Mother Angelica and EWTN! Please protect Johnnette-she is a real force working for You against the enemy!


  7. This confirms a thought I’ve had for a while, that we may not be able to receive the sacraments so easily when the Storm fully hits us.
    Bl. James Alberione always spoke about the good use of time, and how we will have to give an account to God for the way we use it.

    I found this prayer I like, to expiate daily neglects:

    Eternal Father, I offer you the Sacred Heart of Jesus, with all its love, all its sufferings and all its merits.
    First–To expiate all the sins I have committed this day and during all my life. Glory be to the Father. . .
    Second–To purify the good I have done poorly this day and during all my life. Glory be to the Father. . .
    Third–To supply for the good I ought to have done, and that I have neglected this day and all my life. Glory be to the Father. . .


  8. I am counting on that praying backwards, I have wasted so much time in my life on frivolous things not to mention time being anxious, worried, or angry over really nothing a grand majority of my life. I am trying especially with work activities to offer them a daily prayer as so much of my time is spent in work. Also trying to simplify life. I only watch TV and movies when it will be for the purpose of spending time with family such as watching a comedy with my husband for some laugh therapy or a good movie like Cinderella with my adult daughter as she grew up on Disney. But these times are not normal and each moment we can pray for all of our loved ones is so precious- trying really hard not to be distracted by the world despite a busy job and even by “good” activities such as Church volunteering if it takes my eyes off Jesus.


  9. For the last few months I have been driven to write and practice acts of spiritual communion each hour when my clock chimes. I think it would be a good idea to have some of these on hand for the next couple of years. Please see this one as an example from my page:
    My Beloved Christ,
    Kiss me with the kisses of Your mouth—
    — the kiss of Union
    — which is the Holy Spirit.
    I long to satisfy Your thirst,
    — so feed on me, Jesus,
    — and drink deeply.
    I, too, feed on Your Sacred Heart,
    — my precious cup,
    — my wine of infinite Love and Immolation.

    Our communion is so precious to me, Lord–
    — I will it to continue
    — in the sacrament of the moment
    — as I abandon myself without reservation
    — to You, with the Father,
    — in the power of the Holy Spirit.


  10. Sr. Lorraine, I remember your prayer from school = over 50 years ago LOL.

    At the time there was a note to say a religious sister had died and went straight to Heaven; because it atoned for all sins in her life. Powerful prayer indeed. God bless you.

    Eternal Father, I offer you the Sacred Heart of Jesus, with all its love, all its sufferings and all its merits.
    First–To expiate all the sins I have committed this day and during all my life. Glory be to the Father. . .
    Second–To purify the good I have done poorly this day and during all my life. Glory be to the Father. . .
    Third–To supply for the good I ought to have done, and that I have neglected this day and all my life. Glory be to the Father.

    Merciful Jesus, I trust in Thee.


  11. I really believe we are called to live in the Divine Will, as taught by Jesus to Luisa Piccarreta, precisely in this time because we will lose access to receiving the most Blessed Sacrament. By exchanging our human will for the Divine, it is possible to carry the perpetual real presence of Jesus inside ourselves! I also believe I have been shown this in real time, as evidenced by the physical aversion to me by people given over to evil. I had 3 experiences of this in a two week period. What a reassuring lesson!


  12. Also along with “praying backwards” remember to offer up all of your past suffering that while going through the suffering, you never actually thought to “offer up”. God is not limited to time and space and embraces all retroactive prayers and offerings!


    1. We may also offer up all sufferings of all people of all times, “in the Divine Will in the name of everyone from Adam to the last man”, for nothing is impossible for God!


  13. I pray while I swim laps…..and today while I was swimming and praying, it dawned on me what Padre Pio said, how it would be easier for the world to exist without the sun, than without the Eucharist. I then contemplated how much grace is given by all the Masses through out the world around the clock and how this grace sustains the whole world. What would happen without that grace, without the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass?
    We would be in real trouble…..and I guess that is where we are heading.
    But like the wise virgins filling their lamps with oil, we can be filled with the grace of our Masses, and then distribute that grace.
    PS I like the idea of praying backwards!


  14. Remembering that next week is Holy Week, we should give more time to contemplation, to prayer, savoring the paschal mysteries, especially the remembrance of the Passion. As I reflected on a holy icon, the Holy Spirit led me to a deeper understanding of the Agony in the Garden, especially as Mary herself suffered it:

    Be sure to see the icon of the immolated Bridegroom in the earlier post: “God is in love with us.”

    Let us be mindful that at this time the Church is entering more deeply into her own passion.


  15. Peli,

    Can you tell me where the praying “backwards” idea is? I have several of Luisa’s books and would like to find out how to do this and when to do this. I looked through my booklets but could not locate the place. This is a terrific idea at Adoration…not only for us but for the whole world.

    Christmas Carol from Canton


    1. Carol, the idea of “re-doing” all acts of all creatures in the Divine Will is found in several places. Here is a prayer from this site. I have not vetted the site completely, but just used this excerpt to show how to find the idea of praying backwards. That is our term. Jesus tells Luisa to “redo” all acts, past, present, and future in the Divine Will. Hope that helps. Remember, nothing is impossible for God!

      We Pray with Luisa to God, the Father:

      “Father, as You multiply this act and all the similar acts of my brothers and sisters in the Divine Will to the infinite, I see that, in the near future, our holy Mother’s Immaculate Heart most certainly will triumph, our Lord Jesus will be recognized as King and Ruler of all nations, Your Most Holy Divine Will will be done “on earth as It is in Heaven,” the Fiats of Creation, Redemption and Sanctification will be completed, and my Jesus’ desires will be fully realized because You will receive in each instant and instance throughout time and eternity, from each and every one of Your children, all of the love, adoration, all of the humility, and obedience, all of the blessings, thanksgiving, and praise and the honor and glory that You, dearest Father, deserve to receive, and that You intended to receive when You created us.

      “Father, I see You completely surrounded by all of Your loving and cherished children, living in peace, joy and harmony forever and ever.

      “Father, please grant that my every action today, even the slightest, be made in Your Most Holy Will and that, multiplied in Your Will, my acts redo in whatever capacity You give them, the similar actions of my brothers and sisters in the past, present and future.

      “Oh, Father, I love You, and I ask that my every breath, every heartbeat, every prayer, joy, suffering, thought, word and action of this day incessantly pray to You,

      “May your Kingdom come!

      “May your Kingdom come!

      “May your Kingdom come!”

      Jesus, Mary, Joseph, pray for us.

      Luisa, Littlest Daughter of the Divine Will, pray for us. Amen.


  16. I am just beginning to read some of Luisa’a writings online, but do not have her books. Also, Fr. Joseph Ianuzzi’s youtube presentation about his book about living in the Divine Will is awesome to watch. Trying to get all that he says into my teeny tiny brain is a lot to fathom. However it is wonderful.
    I hope he makes some more such presentations.. It is so fascinating to think that God has such plans for us. Those explanations of Adam and Eve’s lives in paradise just blows you away the first time you hear it, even more so when you begin to imagine that God wants us back there …that He’ll give it all back to us. What an awesome God we have !!!
    I still don’t understand how you can live in the Divine Will. I haven’t read about it yet.
    There will come a time when we don’t have mass, it says so in Revelations, so what some have said about being able to carry the real presence of Jesus in ourselves at that time I don’t understand yet either. I do understand that we carry with us the real presence when we receive the Host.

    Thankyou for this website, Rickie


    1. Rickie, I only have a basic understanding of it myself. There is actually a moratorium on most of the writings of Luisa at this time as there were some abuses in the past. Fr. Iannuzzi is authorized to speak about it. He is a good source. Mark Mallett is also speaking about the Divine Will at this time using Fr. Iannuzzi’s works. A very excellent simpler explanation of the Divine Will is Daniel O’Connor’s book, “The Crown and Completion of all Sanctity”. It is available online for a nominal fee and if you can’t afford the fee you can write to Dan and he will be happy to send you a copy. Click on the title above and you will get all the info you need on ordering.


  17. I liked this whole thread. I too have been keenly aware of waste of time and of resources. Waste has become repugnant. I especially liked the prayer to the Sacred Heart.

    Our parish has experienced a dramatic loss of membership and our young priests have been transfered. We are getting along with retired priests who can barely walk. It would not surprise me to come in and have no priest at all. It is closer than a heartbeat. Adoration has suddenly become difficult to find. This unconcern about the most important thing the Church has is very, very scary. It comes just at a time when we will need Eucharist and Adoration the most! Apostasy and coldness of heart just at the threshold of what promises to be a disastrous economic and farming year…


  18. And dear Jesus said, “When I return again, will I still find faith on earth”

    This used to sound so strange, but now we are beginning to understand.

    Jesus and Mary, I love you, save souls, save the consecrated !

    Merciful Jesus, I trust in Thee.


  19. Agree with most, except praying to mother Mary is not scriptural, per paragraph 3 at top. No one who has lived and died is able to intercede for us. Praying to mother Mary to intercede is as ineffective as fashioning an idol of wood and praying to it. Isaiah 44:15.

    …and the tombs broke open. The bodies of many holy people who had died were raised to life. Matt 27:52.

    Only Christ is risen. ONLY CHRIST. All other mortals who have lived and died are asleep in their graves. Praying in the name of Christ is that which is written.


    1. Blessings Warren. Thank you for your comment. A few thoughts…

      I think you contradict yourself in quoting Matthew: “…and the tombs broke open. The bodies of many holy people who had died were raised to life. Matt 27:52” and then saying that all who have died, except Christ, are asleep in their graves. At any rate, the Catholic Church whose authority is unbroken from the time Jesus bestowed it on St. Peter to now, has always taught that those who have died in a state of grace are alive with Christ are able to intercede for us, just as we intercede for one another on earth. Revelations 5 talks about the “elders” in heaven: “The twenty-four elders fell down before the Lamb, each holding a harp, and with golden bowls full of incense, which are the prayers of the saints … the elders fell down and worshipped (5:8-14).” We especially invoke Mary because she has been given a unique role as the Mother of God. As we see in John 2:1-12 at the wedding at Cana she is able to change the mind of Jesus.

      Finally I found this answer for you at

      Q. 2. Is there any Biblical support for the belief of Catholics to call upon Mary to intercede to God on their behalf?

      A. 2. First of all, because Mary was the birth mother of the humanity of Jesus in who “the fullness of the deity (God) was pleased to dwell bodily,” [Col. 1:19, 2:9] Catholics recognize the Virgin Mary as the Mother of God.

      Secondly, because Mary was “favoured by God” [Lk. 1:30] when she was personally chosen by the Lord to become the mother of Jesus, God incarnated, Catholics believe that they have a greater chance of obtaining God’s grace for their daily physical and spiritual needs by asking Mary to intercede on their behalf.

      Thirdly, the above mentioned belief is partially based on the fact that Jesus is the King of kings and Mary, as the mother of the King, is the “queen mother.” Then, when studying Jewish history, it is discovered that the institution of the “queen mother” was established during the reign of King Solomon.

      In the Old Testament, we learn of the favoured position of the queen mother through the following words, “… then the king sat on his throne, and had a throne brought for the king’s mother, and she sat on his right. Then she said, ‘I have one small request to make of you, do not refuse me.’ And the king said to her, ‘Make your request, my mother, for I will not refuse you.'” [1 Kgs. 2:19-20]

      Following the reign of King Solomon, many of the kings kept this practice. The mother of the king, through who the king received his throne, was trusted as a confident and advisor. So important was the function of the queen mothers in the days of the Old Testament that their names were listed in the succession records of the kings of Judah. [See 1 Kgs 14:21, 15:13; 2 Kgs. 12:1, 14:2, 15:2, etc…]

      Similar to the intercession of the Queen Mother, when a child desires a favour and cannot obtain it from his/her parents, frequently the child will make the request to the grandparent to intercede on his/her behalf, therefore obtaining the favour that was being sought. This does not mean that the child is seeking the parental favour from the grandparent. Rather, the child is seeking the intercession of the grandparents before the parents.

      Furthermore, Catholics do not differentiate between the living (in this world) and the dead (those who departed) members of the Body of Christ (the fullness of the Church.) The fullness of the mystical Body of Christ is found in the union of all the saints, past and present, here below and those above in Heaven.

      In view of the aforementioned, it cannot be denied that those who were called to Heaven, including Mary, are still alive in spirit in the Kingdom of God that coexists with our world. As some non-Catholics pray through their deceased parents, grandparents or other biological relatives, asking these beloved departed persons to intercede before God on their behalf, Catholics pray through Mary to Jesus, taking advantage of her blessed position as the Mother of God.

      This Catholic action affirms the prophetic and Divinely inspired passage that is found in the Holy Bible where it states, “Surely, from now on all generations will call me blessed.” [Lk. 1:47] All generations could not call Mary blessed if she was not actively involved in the progressive Divine Plan that continues to develop before our eyes.

      Indeed, all generations have called the Blessed Virgin Mary blessed, including this one, because she has never stopped interceding on behalf of the world, her intercession obtaining endless miraculous cures and other favours. The role of Mary in the area of obtaining physical miraculous cures is well known and documented in Lourdes, France, this being only one of the many holy places where the grace of God has been manifested through the Virgin Mary at apparition sites.

      May God lead you into his holy Truth dear brother.


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